Friday, July 25, 2008


Check this shit out. Oh and he's made a original.

First of all, anyone that buys a Range Rover then writes it off as a "business expense" is really just manipulating the tax system and costing the rest of us money. Unless of course your business is chauffeuring around rich people on fox hunts. Douchebag level = 1

Second, I admire your new found environmental concern. I'm assuming that you're trying to bang hairy SF hippie chicks (or dudes more likely) now and they won't touch you because your carbon footprint is way bigger than your cock. Also, you probably got VD from all the drunk sluts (male/female/she-male) that were attracted to you you for driving a $70,000 SUV. Douchebag level = 2

Third, destroying a perfectly good SUV with a high residual value is both ignorant and wasteful. Douchebag level = 3

Fourth, the Range Rover Sport is a bastardization of a REAL Range Rover. It's only reason to exist was to increase the market to soccer moms, rappers and douchebags. The fact that you actually bought a Sport instead of a HSE says volumes about you. Douchebag level = 4

Fifth, your clearly using a Macbook of some kind in your cheesy video. Douchebag level = 5

Sixth, I'm assuming that you're trying to drive up hits on this domain that you bought so that you can sell it later for a hugely inflated prices. Using the internet for a publicity stunt? Lame. Douchebag level = 6

Lastly, sandals...really? Douchebag level = 10

He needs to take off that ghostbusters shirt, he's officially not cool enough to wear it.

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