Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another village lacks its idiot

Yet another cop has used is position of "authority" to try and abuse someone without cause. And once again there's someone there with a video camera to capture the whole event has it happens. This guy is too stupid to be allowed to legally carry a gun so I say good riddance.

No way!

You mean the Chinese government isn't making good on promises that it made to bring the Olympics to Beijing? Never saw that coming....They've just waited until everyone is absolutely committed to coming and would never think of proposing a boycott this late in the game. Bitches.

I hope that something happens at the Olympics to expose the Chinese government for the ruthless bastards that they still are.

Try Hallmark next time

Some people really go off the deep end when they get dumped. Some people buy a submarine and then go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench....that's the deepest point in the ocean BTW.

Hack some shit

Wanna learn how to pick locks or remotely exploit wireless networks? These guys have some of the best videos relating to those subjects that I have ever seen.

If you get caught, I don't know you. Have fun in Guantanamo.

Make fun now.

The Onion never gets old.

Go ahead and make fun Al Gore now but he'll get his revenge on all of us soon. Seriously, if (when?) Obama gets elected he's going to appoint Al Gore to something. He'll make him the "Environment Tsar" in charge of changing our collision course with doom....well that's what Al Gore thinks.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The dog in a bathtub, Cold Faithful and Tony Danza. What do all of those things have in common? Click here to find out. NSFW

Exit stage right

Ah, Craiglist. Check out this funny little posting. Better than climbing out a window and running down the alley with your underwear in your pocket.

Party Time!

Hilarious article from Holy Taco about people that are buzz kills for your party. I've got one to add to that list:

9. The guy that thinks he's a DJ.

Where You Can Find Him: Lurking around the stereo equipment/CD collection.
Why He Will Ruin Your Party: When you're not paying attention he'll ruin your hopping party's carefully crafted dance groove by playing November Rain by Guns N' Roses.

Lead by example

Looks like Senator Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens is in hot water over accepting money and gifts from companies in his home state of Alaska. Couldn't happen to a dumber guy, for those of you that don't remember here's the Honorable Ted Stevens at his finest.

Does it scare the shit out of you that this guy has spent 40 years in the Senate? Still don't believe in term limits? How's about this:

Sanity prevails

Great story about the small town in Georgia that has mandated that all heads of household must own a gun an ammunition. I know what you're thinking a town full of gun toting Georgia good 'ole boys must be a lawless waste land like something out of Mad Max....NOT! Think again you liberal douchebag, the town actually has a very low crime rate. Of course it would be nice to have some statistics to back that claim up but writer couldn't be bothered to actually provide hard data (douchebag).

Seriously, would you rob a house or person in a town that REQUIRES people to own guns? How many people would go to work and start capping people if the joint was full of solid citizens legally bearing firearms?

Hitch up...

It's trailer time. Here's the newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Hopefully it's a dark and cool as The Order of the Phoenix was.

You can catch the HD versions here...definitely worth it.

Chrysler deathwatch?

It looks pretty bad when your own finance company won't offer leases for your cars. Now Chase has said that they will not provide leases for Chrysler cars either. Now I have never been a supporter of leasing a car because I've never seen the financial sense of doing so, but this is very bad news for Chrysler.

These finance companies make a living by "predicting" the future by guessing at what a car's residual value will be at the end of a lease's term. By not financing leases they are basically saying that the residual (resale) value of a Chrysler car two or more years from now will be so bad that it is too risky to issue financing. Normally they would just adjust the payments higher in order to make up for any potential deficit at the back end but they can't price the monthlies high enough because the car market is so bad right now.

The Grim Reaper's grasp tightens......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning LOL

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. should be animated.

America...FUCK YEAH!

Top Gear America is on that's a bad pun. Seriously, filming for the pilot episode was wrapped this weekend and according to Final Gear spies in the studio audience the show looks like it may actually be good. Adam Carolla talked about the taping of the Pilot on his radio show on Monday and he sounded very happy with the results. He also told a pretty funny story about the process of finding a guest to star in the pilot episode and who they ended up's worth a listen.

Also, Carolla makes several mentions of the BBC show's internet fan base and bloggers (ie Final It appears that he reads the blogs because he talks about how they (bloggers) seem to be pleased with the initial rumors and viewings.

I would have to say that the chances of this pilot getting "accidently" leaked to the Internet (probably before NBC even gets it:) are now 100%.


There's a Woot Off going today...keep your eyes peeled for super deals!!

Woot Off

Monday, July 28, 2008


Some people would say that the mold was broken after Burt Rutan was created. He has pushed the envelope of aircraft design for decades producing some stunning aircraft that are both innovative and beautiful. He's now set his sights on space and with the help, and deep pockets, of Richard Branson he is leading the way in the privatization of space flight.

Today Rutan's company, Scaled Composites, rolled out the WhiteKnightTwo. The WhiteKnightTwo is essentially the "first stage" of the reusable space flight system that Rutan is developing for Virgin Galactic. Once the new SpaceShipTwo capsule is completed (and tested) they will have the ability to take paying customers into space.

I love this image with the silouettes of groundbreaking aircraft on the side of the engine nacelle.

Looks to me like; DaVinici's "winged man" sketch, the Wright Flyer, the Sopwith Camel, The Bell X1, the Boeing 707, the Apollo Lunar Module, SpaceShipOne and WhiteKnightTwo with SpaceShipTwo. That's some serious company to keep and only time will tell if they can pull it off....personally, I wouldn't vote against Rutan and Branson.

I'll give you space

Here's a cool new video from Gnarls Barkley, songs pretty good too.

Morning LOL

Now this is some funny shit....Jesus the pet hater.

Google has gone to far.

Iron gut

Well, Comic-Con is over and there was definitely some cool stuff shown. However, year after year you get tons of pictures of grown men in their home-made super hero costumes. Some are amazingly detailed, some are creepy/embarrassing and some make me want to gouge out my eyes.

Check out the two pictures on this page. You've got Iron Man and is abs of not steel and a guy that I like to call Circumcision'll see why.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy trails...

Here's an interesting story. Gateway has decided to give up and selling computers directly, choosing to only sell through third party retailers. Considering that Dell and Gateway were the real trailblazers in the buy direct arena this is pretty surprising news. I bet the "big box" retailers (Best Buy, Walmart, etc.) will love this news, expect them to start banging on about how this reinforces their business model....yada yada yada. I'll tell you why Gateway has to go this route, they haven't made a decent computer since 2000, not because direct sales is a bad idea.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Check this shit out. Oh and he's made a original.

First of all, anyone that buys a Range Rover then writes it off as a "business expense" is really just manipulating the tax system and costing the rest of us money. Unless of course your business is chauffeuring around rich people on fox hunts. Douchebag level = 1

Second, I admire your new found environmental concern. I'm assuming that you're trying to bang hairy SF hippie chicks (or dudes more likely) now and they won't touch you because your carbon footprint is way bigger than your cock. Also, you probably got VD from all the drunk sluts (male/female/she-male) that were attracted to you you for driving a $70,000 SUV. Douchebag level = 2

Third, destroying a perfectly good SUV with a high residual value is both ignorant and wasteful. Douchebag level = 3

Fourth, the Range Rover Sport is a bastardization of a REAL Range Rover. It's only reason to exist was to increase the market to soccer moms, rappers and douchebags. The fact that you actually bought a Sport instead of a HSE says volumes about you. Douchebag level = 4

Fifth, your clearly using a Macbook of some kind in your cheesy video. Douchebag level = 5

Sixth, I'm assuming that you're trying to drive up hits on this domain that you bought so that you can sell it later for a hugely inflated prices. Using the internet for a publicity stunt? Lame. Douchebag level = 6

Lastly, sandals...really? Douchebag level = 10

He needs to take off that ghostbusters shirt, he's officially not cool enough to wear it.

He's got it all wrong!

I admit that Johnny Depp is a pretty interesting guy in addition to being a talented actor. Apparently, as is the fashion these days, he is also a "friend" to the environment and has decided to run his new private island on solar power. He should have bought and island with a volcano that way he could have had endless geothermal power AND a perfect place for a secret lair.

WTF Captain Sparrow, where are you're priorities man? You should have focused on island defense first! At minimum you need some kind of mine field surrounding the island and a shark-based laser weapons system. This is really elementary school Evil Island Lair stuff. It sucks that I can't afford a private island, it would be a place to fear and dread not someplace with limitless free energy and bunnies to hug.

Sick and wrong

Ever wonder why the Israelis are so tense? Well here's a story about a Palestinian TV show for children that just boggles the mind. You've got to start 'em young if you want some serious hatred.


...Because the apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely. Now that is funny.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oops, my bad.

I never realized that gas stations had fire suppression systems like this. I've seen them in commercial kitchen and places like that but never covering an entire gas station.

I didn't see a fire so I can only assume that someone set it off by accident...oops.


Man, Kid Rock is so hardcore. He's such a badass that he let's his posse of like 8 guys start a fight with a guy THAT'S SITTING DOWN eating his waffles.

First of all, talk about a redneck, he's got to have more than two nickles in the pocket of that jump suit so why's he eating at Waffle House? At least have the common decency to go to Denny's or Perkins. Second, he's a big pussy. If you can't take some guy calling you out for being a dirty little weasel that makes shitty music then stay the hell out of Waffle House at 5 a.m. The people in a Waffle House at 5 a.m. have already been kicked in the nuts by life and should be avoided when possible.

Shall we play a game?

Wired has a great article about the movie Wargames. It's the 25th anniversary of the classic movie about a computer that loses it and nearly starts World War III. The story is really cool and gives you a lot of background information about the writing and production of the greatest hacker movie ever made....well except for Antitrust.

I'm just kidding about Antitrust, that movie was a total piece of shit.

The world is a great place

As long as you're an rich old white guy.

Seriously, this guy gets outed as a Nazi, role-playing S&M lover and a frequent visitor of a whore house and still wins his court case. I guess the British courts are really objective after all, as long as you're an rich old white guy.

I really wouldn't give a shit but Max Mosley is a real douchebag to boot.

Ford speaks

So Ford published their numbers for the last quarter, a loss of $8.7 BILLION. They also took the opportunity to try and distract everyone from that number by announcing the giant shift of the smaller European cars to the US market. That's great but by the way this reads the soonest those cars will be in showrooms is 2010. That means another 5 quarters of at least poor sales if not multi-billion dollar losses for Ford. Can they really absorb that kind of punishment?

Oh, and I guess the New York Times was wrong about Mercury. It's not going to be killed off as a brand but it's also not going to become Ford's US "vehicle" for small cars.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Silver lining?

Maybe my banking diatribe yesterday was a bit too much doom & gloom. Sure Wachovia has joined the fray with incredibly bad numbers but the four "heavies" in banking may actually be on the rebound. Of course that is if you believe Cramer who's not always right or even close sometimes. This doesn't mean that your money (or even your bank) is really safe but it may not be the financial apocalypse after all.

Of course what happens once these four banks get done buying up all of the struggling banks while the regulators look the other way?


From the guys that brought us Lolcats, it's Totally Looks Like. Man, Victoria Beckham really is kind of fugly.

Summer time TV

The summer is typically not the time for TV. All of the networks are busy preparing their big name shows for the fall season so you get nothing serious from any of them. But there are some gems out there if you dig around.

  • Generation Kill - man this show is amazing. The writing is the best part, the interaction between these characters has me riveted, it just feels like I'm in the Humvee with them. You really need to watch this show.
  • The Middleman - Normally I consider ABC Family to be the bottom of the TV barrel along with Oxygen and the Hallmark channel. But they have come up with a really entertaining show with The Middleman. It's campy, funny and has a really cool Sci-Fi theme at its core. Its like X-Files meets the original Batman TV series, check it out if you get a chance.
That's it for now, let me know if you find anything good.


This video looks like something out of the movie Dune or Independence Day but it's really a massive dust stom in Australia. The fact that it is something real is almost....surreal. Be sure you watch it to the end.


Battlestar Galactica will eventually come to an end. The creator of the modern series is moving on to a prequel series called Caprica. The trailer has dropped for the show and you can watch it here. Great, BSG + 90210 = Caprica....fucking yawn.

Gamble and lose?

The caretaker government swings in to save the day yet again. While I agree that our government SHOULD be funding US automakers efforts to develop new technologies to free us from the shackles of foreign oil, this just smells like the beginning of a bail out. Throwing money at the "Detroit Three" is just rewarding them for pursuing a bad business model for the last decade. They built their businesses around the idea that large trucks and SUVs would be the golden cash cow because people were willing to pay for the insanely marked up prices of those vehicles. And now that the free ride is over the government will bail them out to help protect the jobs those companies provide.

Some people make the argument that the automakers never could have anticipated this kind of oil price spike.....bullshit. These same companies were caught with their pants down in 1973 when the OPEC Oil Embargo happened and sales plummeted. Then again they were caught unawares by the 1979 oil shortage caused by the fail of the Shah regime in Iran. Too long ago you say? After Katrina, gas prices spiked and everyone thought it was the end of the world, the automakers should have taken immediate heed of that little warning. If they had acted then they would have had nearly a two year jump on fuel effecient products (the average price has doubled since the post Katrina gas price bump receeded).

The real failure is our government. If they had not relented to automaker pressure in the late 80's and continued to enforce (or improve) the CAFE standards we would be much better off now. Automakers used the "looseness" of CAFE to continue making highly inefficient SUVs and large trucks. They CHOSE to do that and they are now paying the price.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Who would have thought that something as vile and offensive as Successories would spawn anything good. But the Internet is flooded with variations on their theme.

Here are some NSFW posters mostly about boobies.

Interesting twist

Some people, including myself, have been saying that Ford would have to drop the ax on Mercury to cut costs just like Chrysler killed Plymouth. However, it seems that Ford intends to use Mercury to sell cars originally designed and intended for the European market in the United States.

I believe this is because Ford doesn't want to sully their "All American" brand with small European cars with diesel engines. Good news for Mercury but does Ford really think that gas prices are going to go down enough to resurrect sales of big cars and trucks?


Here's a reply to some comments a few posts back (anonymous commenter).

Watch this air show video of the F-22 in action. If you know nothing about airplanes then this won't impress you but this thing does shit that defies the laws of gravity. Just 10 years ago most of these maneuvers would have been resulted in a burning pile of wreckage. But the additions of massively powerful engines, on board super computers, vectored thrust and independently variable tail planes the F-22 dances like no other. I don't think you could get this thing to stall out if you wanted to.

Here's some more of my favorite air show clips/crashes:

Talk about balls, low pass Airbus
Final 22 ship F-14 Tomcat flyby
Balls to the wall my friend
The infamous Fairchild AFB B-52 crash
French TriColor Crash at Ramstein
Someone teach that computer to fly
Belly flop
Thuderbirds away

That bitch!

Good thing Fox isn't that good to eat.


Here's a list of great action scenes. Normally I wouldn't give a shit but there are a couple of movies on this list that I don't think a lot of people saw. First, you NEED to see United 93. It's hard to watch but it is worth it. Second, Children of Men is one of the greatest films ever made. The scene discussed in this article is unbelievable and the end of the movie is amazing.

Lighter side

Enough financial doom, let's watch some videos!!!

Crashes, accidents and idiots!

OMFG Super Snake!

10 pounds of pissed off pussy

Pity the fool

Financial kick

Don't you hate when this happens, you find one good site that links to another, then another and before you know it you've burned an hour. That happened this morning with some serious in-depth sites dedicated to financial doom and gloom.

The latest one is this blog, The Automatic Earth. Not only is the content great (as well as scary) but he leads his posts with classic pictures of America during The Great Depression. Talk about juxtaposition, can you guess what he thinks about our current economic situation?

I hope you're looking forward to your tax dollars being used to bail out irresponsibly managed financial institutions. If not then you're fucked because you really have no say in the matter at all.

Scare you?

I Dugg a great blog about the nightmare that our economy has become. You should check it out but I warn you that it is very technical and if you do actually understand it then the content WILL SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU.

If you think the mortgage/credit crisis is over or has any chance of getting better anytime soon then you are in for an extremely big surprise. The next phase of this financial disaster is the outright failure of huge numbers of banks. Don't worry the FDIC will save us...sure, if you've got less than $100,000 in the bank the FDIC will cover the losses. But the FDIC only has a total of $50 billion to cover claims when a bank fails and the IndyMac implosion has already taken 10% of that reserve. So do you think that $45 billion is enough to cover the failures of as many as 1500 banks that are in seriously exposed positions now?

Now I'm all for giving people the chance of owning their own home and building some wealth but all of the irresponsible lending that has taken place over the last 6-7 years is coming back to haunt us. Combine that with changes made to legislation regarding both banks and investments/futures and you end up with where we are now, a veritable financial "Perfect Storm".

And don't think that the rest of the world will be safe from the impending collapse of the US economy. Forget about a recession, we're way past that now. This may be the beginning of a world-wide depression.

Dead man walking

I love the writers at They come up with some of the most entertaining stories and lace them with profanity, how could I not love that? Check this one out, 7 People Who Cheated Death.

A killing blow?

I don't care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, either way if you think we should still be slogging around in Iraq you're just plain stupid. I don't want to see another helicopter airlift disaster like the fall of Saigon but we need to start a staged withdraw sooner rather than later. This has been one of my biggest issues with McCain, his continued defense of the Republican "party line" on the war in Iraq. It looks like the Iraqis have forced the issue by publicly saying they want us out by 2010. How's the McCain campaign going to spin this without looking like unwelcome occupiers? And if the Iranians take over a month after we're gone it won't be a problem because the Israelis will just starting nuking everybody.

Of course there's still a big wild card floating around...what ever happened to that crazy Al Sadr guy? I just worry that he and his Mahdi Army could re-ignite this whole slow burn that seems to be going on there. A lot can happen in just two years, just two years ago violence in Iraq was at its absolute worst.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lonely Hearts

Ah, Craigslist. It is an effective way to buy and sell useless or unwanted crap. Some people have found success using it for dating but even more people use it for satisfying their unspeakably bizarre sexual fetishes. Talk about bizarre shit.

Soon to be banned in 48 states

Check out this bad boy. You can be sure that this is one product that's not going to be sold at you local Walmart.

The sad thing is that this weapon would be awesome for its intended purpose. If you're being attacked by a 14 foot long carnivorous fish then you really want to be able to freeze and explode its internal organs.


I have never really liked Bill Maher, he's a douchebag. But he can be funny and he certainly has no fear about calling someone out for their own bullshit agenda. He's got a new movie coming out that looks like it could be a real scorcher.

In case you didn't catch that...yes, I did just call religion as a bullshit agenda in a round about way. Guess you'll just have to forgive me.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Where's the exit?

Here's a link to a hilarious exit interview given to a Verizon call center employee. I'm sensing some pent up aggression in it's contents.

This is something that I can really relate to. I spent the last six months of my previous job counting the days until I could open up on the HR girl during my exit interview. Unfortunately, mine was a verbal interview and not on paper...I should have recorded the whole thing because it would have been priceless. Here's some highlights.

  • The woman on the other side of my cube wall, lets call her Fatty, was completely useless and weighed about 350 pounds. She spent parts of the day eating and crying, usually at the same time (no shit). She spent the rest of the day making personal phone calls that I can't even summon the strength to recall to this day.
  • The guy next to me, lets call him The Douche, was as useless as a Hockey Ball and I happened to see his salary one day (I was in charge of the HR system and it was an honest mistake). He was making nearly $30k more than me...maybe he was paid by the fuck-up.
  • One day The Douche turned me into HR because I told him that "I would choke the life out of her (Fatty) if only I could fit my hands around her neck". ;)
  • Our "Helpdesk" employees were completely unqualified for their jobs and were basically glorified operators that tripled my work load.
  • My boss was clueless about the day to day operations of my group and had no clue what I did on a daily basis. On three different occasions she called me to her office to yell at me for something that I had done wrong or had not done at all. All three times were for things that I was neither responsible for nor involved in.
  • My Christmas bonus one year was a T-Shirt. Listed on the back of the shirt were all of the projects that our department (approx. 25 people) had completed for the entire year. I was solely responsible for completing 30% of those projects.

Welcome back

Here's a band (loose definition, I know) that is making a come back, Utah Saints. And before you ask, they are NOT a football team.

The video is hilarious and its a remake of a song that is probably my first memory of house music. Utah Saints and EMF launched me into the world of electronica which is still one of my favorite genres of music. Time to break out my copy of their self title debut from 1992.

Would you like to buy a monkey?

Here's a CNN story about some town hating on a lady's helper monkey. I've never heard of someone having a monkey to help them with social anxiety...seems od but whatever. The only helper monkey that I remember was Mojo, Homer used him to great effect.

Dr. Horrible

You should check out Joss Whedon's latest internet only project, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It stars NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) and it is pretty damn funny. The first two episodes have already "aired" and the finale is tomorrow. I think Whedon could make some kind of musical TV series actually work, afterall one of the best episodes of Buffy was the musical episode from season six. And NPH deserves another career other than the Harold and Kumar movies. Don't get me wrong, he's fantastic as himself in those movies (the parts with him were the best bits of the first H&K movie) but I think he could actually play a really good villian. He's got a kind of creepy intense look about him. He'd get my vote as a potential Riddler...if that character ever makes it into the current Batman arc.

Extreme DIY

Check out Popular Mechanics annual DIY Rally. This years winners are a varied bunch but they have made some cool stuff. That jet turbine go-kart is badass.

Fanboys rejoice!

The trailer for Watchmen hit the web yesterday afternoon and expect it to be the hottest thing running today. What's that you say, you've never heard of Watchmen? It's basically the bible for hardcore comic book fans, the ultimate work. Can't wait until March 2009.

I recommend you watch the HD version.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here's a follow up to that video of the moron that knocked over half of a bank with his travel trailer. There's a bunch of pictures of the aftermath, that guy's lucky he didn't get squashed.

Now that is awesome

Check out these really cool site call PC Incubator. The site pulls product review information from all of the customer reviews on Newegg and then aggregates them into a complete computer build sheet. It picks the three best reviews for each component category; like case, processor, etc. and then shows them all put together with the final prices.

That is really cool.

Someone please save me

I seriously recommend that you ignore this post completely because it could very well destroy you.

Here is a link to a new site that has multiplayer online games that are unbelievably addictive and fucking fun as hell. Try out multiplayer Tetris but be prepared to lose all desire to do ANYTHING else....ever.

Game preview

Most of you don't care but the next Wolfenstein game was shown off at E3, below is a brief but badass clip of in-game footage. The Wolfenstein series is my absolute favorite of all time and I hope the multiplayer is up to the standard. Looks kind of like Bioshock....which was gorgeous.


Laughing Stock

You have to wonder if anyone in the Iranian Government realizes that they have become the laughing stock of the Internets. If you haven't heard (is it nice under your rock?), someone in the Iranian state-run media agency decided that they pictures of there latest home-spun missile tests weren't quite scary enough. So they photoshopped the pictures to make them look more impressive. Hilarity has ensued has the entire Internet has decided to join in the silliness.

I just hope the poor bastard that did the photoshop job isn't sleeping with the fishes.

Shocking news!

Read this shocking story about Andy Dick's drunken rampage. I know, you're thinking WTF is so shocking about that he's a total drunk.

  1. He's obviously trying to land the starring role in a bio-pic about Mel Gibson, he looks nucking futs in that mugshot!
  2. He's fondling women? He's not gay? What planet am I on?
  3. He parties at BW3? He doesn't strike me as a wings and beer kind of girl.


I've finally found a redeeming side effect of the iPhone. Apparently people are finally starting to use a webapp that I've long gushed about, Pandora Radio. Now if you could only listen for more than three hours before your 3G iPhone's battery dies...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Break Video Roundup

As if a Waverunner in the hot tub isn't douchebag enough, check out the stripper pole in the background. Of course this guy looks like the kind of guy that would pay for sex so the pole is probably necessary.

Sea Doo in the Jacuzzi - Watch more free videos

Idiot #2 has decided to convert is Glock pistol to a fully automatic hand gun. This is a common modification even though it is highly illegal. Of course why worry about putting the guy in jail when he can't even fire his own pistol without shooting himself.

Guy Shoots Himself in Hand at Range - Watch more free videos

Man am I glad that video cameras were few and far between when I was a kid. This kid as a great future in set/costume design, if he doesn't do a Colombine first.

Halo Kid- The New Star Wars Kid? - Watch more free videos

Daily Show, LOL

The Daily Show is back from its two week break with this hilarious piece from John Oliver.

It's almost ridiculous how easy it is to embed shit these days!

The Vegan Vagina

How much do you NOT want to go to this strip joint? Vegans are about as much fun as having a venereal disease so I'm guessing that both the dancers and your fellow patrons are going to be a real hoot. Not to mention that if you are choosing your strip club based on the food they serve then you may need to seek some kind of professional help.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Has NASA become an unwieldy bureaucracy? There's no doubt that floundering budgets over the past two decades have taken their toll but can NASA continue with its current oppressive government culture? This story is about how a group of NASA engineers (both current and retired) are using their free time to develop an alternative system to NASA's newest "platform" that is supposed to take us back to the Moon. Why a parallel project that isn't officially supported? Because they believe that the official project is doomed and are afraid to speak out for fear of being terminated. Isn't that what happened to both Challenger and Columbia? Engineers were too afraid to speak out about problems within the shuttle program, resulting in tragedy and disaster. NASA's culture isn't about exploration anymore, its just another government job.

Today's Trailer

Today's trailer is simply unbelievable. Yes, they really are making a movie called Donkey Punch. What's next? This fall from the makers of Donkey Punch its.....Three In The Pink, One In The Stink.

Idiot of the month club

It appears there's another village missing its idiot today. Watch this video, it gets interesting at about 1:18. Knocked the fuck out!

Maybe the Indians are right

Maybe we should all believe in reincarnation because this cat IS Joe Louis.

Joe Louis is 137 years old.....

Man, I love the Internet.

Wrong yet still funny

Here's a link to ten of the most racist toys ever made. Now I'm not promoting racism but you have to admit that "Darkey in a Watermelon" is pretty damn funny. Hell, "Honkey in a Beer Bottle" would be funny as shit too.


Stumbled onto this awesome video about the making of the album Nevermind by Nirvana. It's over an hour but it is really cool. I never realized that Butch Vig was the producer of the record. It's kind of amazing looking back because I still remember the first time I heard Teen Spirit and thinking...these guys fucking rock!

Krist Novoselic looks like an accountant now.

Save your dough

If you're in the market for a new TV you may want to hold out for a couple more months. Actually, I say wait until Black Friday because the retailers are going to be REALLY desperate by then.

Good TV

Last night was the premier of HBO's new series Generation Kill. The story is based on a book of the same title written by a Rolling Stone correspondent that was embedded with The Marines in Iraq. The show is a definite watch and can only get better as the characters develop. Oh yeah, it's on HBO so you can actually enjoy something that hasn't been sanitized for the general population...very refreshing. Here's another link to a brief clip and review of the show.

Also, this show is produced by the creative team behind The Wire, another TV show that you douchebags didn't watch so now its cancelled....thanks again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nasty little bastard

First, NSFW site for the video.

Watch the video of the vicious Honey Badger. I know, you hear the words "Honey Badger" and you think it'll be cute. WRONG!!!! Just watch.

Anything that doesn't give a shit how many times it gets stung by Killer Bees is scary as shit. THEN it goes and gets bitten by a poisonous Puff Adder and just sleeps it

I'm sure that right now Mark is doing a Google search for Honey Badger breeders for the "Animal Fight Club" that he has always wanted to secretly start....busted.


I forgot that this was E3 week so there's gonna be shit ton of gaming news this week.

Tons of XBox 360 news already like Netflix on your Xbox and a new dashboard design (thanks Wii)

Rock Band 2 track lists! Some great stuff but what the hell is that Guns N' Roses song? Out of their whole catalog they pick that shit? Great choice, I'm sure that was Axel's idea....douchebag.

Surpising results

Car & Driver decided to pair up unlikely cars and drag race them. The results were surprising and somewhat funny.

Three predictions

I make the following predictions about the sale of Anheuser-Busch to European giant InBev:

  1. Budweiser sales will drop.
  2. Sales of "Fuck Belgium" bumper stickers will skyrocket, look for them in the Git-R-Done section of your local gas station.
  3. I still won't drink Budweiser because it tastes like piss.

This is only the beginning, with the Dollar at is current shit-tastic level their are plenty of other American companies that are just as vulnerable as A-B was.

Canadian Gold

I'm talking about oil...what did you think this was about? :)

It appears that Canada is in the middle of another oil rush this time. Make sure you watch the CNN video linked on this page.


This website got my attention primarily because it was Russian and all the craziest shit comes from Russia these days. Anyway, this page is dedicated to the mega-nerdy hobby of computer case modification. Witness the artistry and majesty of airbrushing and LED lighting.


Read this article on Engadget.

Now, I appreciate that there are people out there that struggle with technology. But that article really pisses me off because of something I see every single day, no one reads manuals anymore. There's a little book that comes with your electronic device that tells you how to do things like this without having to fork over $10 to Best Buy.

I'm going to go to Best Buy on a busy weekend and hang out by the Geek Squad pit of despair and mock all the people that are too fucking stupid to read a manual. Or I may hang out in the parking lot and offer my "Headset Pairing" service for $5, it's cheaper but I'm going to heckle you for being a waste of oxygen while I program your phone.

RTFM you morons.


Here's the trailer for Brad Pitt's upcoming movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Kind of freaky...has a weird Forrest Gump vibe to it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks again Stumble.

Someone out there in StumbleUpon land is a comedy genius. I'd forgotten about these awesome segments of MadTV where they made fun of Kenny Rogers. Hilarious stuff.

Kenny Rogers Jackass 1 & 2

Kenny Rogers Reality Show

I don't feel sorry for you

Well okay, I do feel sorry for the guy because no one should have to watch a beloved vehicle go up in smoke.

But honestly, I think that Corvette deserved to be burned. There has never been a body kit made for the Corvette that didn't look like 100% total shit. I like to think that the Corvette burned itself out of shame for those awful "cheese-grater" side panels and that rice-boy spoiler.

I feel real sorry for you.

Apparently today has not been so smooth for the Cult of Apple on this most joyous of Jesus Phone 2.0 days. Lots of problems with activation and phones getting bricked....

WTF? Seriously!

Every family should have their own stripper. Maybe it's his sister and she's practicing....Mom looks impressed and the baby is totally into it.

Smooth move ex-lax!

Talk about a serious OH SHIT! moment. Bet that guy's insurance agent had a great time with that one.

Why bother?

I think BMW has decided to follow Porsche's example by not bothering to actually restyle their cars enough for you to take notice. Behold the "new" 2009 3 series.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's technical

Cool article about technology that could actually lead to real "flying saucers". Got to love Scientific American's ability to make a complex topic sound really complex....:(

Ze Germans

Here's a link to ten cool videos of German manufacturing plants. There factories look cleaner than most hospitals I've been in. That Audi R8 unibody structure is a work of art.

Do the Germans make better cars? All I know is that I've got a BMW that's nearly ten years old and it feels like it was built yesterday.

Lotto here I come

Why was I not born into a trust fund family? When you're rich you get to unwrap presents like this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I hope this video is real and not staged because it is great. No one wants to get their ass kicked with there pants around their ankles.


Give me your clothes, your boots and the right to be the democratically elected President of the United States.

New Trailer

The trailer for the next big remake just dropped this week, The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves. This may finally be the perfect part for him to play, that of an alien, since he has so many problems acting like a human. I WAS excited for this movie and the trailer looks awesome, all but the last 15 seconds. It appears that the producers are changing the theme of the movie to be some kind of environmental diatribe where the original was about our potential to destroy ourselves through warfare.


Another hilarious review by Yahtzee over at The Escapist. This time he takes on Lego Indiana Jones...hilarity ensues.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My StumbleUpon addiction reached a new level today when I realized that I could reprogram the second thumb wheel of my awesome Logitech MX mouse. It's a essentially a three way toggle switch so now I can stumble to a new page and rate up or down a page using just the mouse buttons.


The music

I stumbled across this article about great songs and it started my mind reeling about music. For what ever reason, probably some kind of mental illness, I associate significant events or periods in my life with particular works of music. This has led me to have a very diverse and seriously eclectic taste in music. So with that list in mind I started thinking about bands, songs and albums that I feel have gone much unknown or unappreciated. A lot of these bands are no longer together so their existing works are all there will ever be. I've created a Seeqpod playlist for some of the songs below.
  • Failure - Fantastic Planet, the whole album is great but the song Stuck On You is an anthem for anyone that has ever been totally in lust with someone.
  • Travis - Most of their albums are fantastic but 2000's The Man Who is just beyond great.
  • Fountains of Wayne - Everyone knows them (now) for Stacey's Mom but their older stuff is way better, like Sink To The Bottom.
  • Keane - Hopes and Fears, This is a great album if you like Radiohead or any of their "fanbands". The followup album Under the Iron Sea wasn't nearly as good though.
  • Lazlo Bane - 11 Transistor, long before they became known for providing the theme music to Scrubs they released this fantastic album. Mostly known for an awesome cover of Men at Work's song Overkill this album was way better than just one cover song. Midday Train still moves me to this day.
  • Portishead - While I wouldn't say they've gone unnoticed they surely haven't gotten the fame they deserve. Turn down the lights and listen to Live: Roseland NYC....makes me want to spend thousands of dollars on better speakers.
  • Ozomatli - Ozomatli, Latin Jazz fusion with some hip hop influence. This album is amazing but don't bother with the rest of their catalog, they could never match the unique flare of their debut. I got to see them live on the tour for this album and they were fantastic and really nice guys.
  • Poe - Haunted, talk about a unique album. Most people only remember her for her debut single Hey Johnny but this album is a whole different kind of experience. The songs are very personal and it almost feels like your reading someone's diary in musical form.
  • Air, Im'not sure why Air isn't bigger in the U.S....maybe they are and I just don't know it but it seems like no one I ever talk to has ever heard of them. The 10,000hz Legend and Pocket Symphony are my favorites but its all good. Best enjoyed when you've got time to just sit back and relax.
  • Cracker - Kerosene Hat, Old school 90's alternative. I love this album so much, so many memories.
That's enough for now I think.

SeeqPod - Playable Search


Morning video finds....

Slow Jerking. probably NSFW if you hadn't guessed by the title.

WTF. Mental abuse is as bad as beatings many years od deprogramming will this kid need.

Man I'm glad I grew up in the U.S.

Monkeys Vs. Bears, on bicycles.....I know, just watch.

Here's at least one reason to go to church.....WTF?

Aptera news

I had no idea just how good the pedigree of the forthcoming Aptera Typ 1 really is. The Typ 1 was designed by Jason Hill who, among other things, led the design team that came up with the Porsche Carrera GT concept.

If the Aptera starts selling in quantity by the end of this year then Tesla better start worrying. I understand that they are serviceing two different markets but Aptera has a HUGE cost advantage over Tesla. It looks like Tesla has the advantage in battery/controller technology but Aptera is way ahead in design, packaging and aerodynamics. Too bad they can't combine their efforts.

Clothing optional

NSFW link below.

Why wear actual clothes when you can just paint on a reasonable copy? This is one fashion trend that I hope catches on.

Learn Something

Just stumbled across the Wired Science/PBS video site. There's some very cool stuff there so have a look.

You are a pussy

Here's proof that you are a big pussy...compared to these guys at least. I never knew that Magellan was such a badass.

Attention Whores

A reminder to all you attention whores out there, this Friday is iPhone 3G day so you better go get in line now. Remember the most important thing about the cult of Apple Products, you have to have the latest and greatest or you may as well be a PC user.

All the cool kids are wasting their money....why aren't you?

Name Change

I tweaked the name of the blog today since I found another blog called "The Daily Scrape". call me crazy for wanting to avoid the association....scabs? Yuck.

I'll leave the URL the same for now, it's early and I'm lazy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Christian Comedy

I love StumpleUpon, how else would I find fascinating gems like this story. The article is a little technical but basically it tells how those wacky Evangelical Christians tried to use the humble banana as the basis for an argument on creationism. What's odd is that the religious zealots didn't do their homework so their theory is easily discounted by science. There's a first time for everything I guess...LOL!

Also, a WTF! moment, what's up with all this shitty D-list actors getting tackled by Jesus? Kirk Cameron is an evangelical christian? WTF! His sister, Candace, sounds like a real fucking hoot as well with quotes like: "I gave up 'my rights' when I gave my life over to the Lord". Wow....good for you.

Idiot of the month club

Natural Selection, party of one, your table is ready. What an idiot.

More GM news

It's one thing when Internet crazies (bloggers) post their theories about GM's slow downward spiral but when the Wall Street Journal joins the fray, people start to pay attention. Jalopnik has a post commenting on the WSJ article that talks about which brands GM should ax, here's my opinion.

  • Hummer - This one is a no brainer, try to find ANYONE willing to pay money for this loser and dump it. If you cant sell it kill it.
  • Saab - I doubt there is anyone that would be willing to pay money for Saab but it still needs to die. Maybe Toyota could buy them for a much needed personality injection.
  • Saturn - Never understood why GM needed Chevrolet Version 2.0 in the first place. Kill the Aura, its buyers will just go buy a Malibu since it's the same damn car. The Sky is a much better looking version of the Solstice but its still the same damn car. The Outlook and the Vue are clones of other GM products so no loss there either. Slap a Chevy badge on the Astra and call it a day...good riddance.
  • GMC Truck - Serves no purpose any more, just add it's "trim levels" to existing Chevy truck lines.
  • Buick - This is a tough one. Buick serves a very unique market that isn't really touched by any other GM marque, even Cadillac serves a different niche from Buick. However, I see more and more old people driving KIAs and Hyundais these days so how much longer can Buick survive.
  • Pontiac - Again, I think Pontiac has a unique enough product basket to justify its existance.

Have a nap

There's only one thing worse than getting knocked the fuck out and that's getting slapped the fuck out. Seriously, did you hear the sound of the guy hitting the ground? Damn.

This will be me someday

If (when?) I ever decide to check out of "normal" society I'll be sure to do it like this guy.

For years my running joke was that when I snapped I would do what I called "The Swedish Chef". Basically I would end up driving around in circles in the middle of a major intersection while wearing a chef's hat. I would smack the side of my car with a spatula while yelling "Berk. Berk, Berk!" like the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show. Once the police arrived I continue driving but start throwing Vienna Sausages at them.

I'll be sure that all my friends have something to talk about..."Yeah, I knew that crazy Swedish Chef guy. He was an asshole."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Now that hurts.

Watch this video... ouch. Here's the story to go along with it. What they don't say is that this happened on a 3-2 pitch with no outs....and he finished the inning. He finished the inning with a fractured fucking testicle, that should get him an instant appointment to Copperstown.

How do you fracture a testicle made of hardened steel?

Ghost Town

A tumbleweed just rolled by my office....slackers.

Justice is blind

Actually, Justice is not only blind but full of slobbering idiots. One clueless judge has touched off what could be the biggest legal firestorm in the history of the Internet. Another example of Old Media (Viacom) trying to screw over the users of new media (YouTube) and try to recoup the money they are loosing because of their antiquated business model. It's worked great for the RIAA and MPAA.....not.

Oh dear.

Some how I think BMW has lost its way. Wait, don't start shouting. They still make fantastic cars with great performance but their styling has gotten far to soft and generic. The only cars they currently make that have any real presence or style are the Z4 and the polarizing X6. The current 7 series is probably the worst of the range with it's tubby ass and goofy headlights. You pay $70,000+ for a car you expect it to be perfect, or at least "pretty" in some way.

Press shots of the upcoming "new" 7 series have just hit the web and oh my......are they interesting. Thanks BMW, I've always wondered what progeny would result from the marriage of a Mercedes S-class and a Toyota Avalon. They've jumped the shark with this one. I'd rather be bored to death by the blandness of the Audi A8 than suffer having to look at this ghastly shape.

Compare that to the supposed replacement for the Jaguar XJ (Jag's 7 series competitor) and ask yourself....which looks better? I'm not saying the Jag will be a better car, I'm not insane, but why can't BMW do something bold like that.

It's green...but not.

Awesome story about how much illegal marijuana production hurts the environment in California. This story is amazing not only for the environmental parts but for the technology behind these illegal grow operations. Large scale water pumping, clear cutting hillsides for grow patches and 1Kw generators for grow lights with 10,000 gallon diesel tanks? That's insane!

Maybe rabid environmental activism will finally accomplish something on the legalization of pot. Does anyone still believe it should lumped in with narcotics like cocaine instead of something like tobacco or alcohol? You could eliminate 90% of the violence surrounding marijuana production, use and sales by turning it into a highly regulated cash crop.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Video Stumble Recap

Here's some video I stumbled on today....

Nimble little minx.

Paul Potts won the first Britain's Got Talent contest and if you've never seen or heard of him prepare to be amazed. Imagine a guy walking in off the streets and being able to sing an amazing piece of Tenor Opera. He even impresses Simon Cowell.

How the hell is Jackie Chan still alive?

WAH!!! Cry babies.

I read the blog at TreeHugger for two reasons. First, they actually have a lot of good stories about new and innovative technologies meant to make us all more "green". Second, they are a bunch of cry babies with no sense of humor and an over inflated sense of impending ecological doom. Take, for instance, this story about a skit that Top Gear did showing that the Prius was less economical than a BMW M3. Watch the offending video on their page, a normal person that has a sense of humor would recognize that as satire. No one in their right mind ould watch that video and be offended or feel that it was misrepresenting the Prius. But not uppity hippies, no they take this kind of attack on their beloved Prius very seriously.

I can't wait until 2020 because by then we'll be able openly make fun of the Prius and the people that gush over it. Today's Hybrid systems are mostly a success story for marketing firms and deliver little in the way of ACTUAL benefits from a ecological or economical standpoint. In a scant 12 years the Prius will look something of an Edsel.

Lord of Self Confidence

I'm loving the Holy Taco. Listen to some of the funniest voice messages you have ever heard left by the Lord of Self Confidence from the land of douchebags.


Yesterday the auto industry published its year over year sales numbers. Those numbers make June of 2008 the worst month for car makers since 1992. Some of the numbers are frightening and have no doubt that there will be serious consequences over the next few months. Here are some of my favorite points:

  • Hummer sales were down that is a serious drop.
  • Chrysler's sales sunk 36% the worst (by far) of the Detroit automakers.
  • Sales of the Chrysler Aspen SUV dropped 49%. They only sold 944 in the entire country.
  • Mitsubishi is in serious trouble with a 42.4% drop in sales. They've had a rough few years and news like this doesn't bode well.
  • Porsche drops nearly 20%...The ill advised blight on the Porsche name known as the Cayenne may finally face the ax. It boosted Porsche's sales but diluted the brand and I will not miss it.

My life in 10 minutes and 23 seconds.

First a rant. You douchebags need to register for fucking GMAIL accounts so that you can leave more than anonymous comments. Are you aware of just how good Gmail and its complimentary shit is now? There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO FUCKING reasons to use Yahoo or Hotmail anymore. And don't give me that "...Google can read my email bullshit" because you're not interesting enough for them to give a squirt. End Rant.

So a video was linked in a comment from some anonymous asshat that I'm assuming was Mark (see rant above) since he lives on This video pretty much sums up what my daily professional life as been like for the last 10 years. It's almost painful to watch and for those of you that don't work in IT you won't appreciate just how eerily familiar it feels.

And I can confirm that there is no "arrange by penis" option for the Windows Desktop....but there should be.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Auto racing just isn't what it used to be (NSFW classic racing crashes). In the old days of the Indianapolis 500 and the glory days of F1 the drivers took their lives in their hands every time they got in the car. The reason these guys didn't have seatbelts was because they had balls the size of anvils and the belts just would not fit. I know people like to say that it's socially unacceptable to only be interested in racing when there's a chance someone could die but it sure as hell was more entertaining in those days. It really was on of the few televised bloodsports that ever existed.

Shots over the bow

Still don't believe that Chrysler is in its death throes? Well how's about this bright little piece of news courtesy of Jalopnik. Chrysler is still the number one seller of minivans and these new models cost a mint to bring to market, so when even those aren't selling then you should be very concerned.

My favorite part is the fact that they had invested $800 million dollars in the two plants that are closing. There's money well spent.
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