Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome to nerd paradise

So the 2008 summer movie season is going to be heaven for comic book fans. First you've got Iron Man, the one I'm really looking forward to. Then there's The Incredible Hulk, here to apologize for the 2003 Ang Lee version that was a disaster. Then Hellboy 2 drops, this one looks pretty good too. And then comes The Dark Knight, which so far looks to be an amazing homage to the late Heath Ledger.

Nerds Only

Those of you of the computer nerd variety will find this hilarious. The rest of you won't get it.

Redneck drill bits

So your manufactured home is made out of some kind of high strength super steel that is resistant to drilling of any kind. Now a pussy would just give up and run the cable to the satellite dish through the window. Not Ronald Long, he decided that a bullet would carve the perfect path for his cabling needs. Brilliant!

Singing in the rain

Now this is a gentleman's weapon. I'm dry and your face has been rearranged.

No kidding?

You mean that the 14 year old moron with hair out of some awful Japanese Anime can't install a stereo properly? That's shocking! I feel bad for the guy but trusting Circuit City is just plain stupid.

Thank you mistress...

So getting caught with a prostitute is bad, getting filmed with a prostitute is worse. Now that may be good enough for the former Governor of New York but not for those crazy Europeans. No, they have to be filmed at an orgy with several prostitutes that dress as Nazis and treat you like a concentration camp prisoner. Wow, that's a pretty narrow fetish/fantasy group. Of course you should probably avoid ANYTHING Nazi related...especially if your family has been accused of being Third Reich sympathizers.


This could be one of those "problems" with Formula One racing that I've talked about before.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Still kickin'

Been a slow week, nothing terribly interesting happening really. There is this OCD BMW driver, talk about too much free time.

Oh and if you missed this week's South Park episode, Major Boobage, you NEED TO WATCH IT. It was totally hilarious.

The world's largest Graphics card maker/crash causer. I can personally vouch for how shitty Nvidia's drivers for Vista really are.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Ahead, Get Depressed.

This article is a gateway to crippling depression. Go ahead, I dare you to read it and then check your 401K account.

Thankfully 9mm shells are still a bargain at $13 a box.

LOL, Over act much?

Now this is funny. That paper could have caused permanent brain damage! She should get an Oscar for that performance.

You suppose this woman played professional soccer?

I guess we're all broke

This news sucks. I mean those Mars rovers have lasted 16 times longer than their planned life expectancy and they're just going to shut them off? This is one of the few successful missions to Mars that we've had and those rovers should be squeezed for everything they can give us. Someone give NASA some money...we're going to need to get off this planet some day once we've ruined it.


This is a pretty neat new toy from Raytheon. Who doesn't want to bust through concrete twice as fast as a jack hammer?

Let's Play Monopoly

Yet again the Government shows an amazing level of ignorance by actually believing that terrestrial radio is a competitor for satellite radio. So just wait for the new XM/Sirius monster to raise prices across the board and screw over subscribers. I've been an XM subscriber for almost 5 years now and I can count the number of times I've listened to "regular" radio on one hand. Once you've had satellite radio you will never go back to crappy FM or even the latest HD radio. Calling these different systems equals is ridiculous.

So now that the DOJ has officailly anointed terrestrial radio a competitor to satellite radio that means this bullshit Clear Channel is trying to pull could actually happen. So Clear Channel has decided that since they are stuck in a declining business they should take everyone with them. I'm sorry but I PAY for XM every month so I can listen to unedited, uncensored music and there is nothing illegal about that. I'm sorry that you are clinging to decades old technology that broadcasts poor quality ad supported programming.


Finish Your Lunchables

Donnie's back, somehow I missed his lamenting about touching plump round tomatoes. Of course the betrayal of Sn4tchbuckl3r cannot go unpunished.

Lost and Found

So now that Lost is on a month long break before the next new episode I've been thinking back on some of the things they setup in Seasons 1 & 2 and then never paid off.

  • Polar Bears - The bears were fairly prominent in Season 1 and seem to have just disappeared. I mean you'd think that something as big as a polar bear would be hard to miss. Oh and since polar bears are carnivores and the only decent sized prey on the island are people you would think that they would be sniffing around pretty often.
  • The Black Smoke "Monster" - I'm sorry but they need to explain this one better. It was a regular appearance early in the series and now its no where to be seen. They used it to kill Mr. Echo and then just let that mystery die...seems like such a shame.
  • The Others/Voices - Remember when Lost first started and they portrayed "The Others" as being come kind of supernatural wraiths of the jungle? All the spooky voices in the rain and shit. Now they're just a bunch of jungle hillbillies running around shooting everything...WTF?
  • Dharma Initiative/Alvar Hanso/Hanso Foundation - Remember when the big mystery was The Hatch? They NEVER paid off on the evil corporation behind all of the Hatches hidden throughout the island. They just showed Ben and The Others killing off the Dharma people and closed the book on that side story. Bitches.
  • The numbers - Why were they such a big deal? What are they not a big deal now?

New Poll

Since no one ever comments on anything I'm assuming that this blog is like the sound of one hand clapping. Or I haven't insulted you douchebags enough to induce any commentary.

Fine, here are some pictures that may provoke some response from someone.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I cannot tell a lie

What's worse, an obvious bold face lie or being delusion enough to believe your own bullshit? Hard to keep the closet door shut when there are a few thousand skeletons banging on the other side. Of course when you haven't really done anything of note in your entire political career you need to do something to make yourself look more interesting. I thought woman never forgot anything...she must be confused.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Better get prepared.

You have two weeks to catch up on Battlestar Galactica before season 4 starts. Here's a little preview from The Letterman Show.

If you're a serious Douchebag you can watch this Eight Minute Recap clip that will get you up to speed while ruining three seasons of one of the best TV shows made in the last 15 years. But that's your choice. Seriously, there have been some shitty episodes just like any other TV series but there have been some episodes that are just amazing.

Monopoly Money

I need to watch The Colbert Report more often so that I don't miss little gems like this one. I think this is really funny because my parents worked for AT&T then one of the Baby Bells then Ameritech then SBC. Always thought it was funny to watch them put Humpty back together again.

This One is for Muke

Here you go Muke, this will bring back some memories.

Children are our future

I think you should watch this then weep for that future.

Or you could watch this and laugh at Captain Dumbass the Motorcycle Bandit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This picture is awesome. If you don't get it then you need to brush up on your leetspeak before you get p0wned.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gamble and Lose

Here's another story that just fails to tug at my heart strings. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry that they're lost their jobs but how sorry am I that they lost their "life savings"....not very. I'm sorry but they broke the number one rule in investing, diversification. It's hard to feel sorry for someone that works in that industry and doesn't at least adhere to that rule. You invest your future in the stock market and you take a huge risk, period.

Above and beyond that there is still the whole problem that our economy is completely in the shitter because investment banks like Bear took huge risks with Subprime mortgages. Couple that with commodity prices being driven through the roof by nervous futures traders that spend too much time watching Fox News and you end up where we are now. Oh and then throw in an Presidential Administration that thinks they can just print more money whenever they need it.

I feel sorry for Barak Obama. He's most likely going to be our next President and he's going to end up with the worst economic situation this country as faced in 60 years.


This is both the coolest and the creepiest robot that I have seen in a while. If the government is really trying to develop a true quadruped combat vehicle can you imagine the look on the faces of the enemy? The Great Satan's evil beasts walk the earth!

Stick or Shoot

Do you have killin' to do? Are you indecisive?

If so, this little baby is the weapon for you. Just be careful putting it back in your pocket.

Bad Blood

I think there may be some friction between these two guys. Would love to have seen the conversation with their producer after the newscast.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Most fun I've had today

Have fun, I know I did.

Change Hillary.

Sign me up

This is fucking awesome, a Mad Max/Road Warrior reenactment. Can you imagine rolling down the highway and seeing these guys, talk about freaking people out. I can't believe they've only been arrested once.

Beats the hell out of those Renaissance Fair hippies. I always wanted to recreate Death Race 2000 but all my friends were big pussies.

I can relate

You have no idea how hard it is to live with a drunk pet until it happens to you.

Help prevent pet alcoholism.

How's the Weather

Watch this video.

Wow, I mean wow.

Lay Down With Dogs

So the RIAA's been suing grandmothers and little kids for years to protect the rights of their constituents. Of course when you represent someone you're usually doing it for their benefit but it seems that the RIAA has forgot that detail. So what the hell are they doing with the money?

What a Shame

Hyundai is rolling out the new version of their Sports Coupe, which as always been a good car. Now with rear wheel drive and some sleeker lines it looks to be an even better car than ever before. It's a real shame that the pretty new looks will be hidden under ridiculously large spoilers and AEM stickers by every boy racer in town.

Its Dead to Me

There was a time that I longed for the Maxima but Nissan has whittled away the years and not kept up with the Germans, or even themselves. It feels like Nissan has hung the Maxima out to dry to prevent canabalizing sales of their more shiney Infiniti division. If Infiniti did not exist then the Maxima's story MIGHT be different. But with front wheel drive and a CVT tranny.....forget about it.

So here comes the newest car to bear the Maxima name. First, the interior is lifted straight from Infiniti. Second, the styling....ummm, it's like someone took the new Honda Accord and halfway morphed it into a Toyota Camry. In other words, not good.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Absolutely gorgeous

Alfa Romeo is set to make a return to the US Market and they're bringing the drop-dead gorgeous 8C Competizione with them. Talk about coming in if they'll just not try to sell the same car for 20 years like they did with the Spider.

Genesis moment

Check out this page for a little history lesson. I have a Diamond Rio somewhere that I need to dig up for some nostalgia MP3 listening..

Which brings me to Diamond. This will only matter to those of you that have been around computers for a while but Diamond used to be THE shit. I remember paying a fortune for a Diamond Stealth video card that was the absolute cutting edge. Sure they still exist but they are a shadow of their former selves. The graphics industry moved on and Diamond missed the bus.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Patience is a virtue

I hope this guy wasn't just waiting for her so they could go to dinner.

Are you ready yet?

Harry Potter and the Cash Cow

So it's official, they're actually going to end up making EIGHT Harry Potter movies. What the hell will they call the last two movies? Deathly Hallows 1 &2? Maybe the last one should be Harry Potter and Cauldron of Dollars.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Everyone needs a hobby. I think this may be my new one.

Now that is concealable

I want one!!! Surprise bitches!

Change my mind

So the new Camaro is starting to grow on me. I think it really does look much better in black. Now if they could just make sure that none of them get sold to guys with mullets and wife beaters.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dangerous Youth

How many of these dangerous toys did you have as a kid? I personally remember having the Battlestar Galactica Missle Launcher and who didn't have a set of Lawn Darts? I think ours were called Jarts and they were dangerous has all hell. I wish like hell that I could have had the Atomic Energy Lab.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cheap labor

So according to this BBC story European manufacturers are looking to bring more production jobs to the US. So we are finally getting our just desserts, in the 80's and 90's the American car manufacturers relocated thousands of jobs to Mexico for cheaper labor. Now the Europeans are going to shit on us for a while.

Progress is great

Hillary Clinton is stomping around making a big stink about how much more experience she has than Barak Obama. This is a great video that outlines some of the fantastic experience that she has.

If you don't care to watch here is a summary....she's a crooked bitch.

Whatever d00d

Apparently this guy is tired of having his sexuality question by "hackers" posting anonymously on his blog. This is laughable at best and there is no possible way they could ever police or implement this kind of regulation. I think you should just man up and deal with all of those cruel things people on the faceless internets people write.

The Olympic Spirit

Are we all ready for the bright shining example of freedom that is the Olympics? Or at least it was until The Games hit China. There have been a lot of stories about how the Chinese are cleaning up Beijing by moving heavy polluting industries and beggars out of the city. Just a little bit of spit and polish to distract anyone ignorant enough to turn a blind eye to the Chinese government's ethics or lack there of.

Now the Chinese have decided to rid Beijing of cats because of some hair brain scheme about cats carrying SARS. This story is pretty nasty so if you like cats you may not want to read it. I'd recommend that if you are vaguely human you should boycott anything to do these Olympic Games. I'd say stop buying Chinese shit but that is nearly impossible these days.


A fast back Cadillac....really? Wow, GM really is going the distance to shake off the stodgy old image of its "Premier" division. But you know it's good to see this because there was a time that Caddy was the bleeding edge of GM...back in the 20s and 30s.

Guess the retired folks in Florida are going to have to buy Buicks.

Hardcore German Porn

This is the hottest German porn I've ever seen!

I mean did you see those belts!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ah to be young again

Thanks to this week's Diggnation I've discovered a drinking game that I wish we could have played back in the day.

Check it out, Wisest Wizard, imagine combining a Fantasy RPG turn based game with drinking beer.

G0-Karts Rule

Donnie is back with another You Suck at Photoshop....Seems like he's found a real keeper.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The numbers game

This article paints a very grim picture for Hillary's campaign. Basically it says that even if she wins EVERY remaining primary by 10-20 points she still can't catch Obama in "standard" delegates. If she was to actually do this, which she won't, then the race would be decided by the superdelegates. That scenario is the last thing that the Democratic party wants...for the race to be determined by this questionable process would look pretty bad to the public.

The funny thing is that most of the major media outlets are squawking about how she is back in the race and she back on track to win. More proof of just how far up the Clinton ass the big media companies are. They seem to think they're the Kennedys version 2.0. Other than the infidelity, I don't see a similarity.

Even she knows that there's a good chance that she can't win. That's why she has started talking about the so called "Dream Ticket" of Obama and Clinton as running mates. The problem is that there's no way that he'll take a VP position and Hillary already had two terms as Bill's VP.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


An entire day of Stumbling and all for naught. This picture is the most interesting thing I found all day.

The Iwo Jima of our generation.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Great stuff

Now this is a guy that can rant! What he says about Porsche and VW is pretty enlightening stuff.

Hey drunky!

I stumbled upon this site. That reminded me of one of my favorite Kids In The Hall Sketches ever.

Girl Drink Drunk.

Disturbing images

I think people that dress up there pets in costumes have some kind of weird personality flaw. I mean sure they're cute but still somehow disturbing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A must read

Here's a great article about the world's oil reserves that was written by someone that really seems to know what he's talking about. So why is oil selling for $100+ a barrel if our supply isn't nearly as bad as the media would lead you to believe? This article touches on it but doesn't talk about it.

One reason is that 90% of the "conventional" oil still in the ground is controlled by state run oil companies. So when whack jobs like Hugo Chavez take all the money they make from there large oil reserves and then use that money on social programs it causes problems. Now I agree that it is good that he is trying to improve the conditions for the poor in his country but at the price of potentially not re-investing in his oil production. That will have global repercussions. Let's not even talk about other places like Nigeria....disaster. Unless these companies spend the money on the oil reclamation equipment like the Saudis have then they'll end up leaving half of the oil in the ground.

The other reason has nothing to do with oil companies. People get all bent out of shape when they see how much profit a company like Exxon is making but guess what....Exxon sells the oil but has very little to do with setting the price. That is left up to speculators on primarily the New York and London futures markets. That means that the price of oil is only vaguely related to the actual availability of oil or the demand for that oil. The price is "regulated" by people that have a vested interest in buying the oil cheap and then having the price rise....seriously. Does that sound like a good idea? Isn't that what Enron got in trouble for, inflating the prices of energy futures for their own profits and the benefit of their traders?

So why is no one crying for this to change? Because the oil companies are huge political contributors and are flush with cash they can throw money at the only people that could change the way the current oil futures market is regulated. So there, I guess you can still blame Exxon.

A whale of a problem

Check out this nasty accident. Can you imagine the smell of that?

Why so sad

Robert Oppenheimer you just helped to create the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen, what do you have to say?


Thanks Bob.....what a buzzkill.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok, the video below is NSFW and it may be NSFYS (not safe for your soul). I would recommend you not watch it because I can't explain what the fuck is going on.....

Seriously, WTF?

Sad news

RIP Jeff Healey. The guy was a great guitar player and singer. He also starred in one of the greatest movies ever made, Road House.

If you don't like Road House I'll send my friend Laine to your house to "discuss" the movie's finer points. Just remember, no matter what he says Diggstown is still a piece of shit.

X-Men to the rescue

Can you imagine the look on the faces of a bunch of hippie G7 summit protesters when they get hit with this bitching new weapon. Of course the military will just turn a blind eye to the same people 20 years later when they all turn up with brain cancer.

Cause and effect.

You know those stories about kids that kill their whole families with an ax while they sleep? Everyone always say the same thing, he was such a good boy we just don't understand why he would do something like that. Here is video evidence of what causes those kids to snap. Now that is cruelty punishable by an ax to the head.

Kudos to the guys at Engadget for having some compassion, unlike the rest of his douchebag family. I think that Engadget should only give him the Xbox after his family sends a video of themselves eating a big pile of dogshit.


So the "Americanized" version of Top Gear looks like its already going a notch up on the potential Suck O Meter. I mean Adam Corolla is OK but he gets a bit annoying after a while.

Update (NSFW):
Ok, so here's a piece of Adam Corolla's radio show. In case you dont want to listen here are the highlights:

1. makes fun of Nascar (big thumbs up)
2. makes fun of the American love affair with Automatic transmissions (two thumbs up)
3. vacationed in Europe expressly to go to Le Mans and F1
4. Knows what a Porsche 917 is.....holy shit
5. He went to fucking Goodwood....double WOW!
6. He went to the Paris Air Show....nice.
7. Sounds like he's a bit of a technophile.
8. He went to the Aston Martin plant....BASTARD!
9. Appears to know quite a bit about cars in general.
10. talks about how cops in Europe are better than US cops....mostly agree with that.
11. then a very long rant about cops, tickets, bullshit....etc. I'm guessing that he's going to fill the "Clarkson" role of being a bitter man.

I'm slightly comforted.

Say what from who?

Does it seem odd to anyone else that Porsche is buying Volkswagen? How is Porsche more valuable than Volkswagen or in an equity position to buy huge shares in Volkswagen? I mean VW sells 6 times the number of cars than Porsche does. Seems odd to me.

And if Porsche does indeed own VW then they also have control of Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini AND Bugatti. Now that should prove interesting.
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