Thursday, February 28, 2008

The next evolutionary step for mankind

When I was in College my roommates and I answered an ad in the paper for a bar that was for sale. This beast had come from an old Elk's Club, it weighed about 600 pounds and was covered in black pleather. The built-in keg fridge worked but there were some pieces vital pieces missing. However, I had worked for a beer distributor the previous summer and we used those connections (and some clever shopping) to replace the missing standard, tap head, regulator and CO2 tank. Once we had everything working there was beer on tap ALWAYS for at least 2 years. The Bar was pivotal in my life due to its huge contribution to my failing out of school. Why do I say that like it was a good thing? I ended up with a good career and I'm making good money so how much can I bitch, plus those two years were some of the best of my life. To this day if you ask any of the guys involved with "The Bar" they'll get a far away glassy look in their eyes...and maybe a tear.

So why do I mention it? Because this bar makes our old bar look like something from the fucking stone age. I mean holy shit! This is the kind of bar that has the magical powers to remove clothing and cause women to dance upon it. Bravo sirs! BRAVO!!

If we buy a bar....we could live together forever!!!!

Yet more criminal genius

As video surveillance gets more and more common place we're only going to see more innovations like this technical achievement. The real deal about this is that it uses invisible light sources, infrared, to dazzle the camera's CCD. So you can blind the camera without your fellow unwittingly surveilled bystanders be none the wiser.

Lay off the NOS

Hey buddy, I think she's running a bit rich.

He's obviously never seen The Fast And The Furious.


We have now entered the HD format war DMZ. Even though HD-DVD has thrown in the towel this article from Gizmodo makes several points as to why now is bad time to buy Blu-ray.

Party Time

Maurice always felt awkward at Bobo's parties.

Welcome to the galaxy

Apparently Microsoft has been working on a very ambitious new program called the Worldwide Telescope. Check out this video of the software in looks amazing.

Irony rocks

This guy learned an important lesson, irony is good friends with Karma.

Seriously, how obstinate do you have to be to take the time and effort to make a fake seat belt?

Very cool

Check out this new browser plugin, PicLens. If you're going to look at a lot of images it works really well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Criminal genius

This has got to be one of the best criminal scams that I have ever seen. When these guys get caught they should be hired on the spot by either the CIA or the NSA.

Be unique

According to the marketing machine that is the Apple Computer Corporation you should by a make to be different that the boring masses that use Windows based computers.

I mean look at this picture. Don't you want to be a unique snowflake?

Killdozer FTW!

Sometimes I think the best you can hope for is to have your name in the same headline as the phrase "Hail of bullets". Then I see a video like the one below and realize that "Armored bulldozer rampage" is way cooler.

Warning, video has annoying Hair Metal music.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Internet morons.

So you've decided that being a man of god just isn't enough and you want everyone to see your mad HTML ninja skills. Here's what not to do Jesus boy.

#1 A Border, are you serious? Amateur hour.
#2 Inject some kind of unique "hook" on your web site. Like that whole MasterCard Priceless one else has ever done that. MEGA AMATEUR HOUR.
#3 Rip off a well known news story and make up your own "humorous" story to go with the pictures. No one will ever notice! ULTRA DOUCHE AMATEUR HOUR!!!!!

It's funny because it's true.

This is a great list of people that should have died young. Can you think of any others to add to the list?

Fidel Castro
Sean Penn
Elizabeth Taylor


Here's a PC World article comparing the technology of 1988 vs. the technology of 2008. They're adjusted the prices of equipment from 1988 to 2008's crazy.

Whatever you say

This post is for the three douche-fags that voted for the Audi R8 over the GT-R.

First of all I probably know who you are and if any one of you had enough money to buy an R8 I'd kick you in the nuts and run off with your wallet. I mean the GT-R is going to be nearly HALF the price of the R8.

Second the GT-R is almost 30 seconds a lap faster around the Nurburgring, and its performance is more attainable so even you three retards could drive it fast.

Third, it has an amazing interior. Can you see the subtle beauty of this styling?

New models

So the deal has been done. Ford has officially sold Jaguar/Land Rover to the Indian company Tata. Only time will tell if the Indians will do the same thing to Jag that the British did to the Indians (oppress it then abandon it).

Thump thump

Be still my beating heart....

Classic British cars may be more beautiful than their much more hyped Italian counterparts. Just one look at the Lotus Eleven gives me a major trouser tent.

That explains it

I think I may be Autistic. I spent a good portion of my morning trying to remember the name of a movie that I loved when I was young. Two hours and numerous Google/IMDB searches later I finally found it. You can tell just how awesome this movie is by looking at this one picture.

That's right's Megaforce. I'm pretty sure that I even had the Matchbox toy version of the APC/Dune Buggy thing. Now I've got to try and find a copy of this total piece of shit so that I can relive some of my youth.

Oh and here's a little teaser of how badass this movie is courtesy of Youtube.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Back in the saddle

I've been too busy to blog....what is the world coming to.

Anyway, the Alfa Romeo Brera is now even more gorgeous than it was before. It is an absolutely beautiful car but it has three big problems.

  1. Performance is no where near as good as the looks. How about some more Horsepower Alfa?
  2. Front wheel drive, the work of Satan.
  3. Not available in the US. Come on Alfa.....when are you coming back?

Good looks aren't everything but the sure as hell help.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here's the trailer for Jack Black's new movie, Be Kind Rewind.

That looks hilarious, I love that the Ghostbusters "Ecto 1" is a Ford Aspire.

Happy Holidays


I think creating your own holiday is nearly as brilliant as creating your own religion. Where's my steak?

Thanks for the memories

HD-DVD is officially dead. The reign of Sony's half baked HD format begins....HOORAY!

I found a picture of how the Sony executives decided to celebrate...see below.


First of all, NSFW.

All the Hollywood media is a twitter about Lindsay Lohan's photo shoot with Bert Stern. The pair attempted to recreate his iconic "Last Sitting" with Marilyn Monroe, a photo shoot that was done just weeks before her death.

Now Lindsay Lohan isn't ugly...but she's no Marilyn Monroe. She should have put on a few pounds so she could actually have some hips and a feminine shape like Marilyn. Of course some of you like your girls with bony boy hips...whatever floats your boat.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Looking for some new friends?

Check out this list of Doomsday Cults and Bizarre Religions.

Interesting note: I've been told that I bear some resemblance to the picture below of Shoko Asahara. My roommates had this picture hanging next to the door to our apartment. One day I came home at the exact moment that one of my roommates was showing the picture to a couple of girls that I had not met. They looked at the picture, looked at me and screamed.

Bible History

Now this is Bible History that I can enjoy. NSFW.

A huge discovery

Today I discovered what created the vacuum of space! It is the enormous empty cavaity between this girl's ears.(video link) I think her parents, aka Herman and Lily Munster, spoil her so much because they didn't produce a child that looked like Abe Vigoda.

I weep for the future. I hope she get some kind of flesh eating virus.

Accurate test

Here's a highly accurate self test.

Scattered Pictures

This story surprises me because I never imagined that Wikipedia had a spine but alas they have taken a stand.

I think its funny that Muslims get all bent out of shape over something has ridiculous as this, it really is an arcane belief. But then that shows the real problem with the Muslim faith and its fractured nature and resistance to progress. According to this interpretation of the Muslim hadiths you're not supposed to view or take pictures of ANY people. You think that includes videos of suicide bombers blowing up Hummers full of American soldiers? I would think that progressive Muslims would be more concerned with the radical members of their own faith turning themselves into human bombs than someone showing pictures of their Prophet.

Now I don't want Muslims to feel like I'm picking on them, I think all religion is arcane and ignorant. I personally get really offended when someone automatically assumes I'm a Christian just because I'm an American.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This the end.....

So Toshiba is going to gracefully bow out of the format war by killing off HD-DVD. I have to admit I'm shocked that they are going to act so quickly. So now we're stuck with Blu-ray and all of its incomplete standards glory. Of course in the span of one week Toshiba lost the support of Netflix, Best Buy and Walmart. It's bad enough that the studios won't provide content but when people can't even buy your product then you are really screwed.

First here's a good article about why the consumer has really lost on this one. Second, just because the format war is over that doesn't mean you should go buy a Blu-ray player. If you HAVE to buy now then buy a PS3 because it's the same price as the cheapest "standard" player and is the only one that is fully upgradeable. That is really important because as I said before the Blu-ray standard is still being rewritten.

Friday, February 15, 2008

You still suck at Photoshop

Dane...err Donny has posted yet another hilarious tutorial.

You Suck at Photoshop #6.


Wait for the knee jerk

Another whack job walks into a room and starts shooting people. There's been quite of few of these high profile media circuses, the knee jerk reaction will come soon from congress. Guns are bad! No one should have guns because of incidents like this. Oh really, well cars kill people every day you may as well take those away. Take away everything "dangerous" and someone will still figure out how to sharpen a stick and stab people with it.

How about this for a solution, MORE guns. Would incidents like this happen if the shooter knew there was a very real possibility that there were at least a few people in the room that were also armed? Even if that didn't stop someone from still trying they would probably only get a couple of shots off before being dropped by the well armed citizenry.

Mandatory guns with mandatory training and safety classes for everyone.


There's a Woot Off happening today...good luck actually connecting to their servers.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey Boo Boo!

These bears are looking for their picnic baskets.


Microsoft has laid another steaming pile on us all by way of Vista SP1. It looks like Microsoft is really vulnerable now. Apple has at least shown that it can bring serious innovation to its OS every couple of years and Linux has come a long way with some of its Distros (Ubuntu) being easy enough for average users, no to mention free.

Microsoft better have a really good plan B because Vista isn't setting the world on fire.

Oh Yeah

The trailer for Indiana Jones 4 hit the net today. Looks pretty damn good, Kate Blanchett lookes hot as a Vilaness.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey mom!

I'll clean my room whenever I damn well please!

The Spelling Bee o u s.....

Spelling Bee....Fergie style.

Kiss my ass mother nature

I just ran across some animal rights site that I won't glorify with a link. While I agree that intentionally cruel treatment of animals is intolerable it doesn't mean I'm going to stop eating delicious cooked animal flesh. Some people just don't know where to draw the line between cruelty and nutrition.

Next time you feel guilty for chewing on a delicious piece of meat remember this picture.

You're only about 1/8" of glass away from being moved down a link on the food chain. Somehow I don't think the Mountain Lion is going to have a guilty conscience.

Have to love the Italians.

I believe this is the website for a major Italian news magazine. Have a look at their photo galleries, I think you'll be impressed.



Check out this Lost "Timeloop Theory" website. This is the most detailed and compelling guess at an explanation for the plot line of Lost. It is long and very detailed but it does make a lot of sense. Make sure to read the Q and A section.

No more doubt

Have a look at this page for some seriously hot babes.

Now that's proof that aliens have lived among us and interbred with humans.

An old friend

I always forget how funny The Onion really is. Every few months I find myself digging through weeks of hilarious stories, like these.

Intelligent Falling

Casual Sex


The Brady Bunch

Tornado Influence

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This guy is the biggest douchebag the world has ever known. Although he seems to be awfully proud of his "Bimmer" convertible...maybe he should hook up with that crazy BMW M6 lady.

A match made in heaven?


I found this great commercial for the Audi R8, must have been a European one because I never saw it.

Which brings up the question....perhaps a poll is in order. Which would you rather have? An Audi R8 or a new Skyline GT-R (R35)?

Tough choice....they are both pretty much the cutting edge in high performance cars. Personally I'd take the GT-R because I'd still have enough cash left over to pay for the tires I'd be burning through.

Toilet Humor

Best flash game ever.


I think he's bluffing

What do you think?

Super WTF?

At what point during this story am I supposed to feel sorry for this woman? I mean it's obvious that the dealer is totally screwing this woman over but seriously, how stupid is she? She knew how much money she was making and did she honestly think that she could afford a $100,000 car? AND WHO THE FUCK PUTS DOWN A $30,000 DOWN PAYMENT ON A CAR USING A CASH ADVANCE FROM THEIR CREDIT CARD!

Her license needs to be revoked because someone with such a limited grasp on reality should not be allowed behind the wheel of a car.


Yesterday was Netflix, today Best Buy announced that they are going to start promoting Blu-ray over HD-DVD in their stores.

I was at my local Wal-mart last night and they had all their HD-DVD players and movies highly discounted. Nothing like seeing the Toshiba A-35 that I paid $350 for in November on sale for $150....WEEE!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm hungry.

At least I was until I saw this site.

Nasty Food

I can't wait!

The Zombies are coming.

Zombie Reagan has my vote!

Yo-ho yo-ho

BBC news reporting on The Pirate Bay case. I think its hilarious that the only reason the content providers are really mad is because the guy's that run PB are bringing in advertising income. So here's a scenario remarkably similar to this big Pirate Bay debate.

A guy walks up to you on the street and asks you for directions to the nearest bank. You draw him a very detailed map and you are so proud of your work you sign your name to it. The gentleman follows your directions and arrives at the bank. He then robs the bank and escapes with several thousand dollars only to be arrested later that day. The next day you are arrested for aiding in a bank robbery because you provided the robber with directions to the bank.

Does that sound ridiculous? Because that is the same basic principle behind the Pirate Bay. They are not HOSTING any of the illegal content they are merely giving directions on how to find it.


The top 5 gamer tantrums, hilarious. I think number 2 is my favorite. I like that one because I know absolutely nothing about WOW and all that WOW-speak makes me giggle.

Although Baby Hitler deserves a spot, of course there is something actually WRONG with that kid.


To hell with your closed-platform craptastic iPhone. Here's the phone that I've been waiting for.

That looks awesome!

To the life boats!!

Another company jumps off the side of the S.S. HD-DVD.


Too bad that the camera man was too fast on this scary video. That was like some kind of Mortal Combat Fatality move.

Sad to sea.

I know i spelled "sea" wrong within the context but be'll understand.

RIP Roy Scheider. Sad news but all anyone remembers him for is his great performance in Jaws, which is sad. I remember him from a absolute classic movie that most critics ban as being awful. That movie was Blue Thunder, a kick ass movie about a silent and nearly unstoppable super helicopter. To hell with Airwolf, Blue Thunder was the shit. Well, except for the Blue Thunder TV series which was nearly unwatchable. Every time I go to Disney World and see the rusting hulk that once was Blue Thunder....a tear wells up in my eye.

Anyway, the thing I remember Roy Scheider the most for is his role as the captain of the SeaQuest DSV. This was a show that I loved and mourned it's passing. I'm sure that no one else watched this show or generally gave a shit but it was cool, kind of a Star Trek under water.

Anyway, sad to sea you go Roy.

More skeletons

This article brings to light a a topic that I don't think enough people are talking about. Personally, I think forcing competitors to choose between their conscious or their sport is ridiculous. The Chinese have quite a few skeletons in their closet and I think allowing them to host these Games was a huge mistake. So now that the IOC has allowed this to happen it is the duty of every athlete that participates to draw focus on the offenses of the Chinese government.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

You may as well change the name.

So it was bad enough, for the brand faithful, that Ford bought Aston Martin back in 1994. But at least Ford had a tradition of making unique cars for the British market and a lot of Europeans consider Ford to be the only "good" American brand (that leads back to the vision of Henry Ford II and the GT40 but that is a story for another day.) No one can argue that Ford seriously turned Aston Martin around, the DB9 and the new V8 Vantage would never have been possible without Ford money and engineering support. So now the new ownership, probably fucking accountants, are looking for ways to make more money off the Aston brand by sourcing engines from Mercedes.

Now lots of other companies source engines from Mercedes, the amazing Pagani Zonda comes to mind, but Aston Martins have always been so unique. Of course the Germans already make the engines in Bentleys and Rolls Royces so I guess I'm the only one that gives a shit. An Aston with a German heart seems so perverse.

I think this may be the beginning of a big change for car manufacturing. We may be heading back into the coachbuilding days when one company like Duesenberg would build the rolling chassis and then another company would build the car body. I just don't see how thats going to be possible given todays safety regulations.

Awesome Video

The Intro is a little long but the video is hilarious!

Fuck Planet Earth

NSFW in case you ignored the title.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Too bad

I was really looking forward to Mitt Romney getting the Republican party's nomination. Oh I never would have voted him, I was just looking forward to see him answer questions about the Mormon faith in the middle of a debate. Maybe he could have brought a hat to read his answers from.

Also, I like John McCain and I don't want to watch him go down in flames against Obama or Billary.

Reading about John McCain and the Hanoi Hilton led me to James Stockdale. He was also a prisoner of war along with McCain and later server as Perot's running mate in his failed 1992 Presidential bid. That reminded me of one of Dennis Miller's greatest statements.

"Now I know (Stockdale's name has) become a buzzword in this culture for doddering old man, but let's look at the record, folks. The guy was the first guy in and the last guy out of Vietnam, a war that many Americans, including our present President, did not want to dirty their hands with. The reason he had to turn his hearing aid on at that debate is because those fucking animals knocked his eardrums out when he wouldn't spill his guts. He teaches philosophy at Stanford University, he's a brilliant, sensitive, courageous man. And yet he committed the one unpardonable sin in our culture: he was bad on television."

Accountants suck

The worst thing that can happen to a company is to be controlled by a bunch of accountants. The first thing the accountants do is kill of any product or service that is deemed unprofitable or unnecessary. They don't care about any intrinsic value that product may have, they don't care if the product is unique and beloved. They only care about focusing synergies on core products or some other bullshit. Which brings me to the latest kill that can be attributed to the bean-counters.

R.I.P. Dodge Viper

I liken it to killing a beloved mascot. Would Disney kill of Mickey Mouse? The Chrysler faithful and employees have little to be happy about these days...taking away one of the company's few bright spots seems awfully short-sighted, even for accountants.

Lost is back

In case you're a hermit that has wondered into a public library and found my blog....LOST IS BACK!

So far Season 4 as been good enough for me to forget the sleepy nap time parts of season 3. If you're one of those losers that couldn't stick it out and gave up on Lost then you should start watching again.

My only WTF from this week was the polar bear they were excavating in Tunisia...wearing a Darma collar. That's still bugging me....

The truth shall set you free

First, I must say that Monster Cable products are generally better quality than "generic" cables that you buy some where like Monoprice. That being said, Monster branded products are one of the greatest rip-offs in the history of marketing.

There was a time that you could argue that cable quality made a huge impact on sound and picture quality. I even saw the evidence of this first hand on several occasions. But that was when the majority of information was being transmitted in an analog form. Analog transmission was very dependent on the characteristics of the cable and you could benefit from good quality products. However, today most data transmitted between electronic components is digital and transmission of digital information is much less effected by cable quality compared to analog. So now you don't get a improvement you can hear or see because a digital cable either works and transmits data....or it doesn't.

The HDMI standard is really the death knell for a company like Monster. What is the difference between this Monster Cable product and this "generic" cable from Monoprice? NOTHING! There is no difference based on today's standards, except for the $87.47 price difference.

There is one cable that is overlooked though, and even in a "modern" digital home theater system the cable still transmits its data in an analog fashion. Speaker cable is often overlooked in a system and often times people use poor quality speaker wire or wire that is undersized for the wattage they are driving.

Save you money for good speaker cable by buying cheap HDMI cables.

Styling for the blind.

If you haven't seen a new Pontiac G6 GXP on the road yet then you should definitely have a look at this. I say this because it will prepare you for the moment that you DO see one on the road. I nearly drove into the side of a Jiffy Lube after craning my neck to see if the ass end was as fugly as the front end. Why would you buy a car that has a chin like Jay Leno?

It's sad that Pontiac as screwed this up so bad. I rented a G6 last year while in Florida and it was the best AMERICAN car I've driven in years.

Pontiac has good designers, look at the G8. Maybe they not only stole the car from the Aussies but let them style it as well. For you Top Gear watchers out there the G8 is essentially the Vauxhall VXR8 with a Pontiac grill on it.

The Tesla.

Well they are finally shipping the Tesla Roadster. The first reviews sound decidedly ho-hum and quite underwhelming. How is it that the gearbox is the weakest link in this whole system? I mean gears are as old as time, you'd think that they could have come up with something reliable. It sounds like they were trying to please to many customer demands which is a risk you always run when you start taking money from people before the car is acutally finished.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

If I were a religious man....

.....this would be my church. I've read the article twice and I still can't believe it. I've never wanted anything this bad in my entire life.

I have MGPS

I have a disease that I just invented. It's called MGPS or Multiple Google Personality Syndrome.

You catch MGPS by googling yourself and looking at the results. You soon realize that you are not alone and that you actually have several unique personalities. Here are some of mine:

Personality # 1 - Photographer

Personality #2 - An entire law firm

Personality #3 - Writer

Personality #4 - Jamaican Tennis Star, seriously.

Personality #5 - War Hero, now that's in peace Specialist Russell.

Personality #6 - Scottish Football Star, if it's not Scottish it's shite!

Personality #8 - Montreal Canadien, not sure about that one.

Personality #9 - Artist

Personality #10 - House Pimp

Make enemies

As an IT worker I've made a lot of enemies over the years. I've compiled a list of the five most hated things (hated by my users) I've had to do and why I've done them. Acutually, in most cases I've been forced to do them by some one else.

#5 You have an obscure user name that is difficult to remember.

Why? - Let's say your name is "Joe Moron". So I assign you a user name of "JMORON" because it's easy for you to remember. That's great but it is also easy for hackers to find out, allowing them to get into the system that much easier. So now your name is B66453 as far as I'm concerned.

#4 Say goodbye Solitaire, we'll miss you.

Why? - Because you let your manager catch you playing it to often, idiot! I don't care if you play Solitaire all day but your boss does.

#3 I have limited the amount of email that you can keep.

Why? - Personally I'd love for you to be able to see three years worth of baby pictures that people have emailed you but there are serveral reasons why I can't. First, having years worth of email is a legal liability that most companies want to avoid these days, thanks Enron. Second, I don't have a magic fountain of server storage or a Jeanie that grants me infinite terabytes of drive space.

#2 Restricted your Internet access.

Why? - Just like every where else there are those that abuse the system. If Sammy Whackacock hadn't been caught looking at then I wouldn't have had to block what you can get to. Relax, MySpace will be still there when you get home you crack addict.

#1 You have to use a complex password.

Why? - Because the password "huggs" takes about 1 second to break with a good dictionary/brute force password cracker. I swear people bitch about this so much you'd think that I was forcing them to sell their children into slavery. If you can't remember an 8 character sequence of numbers and letters then maybe you should go back to elementary school.


Check out these sweet pictures.

That 997 Turbo is unbelievably hot in flat black. Of course this isn't really original because flat black has been hugely popular in the Rat Rod community for decades.

Apparently flat paint in lots of other colors is becoming popular in ALL the car modding circles. So, look for it to be available on some factory cars in the next couple of years as a several hundred dollar option.

I can just see the new Challenger in flat black with some gloss orange stripes....sweet.

Steampunk rules

I love Steampunk. This guy has done some of the most amazing Steampunk conversions that I have ever seen. Look at that monitor! So much nicer than the boring black box that he started with.

It's only a matter of time before Steampunk bubbles over into the mainstream. Get ready ladies you'll all be wearing hoop skirts and push-up corsets before you know it.

Last Man Standing

Thought that this story was interesting. Only two WWI veterans left alive in the U.S.

Here's a great Wiki page about the surviving veterans world-wide.....only 22 left.

Legal shmegal.

I don't know how this works but you should check out TVU. It can't possibly be legal that they are rebroadcasting all these TV channels over the internet. Anyway, the interface is a little wacky but you can watch some crazy stuff.

Why Porsche, Why!

I know that the Cayenne is a fantastic SUV. It's fast, relatively comfortable, nimble handling and still excellent off-road. That's a pretty hard thing to put together and don't get me wrong, it is impressive. But why does it have to be so damn ugly? I mean Porsche keeps making changes to the engines, trim levels and subtle styling changes but they've left the worst bit in place...that awful gaping fish mouth of a front end. It looks like someone took a 911 and stacked it on top of some old Ford Crown Victoria.

Can't they come up with something a bit more svelte than that? Every time one comes up behind me I feel a little sad knowing that the person driving it could have bought a 911.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The fued

The ongoing fued between Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert finally reached a boiling point. It was bound to happen, with no writers to hold them back their personal attacks finally led to this.

Side note, please don't vote for Huckabee.

Another good one.

Another great ZeroPunctuation review, this time on COD4.

Warning: minor game spoilers for those of you that have not finished COD4. If you haven't palyed COD4 then you suck.

If there was a problem yo I'll solve it

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Great product, FANTASTIC NAME!

The Wine Rack.


Balls of Steel

Watch this video.

He's either clinically insane or has balls the size of grapefruit! I love that he's wearing a helmet. You suppose the helmet would stop the counter-rotating blades from decapitating him?

Luke I am you're robotic arm.....

Dean Kamen got a lot of crap for the Segway not being the "revolutionary" product that he had promised. But you can't deny that the technology that went into the Segway is pretty amazing stuff.

Kamen's company Deka is now taking on the world of prosthetic limbs. Their new "Luke" arm is nothing less than amazing, watch this video to see the arm in action. Talk about a bright new future.

That reminded me of a fantastic show that I saw about Dean Kamen about a year ago. He was on Iconoclasts on the Sundance channel. Its a great idea for a show and no matter who the guests are it's fantastic. Keep an eye out for the episode with Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou....that was amazing.


This new optional computer system from Ford is mighty impressive. I mean this isn't's an actual option that you'll be able to order on Ford trucks and vans. I didn't realize that Microsoft Sync was this complete of a solution.

Also, I can't find ANYTHING about this so called "Windows Auto" that they refer to. What the hell is that? Sounds like a new front end interface for Windows CE similar to Media Center or Oragami. Of course you could always build your own car computer.


Now this is a serious price cut. I mean it's almost worth paying $80 for it just to get 6 more movies. I know one person that's going to be pissed about that price.

Official Dodge Challenger officially announced...officially.

Here they are, the official photos of the production Challenger. I have to say, well done Chrysler. This thing is 90% badass. I hold 10% back because they apparently blew their load designing the outside and just kind of blindly cobbled together a pretty bland interior.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Occupational Hazard

I bet it's nice and warm in there. That would make for an entertaining day.

Read the comments as well, bitchy nerds are hilarious.

Would the last Cylon please stand up?

The final season of BSG is coming. April 4th seems so far away but I can't wait. You know have two months to watch the first three seasons and get caught up. I say that because obviously you haven't watched tem since the show is getting cancelled. Thanks for that, by the way.

Was that a bone?

Watch Hillary Clinton speak some time. I know that it's painful but I promise it's worth it. At some point you'll see something in the back of her throat...a brief glimpse of a bone.

You see it's really hard to not choke when you're got so many skeletons in your closet.

In case you were wondering

This is the kind of stuff I would do if I were independently wealthy. That and some kind of weather machine/death ray.

Come on PowerBall!

I don't care what you think.

I like Adam Sandler movies. Yes they are childish examples of "toilet humor" but I think they are funny. I finally saw the tailer for his next movie, and it looks hilarious.

If you're the kind of person that thinks every movie should be deep and meaningful then I hope you go blind.

Zohan Trailer.

Super Bowl Ads.

First, congratulations to the Giants for defeating the Patriots. Take that cheaters!

Talk about a shocker, AOLVideo actually has the best interface that I could find for the Super Bowl ads online. I was too lazy to look for them individually on YouTube, but I can't link to each ad at AOL. So here's a description of my favorites.

  • Audi R8. Great commercial but it should have been the front end clip of a Porsche 911.
  • Diet Pepsi, what is love. Must suck for Chris Kattan that he's only remembered for that.
  • Bud Light, Wine & Cheese. MaGuyver meets beer, great stuff.
  • FedEx Pigeons. I wish I had a loyal army of huge genetically engineered pigeons, sigh.
  • anything with the title "death match" is awesome.
  • Tide, stain. Hilarious....the title should be "Stains, nearly as distracting as cleavage".
  • Bud, rocky. So the horse is Rocky which makes the dog Mickey. Mickey died, so by drinking Bud you're killing dogs....and brain cells.
  • Toyota, Corolla. Great now I want a pet badger....I bet Mark already has one.
  • Careerbuilder, heart. Been there, done that.
Meh, there's too many. Watch them your damn self.

IronMan Spot

And here begins the Superbowl commercial commentary.

If you missed the IronMan trailer then check it out here. There was a new TV spot for the movie during the Superbowl that had some badass cars in the background. Who doesn't want a Saleen S7?

Seriously, if your not looking forward to this movie then have you lost your mind? Can you see or are you blind?

Heavy boots of lead fills his victims full of dread.
running as fast as they can Ironman lives again.

Know your roots

Most Americans think that BMWs are just luxury cruisers built for assholes. And while I agree that the average American BMW driver deserves their own page on Dickopedia I don't agree with the analysis of the cars themselves. BMW builds cars for people that enjoy DRIVING. If you only care about getting from point A to B in comfort then buy a Mercedes. If you want to be giving the car equivalent of a BJ while going down a twisty a BMW.

So what makes a BMW different? Read this review of the new 125i Convertible. That should give you some insight into how BMW goes about designing and building a car. Also, they've got quite a racing history.

So to see BMW return to its roots of lighter, smaller cars brings a big smile to my face. If BMW sells the new 1 series Tii as an M Model then I'll have my check ready.
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