Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Career suicide

If you're going to out then go out with style.


The UAW is the champion of the "common" working man, the defender of the middle class and the watchdog of the rich elite. The UAW uses its political will and still considerable lobby powers to provide fair wages and benefits to thousands of American workers. Recently, the UAW has been deeply critical of the management of the former "Big Three" automakers calling them out as being wasteful, greedy and extravagant. All the while the UAW like to talk about how much they and their members have given up to help the US automakers stay competitive. Apparently irony is lost on the UAW leadership.

Seriously NSFW

Check out IO9's roundup of hilarious Star Trek based Porn. It is SERIOUSLY NSFW.

Some of those clips make me long for porn of my youth before all the "women" looked like Barbie dolls....sigh.

Get an umbrella

Why does anyone fuck with the Israelis anymore? How many time do they need to kick your teeth down your throat before you decide that a few hundred square miles of desert just isn't worth the embarrassment.

Link may be NSFW

Watch this video of an Israeli missile turning some Hamas into humus.

Creepy people

Here's a hilarious article on Gizmodo that highlights all of the crazy photoshopped pictures that the general public have submitted in 2008. My personal favorite is the Steampunk Tampax.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our new apartment

Some Wall Street douche bought a $37 million apartment using TARP money, that's the money that we tax payers pitched in to "save" our economy. I say at least a few thousand of us turn up every day to ask if we can crash on the couch.

House of cards

This guy is lucky to be alive....he's also lucky if he still has a job.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Leader of the free shit?

Awesome DIY

Are there gangs of wild bear roaming your neighborhood? Perhaps you should build your own net launcher....that's right, DIY FUCKING NETGUN!!!

She must be stopped.

Apparently Paris Hilton is no longer satisfied with only having her parties sponsored by low budget Vodka companies. Now she is accepting sponsorships for her cars as well, see her new Pepto Bismol Bentley.

What is she smoking?

Condoleezza Rice is drinking the Kool Aid these days.

This got me thinking, what am I going to thank George W. Bush for? Here's a brief list in no particular order.

  • Thanks for curtailing my individual rights with the kneejerk Patriot Act.
  • Thanks for completely screwing up in Afghanistan...we didn't really need to catch Bin Laden anyway.
  • Thanks for destabilizing Pakistan by funding an unpopular military dictatorship that prevented Democratic elections...that will pay off big time!
  • Thanks for wasting $700 billion+ on a useless war in Iraq. Thousands of our soldiers and Iraqis would probably thank you too if they weren't so fucking dead.
  • Thanks for making us the laughing stock of the International community with your stunningly thin, bat-shit crazy reasoning for invading Iraq.
  • Thanks for having a completely delusional/non existent energy policy that drove our economy to the brink until the oil bubble (you caused that too) burst.
  • Two words. Dick Fucking Cheney, thanks for bringing Mr. Psuedo-Constitutional Monarchy into my life.
  • Thanks for crippling scientific research funding by imposing your limited beliefs in magic books and zombies.
  • Thanks for letting your dumb shit Wall Street buddies turn our economy into the biggest pile of shit this country has seen in 80 years. Greed is a fantastic motivator for personal gain...not so great for public officials.

There's SO much more but that's all I have strength for.

Hell yeah!

Here are Holytaco's picks of good 80s action movies to watch while under the influence. Personally I'd drop the Back to the Future movies and add anything starring Chuck Norris...perhaps Lone Wolf McQuade.

After watching these you'll be thinking about turning your garden shed into a secret weapons cache and yelling "get to the chopper!" at everyone you see.

And stay down...

Living in Detroit these days must be about as bleak of an existence as one can imagine. It's not bad enough that the entire American auto industry is teetering on the verge of collapse but the Lions suck dog balls as well.

Pretty soon we're going to be airlifting food and quality draft picks into Detroit like some kind of economic/football induced Katrina disaster.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The future of Fusion?

Here's a GREAT Popular Science article about a radical new theory on how to produce a reliable nuclear fusion reactor.

Bombs Away

Ever wonder what a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb blast would do to your home town? Well now you can thanks to a clever Google Maps Mashup.


Funny blurb on the Comedy Central blog. Further goes to prove that most people are idiots and could benefit from either better reading comprehension or some kind of electronic sarcasm detector.

Bend Over!

Apparently it's really episodes of Will & Grace that are melting the Polar ice cap. Maybe the Vatican should start using displaced Polar Bears to hunt down all those sinful sodomites.

That shows what a firm grasp on reality the Catholic Church has.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rough Rider

Check out this crazy video of a container ship riding out a big storm...make sure you watch the corridor part.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Late night LOL!

Check out this YouTube Video. I didn't embed it because you have to read the backstory in the description field...priceless.

Not only does everyone in your stupid little sorority house hate the whole Internet is laughing.

Back in the saddle

Vacation's over....back to the grind.

Now this is my kind of practical joke. What a interesting concept...a camera is not an effective replacement for actual Police officers? How shocking.

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's all about the collar

Why has the Government "saved" the financial sector but forsaken the auto industry? It's all about the size of your lobby and the color of your collar.

The UAW hasn't quite realized that they are facing extinction. However within the context of the current climate it's hard to blame them for not wanting to back down. They've had to watch the people responsible for this entire financial mess get bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars while they have ended up with the shit end of the stick. Why? Would this be the case if the Secretary of the Treasury was a former auto industry executive and not the former CEO of a nearly failed brokerage company?

How to be unpopular

Actually, it's how to be REALLY unpopular.

Step 1: Know next to nothing about computers, software or being human.
Step 2: Attack a group of Linux developers, the most dangerous geeks in the world.
Step 3: Congratulations, the Internet now hates you!

Seriously...what a bitch.

Strange bedfellows

Evangelical Christians are all up in arms because their Neo-Con poster boy, George W. Bush, is now talking smack about the bible. You mean Bush only said nice things about evolution to placate the right wing crazies? That is unbelievable behavior from such an honorable politician...what is the world coming to?


R.I.P. Bettie Page

It's for the best

Looks like NBC has decided to take a pass on the American bastardization of Top Gear. After the pretty poor quality of the Aussie version it's probably for the best anyway. Of course the real reason is most likely the train wreck that the US auto industry has can you be entertaining while beating a dead horse?

Update: Maybe the BBC wisely decided to take Top Gear to cable in the U.S. so they can get a little more creative with content.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey Kirby! Congratulations on your hometown making Forbes's list of America's fastest-dying towns! Only number 10 though so there's more work to do!

Oh, wait. My hometown is number 3 on that same my hometown is better (worse?) than yours!

I bet they're not going to build a $400+ Million dollar bypass around your dying town though so there!

Pull back the veil

Here's something that no one, at least no one in Congress, is talking about. Chrysler has no business receiving "bailout" money from U.S. taxpayers when their parent corporation is flush with cash. Try not to get too pissed off when you read this.

The Tangled Web

Here's Gizmodo article about a new book called The Nuclear Express. Basically it's the history of atomic weapons and how all of the Earth's nuclear powers acquired their membership to that dubious club. There's a cool map/graphic of "atomic evolution".

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Saturn has always been Roger Smith's unloved bastard division of General Motors. I appreciate the fact that there are fanatical Saturn lovers out there even if I can't understand why. However, the thought that GM would axe one of its long running brands like Buick in favor of Saturn is just not that likely. Saturn never should have existed, all it has ever done is steal customers from Chevrolet and Pontiac and run up costs in terms of brand marketing/identification.

GM tried to create a new brand to shake of it's image of poor quality and bad design and then kicked Saturn off with poorly built and badly designed cars (they did get better eventually). Now every single car that Saturn sells is based off of another GM product that can just as easily be sold with a Chevy/Pontiac/GMC badge. The fact that Saturn has survived 20 years is the only real miracle here.

Not pleased

You have disappointed the Cat Cat.

This is only a test

Trying out blogging from my iPhone!


I was considering a move to DirecTV but was waiting for their awesome new USB based satellite tuner box that would work with my computer. I guess I don't need to wait anymore....bitches.

Shitty month

Ever had a really bad month? I'm guessing that it was never as bad as this San Francisco couple's recent drama. Talk about getting kicked in the nuts by life.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Morning LOL

First off NSFW.

When will someone give Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake their own "variety" show? Lorne Michaels...I'm talking to you. First there was Dick In a Box and now....Jizz In My Pants.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where's my shrimp cocktail?

Check out Prop 8: The Musical....hilarious.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Bow before your master

Apparently Kanye West doesn't get cable in his Golden Palace atop Mount Olympus. Maybe his throne cast from the melted down platinum records of artists far more talented than him interferes with his reception....

By the book...

First off, NSFW.

I warn you, once you watch some of these videos you won't be able to get the damn songs out of your head....especially the cooking by the book one.


I still haven't fully recovered from the cancellation of Pushing Daisies...every remaining episode will cost another little piece of my soul. So now I have to see this lovely announcement.

One of my favorite shows, a gritty and realistic SciFi masterpiece, gets canceled but there's no problem getting an entire season of a dramatic prequel to that show produced? Give me another season of BSG and not this barely related soap opera bullshit!

I feel sick.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pike them

In the past(and in some present day cultures) it was common practice for rulers to publicly display the bodies of criminals and "evil-doers" as a form of deterrence. I think that's a tradition that could use a little bit of a revival, if there was any group of criminals that deserved to have their heads piked on a city wall it's these assholes.

Maybe if some of these extremists knew that pigeons would be shitting on their rotting earthly remains while they cavorted with their virgins in paradise it might give them some pause.


Every time someone asks me a stupid Internet question I'm going to make them watch this video...Clockwork Orange style.

Monday, December 1, 2008

That's all you've got?

Come on Ford, you're last global brand gets the axe? Why not kill of Mercury instead? There's no brand uniqueness left in Mercury and you could easily save costs by killing them and adding some of those "segments" to Lincoln.

Ford has long since raped Volvo of any of its uniqueness so it really doesn't matter anymore. Maybe the Germans will buy Volvo and Saab and try to rebuild that Scandinavian sensibility back into those brands.

Enemy mine

Eight months ago were more likely to see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a no holds barred cage match than shaking hands on a stage. Obama may have won the big show but Hillary has officially been given the ultimate consolation prize, Secretary of State. It is generally considered to be a more prestigious post than the Vice Presidency and is her gateway to another Presedential bid in 2016...or is it?

Why not just stay in the Senate for another eight years and then run? Why bother having to run for her Senate seat again and still be considered a "junior" senator with very little influence within that body? She will get HUGE publicity as SecState and will be most likely given a lot of latitude to influence policy by Obama...and she doesn't have to endure any more silly elections until the one she really wants.

Of course she may have decided that SecState is food enough and that she doesn't want the top spot after all...making this job her swan song.

This is the beginning of the Democratic Centrist revolution, acutally it's the continuation of Bill Clinton's Centrist Revolution. The DNC is doing the EXACT opposite of the RNC, they are planning for the future. They are playing towards the middle and setting up candidates years in advance to freeze out the right wing crazies that now run the Republican Party. Personally I have no problem with it.....for now. We'll see how responsibly the Democrats handle the massive advantage they have been given by the nightmare of the Bush years. Of course, I've read Machiavelli so I have little hope that the Democrats can actually succeed.

Safety first

Natural selection failed to eliminate Plaxico Burress....although accidentally shooting yourself is something you never live down.

Unsolved Mysteries

Here's a cool list of crazy unsolved mysteries from around the world. Numbers 4 & 5 are crazy.

Screw the Europeans

Here's an interesting idea on how the US Automakers can save their own asses. Basically, Ford and GM both have European subsidiaries that manufacturer market specific cars for all of Europe. The vast majority of these cars and small, well built and far more fuel efficient than any car either company manufacturer for the American market. The article talks about why this won't work...but if either of these companies had seen the writing on the wall a couple of years ago maybe they wouldn't be so screwed now. They could have engineered their way around the problems.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's never your turn.

Why can't the Russians figure out that NO ONE is ever going to let them be in charge of anything? It's one thing to predict the downfall of the United States, a point that may be somewhat credible but far less likely than he proposes, but to predict that Russia and China will share the spoils of that downfall. I'm guessing there are quite a few Europeans, Japanese, Indians and Koreans that don't happen to agree. I know the Russians think that since crackpots like Hugo Chavez are courting them again this has somehow re-elevated them back to the "Superpower" realm...whatever.

Let's look at Russia's future, I think there are two scenarios they will pursue to reassert themselves.

  1. Buy up all the oil and gas, hold Western Europe hostage.
  2. Bully every former Soviet satellite state until they submit to the intimidation and crawl pack into some neo-Warsaw Pact.
They'll try one of those or a combination of the two. Either way the way to assure that we stay above the fray is to eliminate our reliance on foreign oil.


What is the most watched television show in the entire world? Most Americans have this narrow vision of TV shows and think that only the shows we have from our "major" networks are really that popular. In truth maybe 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year and that is about the most popular American broadcast which pales in comparison to the estimated 500 million to 1 billion people that tune in to watch EVERY single episode of Top Gear. The show is marketed in 117 countries around the world and there is no reliable way to know just how many people are watching but it is easily 500 million.

Here's a great interview with the stars of Top Gear about why the show is so popular.

I still can't watch the infamous "Alabama" episode...its just to painful to think about the fact that half a billion people saw that show has an example of what America is really like, it's shameful. Of course it's not as painful as the train wreck that is Top Gear Australia which recently finished it's first season. Man...they've got a lot of work to do on that one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm tired of the economy and politics. No good car news...the LA Auto show was a pretty boring affair. Too much work to do to's sad.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Try harder next time

The Porsche Panamera has officially been announced so now we can see it in all of it's glory. The styling of the Cayenne SUV was controversial, many called it ugly but it made up for the bad looks by being a fantastic drive. The Panamera looks okay from the front, a little worse from the back but from the side....holy shit is it ugly. This thing better be positively orgasmic to drive....

Where's my check

Run your bank into the ground, erode customer confidence so bad that your stock losses 66% of it's value in one week. Don't worry Government McMoneyBags will come to the rescue.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pop goes the bubble

Great bubble chart about the housing bubble from

Happiness is relative.

Remember the girl with the Integra and the shovel-face last week? I may have just found something to top that....the happy couple.

Oh Snap!!

A really bad sign

How desperate are Chrysler dealers? Desperate enough to give you a buy one get one free deal on brand new Dodge Ram trucks.

Stop, it hurts.

The EU has created an enormous online library of books, maps, photos and pretty much everything else for the member states. Of course they spent all that money scanning stuff but appear to have short changed on the infrastructure because the site has be overwhelmed on its debut day. Hope they get it fixed cause it sounds pretty cool.

You idiots.

Pushing Daisies was one of the most intelligently written, quirky and funny television shows ever produced. Notice the use of past tense there? Thanks for watching.


Okay, Sarah Palin and her crack team of handlers are officially the most ignorant group of people on this planet. She just participated in a disasterous Presidential campaign that would have ruined the careers of far more qualified candidates than herself and she made herself look like a complete loon on several occasions in nationaly televised interviews. After all of that she still has the complete lack of foresight to realise what an UNBELIEVABLY BAD FUCKING IDEA it was to be interviewed on television while someone is slaughtering turkeys in the background......NO SHIT!! This really happened.

Here's is the video, which I warn you is pretty graphic. The last 30 seconds is just crazy, try to listen to watch she's saying while the turkey goes through it's death throes. The "hatchet" man has this look on his face like....are they really taping this? Don't they know that I'm cutting the head off of a fucking turkey over here?

I love turkey, they taste delicious and seeing a video of one being slaughtered is not going to prevent me from feasting on its tender flesh. But that video makes me sick...the last thing that poor turkey heard was Sarah Palin talking about how much fun she was having.


Here's a longer version with her reading the full pardon to a turkey prior to the slaughtering part....what a fucking moron.

Don't blink

Check out the awesome new "Quick Kill" active protection system from the home boys at Raytheon. Just what you need for rolling in your favorite Baghdad hood.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Left field or reality?

The Chinese are a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them. China has a war chest full of cash, they own most of our government's debt and still have the most healthy economy on the planet thanks to their ridiculous trade surplus. What will happen if China's fledgling auto industry can buy itself some credibility by purchasing GM or even one of the GM brands?

That may be more scary than 12% unemployment.

Faking Photosynthesis

This MIT professor has discovered a new catalyst that will allow the cheap cracking of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Combine that with solar power and you have the makings of a very cheap and plentiful source of electricity.

Now THAT is a way to go.

These British guys really know how to off themselves. A few months ago that guy used his Aston Martin to hang himself and now this guy cuts off his own head with an electric chain saw. That is some seriously pent up anger in Britain.

Storm clouds

So Detroit is going into the shitter and the management of those companies seem to be living on another planet. But is the GLOBAL auto industry on the verge of collapse? How many weeks or months can these companies endure with slow sales...or no sales? When the Grim Reaper comes knocking for Toyota or Nissan will the Japanese Government step in?

We only have ourselves to blame for this. The UAW has brow beat the American automakers for the last two decades, they didn't care if they pushed until the situation was untenable. The management of those companies must also share the blame, they gave the UAW enough rope to hang everyone.

The unions decided long ago that all that mattered was the short term and in the process they've bankrupted their own future.

Problem is that the effects of even one of the Detroit Three failing are nearly incalculable. Most estimates are that GM's failure could result in at least 2.5 million lost jobs but it could be double or triple that number when the parts distributors start failing. All the other car makers rely on those parts... so what then? You can't sell a car that's one part short....all told it could mean another 5-8 million unemployed workers.

Now I'm jealous.

Ken Block made his money has co-founder of DC Shoes but has been known more for his daredevil side in recent years. Most of the time these rich adrenaline junkies get on my nerves but unlike a lot of the other douchebags out there...Ken Block as some serious skills. Check this shit out.

See more skate, snow, surf, and moto videos at Shred or Die

That looks like some serious fun.


Still not using Gmail? Here's another reason why you're missing out on the best webmail around.

End of an era

PC Magazine has decided that it is no longer a magazine. I guess we'll have to start calling them PC Website?

I know I personally buy about five magazines a year...usually at the airport, so it's no surprise to me. It's a dying industry.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The not so honorable

I guess Sarah Palin won't have to worry about appointing anyone to Ted Stevens Senate seat. I feel sorry for that crooked SOB.

Believe me now?

Look at this shit.....he's cutting the brake lines. It's all part of the domination is coming.

Nice lunchbox

Nissan has been selling the Cube in Japan for years...they've made it even more funky AND they've decided to sell it in the US. I think it's cool.


These Somali pirates are proving to be a real pain in the ass. How can a few dudes with RPGs and AK47s in a shitty little boat be this problematic?

Our future overlords

Feline robotic technology is advancing rapidly....soon they will strike.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WTF, Da' bears?

This can't be real.

Wrong name

A lot of people have been comparing Brack Obama to Jesus...carrying the weight of everyone's hopes and dreams. Personally, I think he's more like King Midas...everything he touches turns to gold.

Nice shoes

Check out these sweet looking prototype wheel/tires for the military. It's hard to shoot out a tire that really isn't a tire.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Reboot

The second trailer for the new Star Trek prequel/reboot has looks amazing. Funny to think that Star Trek could be an action movie when the cast isn't AARP members.


If you've never played with Google's suite of FREE applications then you don't know what you're missing. Between Google and OpenOffice I can actually say that there is NO reason for the average home user to waste their money on Microsoft Office. You're paying a fortune for features that you will never use.

Google's latest updated application is the simply amazing SketchUp. You can build crazy 3D models that would have required thousands of dollars of CAD/CAM software just a few years's sweet.

Mom, you lied.

Mom always told me that there was no such thing as pirates any more. She just didn't want to move to Somalia....liar.

Keep your faith to yourself.

What's worse than the silly hat/incense crowd calling their own congregation bad names? Personally, I think it's when the multiple wife/"messiah in a hat" religion fucks with everyone else's rights.

I think it is seriously wrong that the Mormon Church can use the power of it's organization to collect money to fund a POLITICAL campaign. They can also use the power of their organization to canvas an entire state yet somehow maintain their tax-exempt status as a Church. They wisely skirted the rule of the law but entirely violated the spirit of that law.

They deserve the bad press they are getting now, I hope every Mor(m)on that gave money to this cause gets colon cancer.

Friday, November 14, 2008


You expect everyone to protect your right to practice your goofy ass religion with it's big hats and incense yet you want to DENY others their rights? When the Catholic Church has saved all the desperate living, walking, talking children of this planet THEN they can preach to me about their beliefs regarding conception. Until then they may want to consider not demonizing their own flock and eroding their already shaky credibility.

Evade Capture

Look at what two never ending poorly managed wars have done to the military and our soldiers. It's shameful.

What's that smell?

Oh NO!!! It's a giant cloud of Apple FanBoy smugness!!!! Run for your fucking lives!

Thanks for the memories.

Oh the irony...his name is Bush so why wouldn't his gang sign be the Shocker?

Which lead me to this link of variations to the Shocker meaning.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A good day

I rate my days by the quality of craziness/creepiness I find on the is a good day. The best thing about the Internet is the sheer volume of morons out there and their varying levels of taste, or lack there of.

Take this forum post for instance by a guy that thought having his "hot" girlfriend pose with the car he's trying to sell would sweeten the deal. She looks like someone starved her for a month and then hit her in the face with a shovel.

Stop telling the horribly ugly that they are in any way attractive, it just leads to them being made fun of.

Okay, maybe not

According to this article the Volt is too important to GM to be cancelled. I guess that engine plant is just going spring forth from the ground overnight then? That engine is also scheduled to be used in the Cruze (much needed replacement for the Cobalt) WTF? Where are those engines going to come from?

Big Girls

I can't even think of anything witty to say about's that fucked up.

General Disarray II

How many people really think that throwing more than a trillion dollars into the banking industry was a better idea than spending a measly $30 million to bail out GM? Why should GM be saved? Read this.

That article is interesting for several reasons. First it states that GM has suspended all R&D spending, this all but confirms that the Volt has been mothballed if not canceled outright. Second, it would result in the direct displacement of 1,000,000 employees and countless other jobs that exist because of those jobs. That ripple would touch every corner of our entire economy.

Also, I read something scary the other day about what bankruptcy would mean for GM. General Motors has a very poor credit rating right now and a rather large amount of outstanding debt. This means that GM would not be able to declare the friendly version of bankruptcy...chapter 11 because no bank would be willing to loan the company the cash it needs to re-organize. No, GM would have to go to the dreaded chapter 7 bankruptcy which would force the company to liquidate assets in order to pay off creditors. This would basically destroy GM and would benefit NO ONE except some foreign auto makers that may be able to snap up GM assets at bargain basement prices.

Action Jesus

Maybe it's my agnostic cynicism talking but I love photo-shopped Jesus pictures. Here's Holy Taco's list with several awesome's a taste:

If you're going to hell.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Look it up in the dictionary and you should see this.

Cheap and clean

Everyone will have a cheap, clean nuclear reactor in their neighborhood. That's freaking awesome.

They will never learn

AIG has thrown themselves another ridiculously expensive junket on the the taxpayers dime. At least they were smart enough to TRY and hide it this time.

Try the Airport Ramada next time assholes.

Never pass up a good deal

I'm surprised it took this long. The only thing the average American likes better than cheap gas is a good deal on a new car. Some dealers are offering HUGE discounts on big SUVs so its no surprise that with gas under $2/gallon people are jumping on those good deals. And...the only people that can qualify for the loans right now are people with good credit so what the hell do they care about gas prices anyway.

WTF? Wow.

I guess when you're bored anything can be cool.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The most hated President since Nixon and the most hyped President since Kennedy. Bush's approval rating is so bad that he's had to bring Obama to the White House three months early to try and give the impression that something good is going on.


Yesterday was the 41st birthday of the Saturn V rocket....I say we take it out of mothballs.

Pay the boatman.

Circuit City declares Chapter 11. I cannot believe that HP extended Circuit City $119 Million in credit, talk about desperate to get your product onto shelves.

The Onion strikes again.

The Onion turns their humor towards the great OS wars.

Under the surface.

China tries to portray itself as a modern superpower both culturally and economically. They went to incredible lengths during this year's Olympics to keep all their dirty laundry hidden from the world view. For the most part the International press bought the act and bent to the Chinese will so that they could cover the The games rather than be thrown out of the country.

The truth is that while China may have the biggest and fastest growing economy but that growth is having frightening effects on the rural people of China. This is really sad shit...and it's partly our fault.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Breathe in....Breathe out

This video is funny for two reasons.

  1. If you are not smart enough to handle the simple concept of pushing pedals and turning a big circle to indicate direction then I fear for your ability to breathe autonomously.
  2. get the Russian bride but leave her Mother in Russia!

Old Woman Golf Cart Failure - Watch more free videos

Now my head hurts.

The next time some Neo-Con idiot starts spouting off about how horrible Obama is tell them to shut up and send them this story. Basically, eight years of warmongering and jesus fearing have left us lagging behind in most areas of Science and Technology. Since the GOP decided that they all had to be fundamentalist christians they can't fund science that would just continue to tug at the veil of religious dogma. How can you fund the research of billion year old geologic features on a planet your religion claims is only 6000 years old.....

Until the GOP realises that the seperation of Church and State is FUNDAMENTAL they should never be allowed back into the drivers seat. You can practice your faith all you want just stop trying to force your backward agenda on the rest of us.

Damage Control/Blame Game v 2.0

Sarah Palin's legion of cronies have gone into super overtime damage control. They are trying to save any semblance of public credibility that their media darling has left. I believe part of what they are shoveling, she can't seriously not know that Africa is a continent, but I also think she deserves to be shit on.

I think its hilarious that McCain's people are dropping a nice Hot Carl on Palin.

General Disarray

Today is not a good day to be associated with General Motors in any way. There was a lot of buildup rumors to their catastrophically bad Q3 announcement, ranging from them having to declare bankruptcy to the cancellation of the Volt project. So here's the question...who does the government save?

GM insists that they won't make it another quarter at this rate without seeking bankruptcy. Ford can probably last two or three quarters without help. Chrysler has plenty of cash so they MAY survive for quite a while in some form but their sales have taken an even bigger hit than the other two. I don't see the government helping Chrysler...AGAIN....but they may have to prop up the other two or face another 500,000 in unemployed workers.

Is the Volt going to be canceled? Maybe. GM hasn't even broke ground on the $370 million plant to build the engines yet. Unless the government kicks in the $25 billion that GM wants then the Volt will never happen....certainly not by its supposed launch date of Q3 2010.

Sixty Percent?

Where do numbers come from?

I spend far too much time on the Internet but in my digital travels I've noticed that religion is widely made fun of or looked down on by the general population of Internet users. Here's an article about and it's "anti-religion" crowd. That article claims that 60% of Americans attend Church...does that seem high to you? That would effectively mean that 6 out of every 10 people that I know attend some kind of Church....seriously? I'm sorry but that's either no where near accurate or I just hang out with a particularly godless crowd.

The problem is that when asked (polled) most people lie about going to Church because they feel guilty that they don't actually go. Then there are the "fair weather" worshippers that only go for Easter or Christmas....who are you fooling?

Around the world

Check this out. Newspaper and magazine covers from around the world featuring Obama's victory.

Morning Funnies

You are defined by your Facebook profile....changes are profound and funny.

Grow this

It appears that another biological organism as been discovered to have the amazing ability to produce diesel fuel from plain old cellulose. Commercialize this shit fast as you can.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blame Game v 1.5

Now here's a really good summation of Sarah Palin's attitude towards other people's money from Newsweek. Apparently, Palin was not authorized to spend tens of thousands of dollars on clothing. According to one aide:

An angry aide characterized the shopping spree as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast," and said the truth will eventually come out when the Republican Party audits its books.

Wonder if Sarah knew from the beginning that there was no way they could win and she just decided to milk it for all it was worth. Of course that is probably giving her undeserved credit considering she didn't know that Africa is a continent.

Blame Game v 1.0

Here comes the dirt! Now we get the really good rumors detailing the depth of Sarah Palin's idiocy. Of course Bill O'Reilly is still defender her.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That's not a good sound.

This one is for Mark. His dream was to have a pet Lynx, even if it required wearing special protective gear around your own home. By the looks of this video it is a stellar idea.

What a sweet heart.


Rest In Peace, Michael Crichton. Thanks for making dinosaurs cool again.

Don't let the door...

...hit you on the ass on the way out. So long Sarah Palin, back to the frigid North with your nutty ass.

Did you see her on stage with McCain last night during his concession speech? She walked past the lectern with this look of longing, she just wanted to saunter up to that microphone and shit all over John McCain's final moment.

I'm sure she's going to go through some serious "God Complex" withdraw without those throngs of adulating morons appearing every where she goes. Maybe they'll show up at her favorite consignment shop in


The Onion FTW!

Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President

We have a winner

Besides Barack Obama, there was another winner last night. CNN wins the award for the most pointless, yet cool, use of technology in a campaign.

Help me Obi Wan're my only hope.

Just wait, "Live via telegram" will end up being the new shit.

Wall Street WTF!

Seriously? You help run your company into the ground and then get a job helping the government fix the problem that you helped fucking cause? Talk about hypocrisy.

Feeling a little blue

I've been almost too busy this morning to really think about the implications of this election. The fact that my state, Indiana, which as been a red state since before my birth has helped to elect a Democratic President....that's just amazing.

Voting for Obama in this election has been different than any other voting experience that I've ever had. It feels more like being part of a movement and not just participating in a process of government.

There may be hope for us after all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Use the force(d to pray)

Tolerance? Forgiveness? A Christian knows not these things. Just because you can read the bible doesn't mean you're smart enough to understand the message.

Of course Atheists are the one has ever been murdered or subjugated in the name of religion.

Pick your side

Time to choose you undecided morons out there. Which is it going to be? All the free drugs, sex and surrender you can handle or eight more years of flag-waving and bible-beating?

That's awesome.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Inner Peace

In the midst of this election insanity a tiny piece of happiness as dropped into the world. Top Gear is back for it's 12th season! Not the lame Aussie Top Gear or the even lamer American Top the ORIGINAL is back. Download it, watch it.

Moron powers activate!!

Here is a fantastic photo essay response to someone's racist vandalism. (may be NSFW for graphic non-sexual images)

Oh BTW, this apparently happened in the town that I was born and raised in. I'm just overflowing with pride and the longing to return to the place of my birth. /end sarcasm

No candy for you.

I'm willing to bet that every Halloween for the next 20 years you won't be able to buy an egg or a roll of toilet paper in this town...

That crazy bitch actually has the candy stapled to McCain campaign literature....what's the voting age again? I'll bet she's one of those people that thinks celebrating Halloween is worshiping the devil.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Circuit City thy time cometh

Gizmodo is reporting that Sony has halted all product shipments to Circuit City distribution centers. It looks like Sony doesn't think that CC can pay their tab.

Comrade Palin

Sarah Palin hates socialism! She thinks that we should all be able to keep as much of our money as possible. Which is odd considering the amount of money that the people of Alaska are GIVEN as a result of the TAXES that are paid by the oil companies. Here's a quote from that article linked above.

In an interview with The New Yorker last summer Palin explained that she would make demands of a new gas pipeline "to maximize benefits for Alaskans":

"And Alaska we're set up, unlike other states in the union, where it's collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs."

Look at that statement...."collectively"...."share the wealth"....THAT"S FUCKING SOCIALISM!!!! I know what you're going to say, that money is coming from the oil companies and not from the tax dollars of other Americans so it's not really socialism. Whatever Robin Hood, I'm sure that the oil companies didn't pass those costs onto the rest of us by raising the price of gasoline.

Palin Fail

I don't know why I even bother beating this dead fucking horse...she just makes it too easy.

First of all I appreciate the difficulty that comes with raising a child with "special needs" and I don't mean to belittle that but is that really in "the public interest" as Palin claims? We are failing the needs of ALL children Governor Palin not just the "special" ones so why throw money at a small percentage of children and leave the majority to starve or miss out on an education.

Crazy bitch publicly derides a scientific study that could directly benefit children that suffer from a ailment that she supposedly champions? That's not just stupidity, that's blind, uninformed ignorance.


God dammit, I have a busy work week and I miss shit like this. David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. That sucks elephant balls....He has been by far the best Doctor yet (IMHO,sorry Tom Baker fans). This whole day has been a total clusterfuck.

If you don't care then you have horrible taste in television, go back to watching more Happy Days re-runs.

I pray for death

Any more of these videos and I'll just have to curl up in the corner and cry myself to sleep.

Blk/Blk Koenigsegg CCX tour & startup in LV!!

Your job = teh sux

I've always read the stories about how working for Google is like working for Willy Wonka. I think Pixar may have Google beat...look at this shit.


Here's a awesome comparison.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tour Guide

Check out this video...looks like a fun place.


Gauge my interest

Now this is the kind of thing that would make actually consider buying a Ford. It's taken far to long for the American manufacturers to turn to this kind of technology.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


NASA is rapidly loosing it's way. They relied on the Space Shuttle for so long that they have lost their ability to design and innovate their way out of a problem. The replacement for the Shuttle and the future of NASA itself is hanging on the Ares project...which looks like a real piece of shit at this point.

This begs the question, why not just dust off the blueprints for the Saturn V? Thirty years ago NASA engineers using slide rules and black coffee built a rocket that was reliable AND capable of taking us to the moon. Apparently all of the advancements in material science, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, avionics and simulation technology has made it HARDER for NASA to meet it's design goals.

Arms Race

You can keep your pussy car alarm. And if you think your shotgun tied to the door handle is hardcore then you need to check this shit out.

Tesla Anti-Theft Device.

Happy Trails

Senator Ted Stevens, as guilty as he is stupid. Looks like his career is going down a series of tubes.

Here comes the edge

Now this is some scary shit! Volvo has announced that their heavy trucks division has lost 99.7% of it's business compared to last year. That is simply amazing......

From the outside

Here's a great article about the Republican party from the UK perspective. Can the GOP leadership be that stupid? Do they really think that if they make Sarah Palin the new face of an ultra-right neo-con party that they can draw more people to their cause? That gamble will only pay off if Obama's first term is a dismal failure otherwise they will just further marginalize themselves.

Maybe John McCain can walk away from this election and say that the GOP has lost it's way and successfully start a third party. I think it may be the first time that a third party could actually stand a chance of surviving because their are a lot of right-leaning people that are turned off by the Bush/Palin direction the GOP has taken.

A New Hope?

This story made me proud of my home state. Of course, Hobart is part of "the region" which is the term used to describe the part of Indiana surrounding Chicago. This part of the state is generally more indicative of Chicago mentalities rather than the rest of Indiana but...that's still an impressive act of selflessness. NO ONE works in a call center unless they HAVE to so you can be sure that those people could really use the money. I bet the $150,000 the GOP dropped on Palin's wardrobe could have payed all those people's salary for an entire week.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Do you believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old? Do you believe that a great flood wiped out all signs of animal life on this planet save the ones that were put on a big boat by one man and that all of the species of animals on the Earth descended from those animals? And by descended I mean in the parent/child sense not in a evolutionary way cause that's just crazy talk.

If so then, a) you are a moron and b) Sarah Palin is your kind of politician.*

* If you do believe those things would you please not breed...thanks ever so much, it will make the world a better place if you were to take yourself out of the gene pool. Wait, I guess you don't believe in that either....shit.

You never listen to me!!!!

Thanks a lot bitches! First all of you unimaginative zombie assholes never watched BSG so that got fucking canceled. Now, my favorite source for informative and entertaining "television" has had to make cutbacks. The Revision3 network has had to layoff a number of its staff and cancel some of its great shows...shows that I watch every week. All because of you average non-internet addicted people.

Go ahead and keep sucking the teet that is traditional broadcast television you ignorant fools!!! How many Saved By the Bell re-runs is enough? Cancel your cable, explore the internet and find something original and creative for fuck's sake!!

Team Player

It's pretty clear now that even John McCain's own campaign managers underestimated Sarah Palin's nerve and/or outright stupidity. Choosing her may have "energized his base" of plumbers and overweight soccer/hockey/karate/bukaki moms but at the cost of alienating the far larger moderate/independent voters.

Palin is doing Machiavelli proud by ignoring the recommendations of the people that she is supposedly reliant on for a job. Her ambitions are pretty much naked now and it's clear that she is playing for HER future and doesn't give a shit that shes screwing over McCain. Not that I feel sorry for him at this point...he should have known better but he's been blinded by his own all-consuming desire to be President.

Here's Sarah Palin's dream scenario fueled by her narcissistic nature and the throngs of the unwashed that come to worship her.
  1. Build as much popularity now as possible, distance herself from McCain as much as possible. By appearing to disagree with him she can later "wash" herself of blame for costing McCain his chance at getting elected.
  2. Go back to Alaska and do as many "friendly" interviews as possible to keep focus on her while she arranges to take Ted Stevens's Senate seat after he gets shit canned for being an unethical bastard.
  3. Return to Washington expecting to be welcomed by the GOP as the next "heir apparent" and begin a protracted candidacy for the President similiar to what Obama did over the last two years.
  4. Run in 2012 and defeat Obama.
That is her dream world. Here's the reality.
  1. She actually thinks she can screw McCain over and come away undamaged. McCain still has a lot of friends, enough to make Palin's career very short and even more meaningless.
  2. She COULD get that Senate seat but there are a lot of people in Alaska that are less than thrilled with her performance as Governor since she became the VP candidate.
  3. No way. The GOP isn't going to do her any favors, especially if she keeps on going off message during this campaign. And she's no where near smart enough to pull off what Obama has over the last two years. Ambition and good looks will only get you so far.
  4. Only if the GOP is insane and Obama fucks up REALLY bad.


Sure they're cute but that's how they trick you!

Holy crap!

Check out these pictures from Obama's recent rally in Denver. It's unbelievable that he can draw that kind of crowd.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A cry for help

Some people need more help than others.

Whatever Comcast

Comcast is talking loudly about their push to implement the DOCSIS 3.0 standard for the cable modem network. This will give them a proposed 50Mbps at the highest tier in an attempt to compete with Verizon's FIOS. Problem is that Comcast is going to charge you $149/month for that service and they are still forcing the 250GB/month data cap on you.

There are three big problems with this:
  1. Comcast as already oversold their existing Docsis 2.X network to where it can barely deliver it's advertised performance. Can you imagine what throwing connections that are five times faster into the mix is going to do?
  2. At 50Mbps you could eat up your entire monthly data cap of 250GB in just 22 days....
  3. Where is all this bandwidth coming from? I thought they were already at the bandwidth limits of what their mostly copper networks could handle. How are they going to offer 100 channels of HD television AND 50Mbps data? Something's not right there.

That's hot

Talk about making a classic better...this thing is sweet.

Apparently stuffing V8's into old Datsuns is pretty popular these days. Combine those looks with this power.....mmmmmm.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Man, computer graphics are getting scary as hell.

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more free videos

Is that creepy or what?

Funny man

I didn't realize that Larry David wrote for the Huffington Post. He's funny as usual with his commentary on the election.


This is a pretty stunning demo of up and coming technology. There's no doubt that touchscreen computing is finally starting to come of age and it's going to fundamentally change how we interact with computers.

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.


This is quite possibly the coolest thing that I have ever seen. I have found my Mecca.

Non intelligent design.

Here's a interesting article (to me at least) about how Creationists are attacking neuroscience. Supporters of the "Intelligent Design" theory want to find a way to promote their idea that the mind and the brain are separate things. Basically, they are trying to discredit the Theory of Evolution by stating that the loose collection of tissue we call a brain is not capable of becoming a "soul" without the intervention of a Creator.

Just remember these are the same people that burned "witches" for centuries, excommunicated people who proclaimed the world wasn't flat and refused to believe that the sun didn't revolve around the Earth.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


People like this are why I claim no religious affiliation. If I were a Christian and actually BELIEVED and UNDERSTOOD the tenets of the Bible then this woman would make me foam at the mouth. So much for tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.

I wish she'd just admit the real reason she won't vote for him. Go ahead and hide behind your religion, it doesn't make you sound any smarter.

So funny it hurts

This is one of the best Stephen Colbert bits I've seen in a long time. Absolutely priceless.

The hits keep on coming

What is the GOP "base" these days? Even if the rich of this country hold most of the money and power there is still the great equalizer that is our election system. That means that the majority of the GOP base that is voting may be old and white but they are certainly not rich. At least they're not rich enough to spend $150,000 in two short months on clothing and make-up.

That's right, the McCain campaign has spent that much money on the Palin family in just two months. Worst of all, McCain's campaign is relying on public funding so you have to wonder did this money come from the GOP coffers or from the Federally provided funds? I'm glad that I could help clothe a family in such need with my tax dollars....

Better yet, you think all the "Joe Sixpack Plumbers" out there donated money to the GOP so that Sarah Palin could run around in a pair of $750 heels? Hey Joe....that's a lot of lap dances.

Her own reality

Sarah Palin still has no idea about what the Vice President actually does. Well at least that's how it appears if you actually read The Constitution...or more importantly believe in The Constitution.

Perhaps there's a reason for this lack of understanding. You see Palin has spent the last few weeks being reprogrammed by the GOP Gestapo. These guys believe in Dick Cheney's definition of the VP's job roles. If there's one thing that Dick Cheney has no time for, it's The Constitution.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not for the faint of heart

Don't look at this link, it brought tear to me eye....scrape......The skill of the driver is in now way related to the size of his wallet.


Back in college I had a buddy that came back from his summer on the East Coast raving about this new drink that was sweeping the Jersey Shore. Now I was a young, naive Midwesterner and was intrigued by this new crystal clear beverage that he was raving about (and I didn't yet know what a black hole of taste the Jersey Shore really was). Of course we tried it and it tasted like goat piss, leading to him being ridiculed for years.

Somehow, Zima found a way to survive in the market place (sorostitutes) until now. Good bye Zima, you won't be missed. I guess all those whores will have to drink zomething different.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Paint it black!

Electronics retailers (or retailers in general) are getting desperate for sales. Just like the stock market, a bad economy is the best time to buy! Here are some awesomely great deals that you can get RIGHT NOW!!!

My favorites are:

The Sandisk Sansa 6GB for $39. I've got one of these and if you are looking for a dirt cheap, super reliable MP3 player that has FANTASTIC battery life then this is the one for you. For that price its practically disposable.

Garmin Nuvi 650 for $199. Great deal.

Have a look

If you missed last night's Family Guy you may want to have a watch. Not only is it funny for it's mockery of movies like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future but it features a now highly controversial scene.


They just don't get it

I don't think the Ultra Conservatives get it yet. All the neo-con talking heads are all bitching about Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama today. Unsurprisingly, they have all started hitting Powell with accusations of endorsing Obama simply because he's black.

They just don't seem to understand that someone like Powell could possibly make an intelligent and informed decision about who he thinks would make a better President. After all he was only the Secretary of State, what could he possibly know.

Uh oh.

When hobbies collide.

Keep an out

Coming soon to a Circuit City near you, big sale! No word on which stores are going to be closing but keep an eye out...there should be some great deals at which ever stores end up getting cut.

Tear drops

Some where in Bavaria a Porsche 911 is just can't understand why Mommy and Daddy don't love it anymore.


Colin Powell just bitch slapped the Republican Party, possibly even a pimp slap. Here's a guy that was lauded by BOTH Bush administrations and whose name was even once whispered about possibly being the first black Presidential Candidate for the GOP. He was George W. Bush's Secretary of State until 2005 for fuck's sake! Now he's shown his distaste for the state of the GOP by backing the Democratic candidate....Barack Obama.

I guess Powell has finally got his revenge for getting screwed over by Bush and Cheney over the war in Iraq. Powell has said that the things he was asked to do in justifying that war were a "blot" on his career. He is a man that is above reproach and I hope that Obama has a cabinet post for him...perhaps his old job with a new President?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ice, Ice, baby.

Check out these videos of Greenland's glaciers melting's crazy.

Not really ironic

I always thought that the name Tesla Motors was very well chosen given the amazing electrical discoveries of the company's namesake, Nikola Tesla. To this day there are claims that some of Tesla's greatest discoveries were classified by the U.S. Government and have never been open to the public eye.

The other aspect of Nikola Tesla's life was crushing failure both publicly and financially. It appears that Tesla Motors may be following in those foot steps as well...It's sad to see but giving the turn that the world economy is taking it's probably inevitable.

Fear and ignorance

Last night John McCain made up his botched appearance on Letterman. Personally, I think Dave went way too soft on him and I wish Dave would have called in "sick" and had someone host his show. Anyway, McCain had this to say about his one dimensional running mate, "She has inspired Americans. That's the thing we need."

Here's a few interviews of the fine average Americans that are inspired by Sarah Palin. (NSFW if you work with intelligent people, where are your damn headphones?)

Makes you proud to be an American.... If you are at all considering voting for John McCain just remember that by voting for McCain/Palin you are giving these people a voice and validating their ridiculous, antiquated views on race and religion.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We'll do it live!!

Nice prank!

Measure the coffin

The town in which I was born and raised is a factory town. The owners of those factories and the area's single largest employer; Chrysler. The consequences of a failure of Chrysler would be beyond comprehension, most likely reducing that city to a ghost town in a matter of months.

Months ago I put Chrysler on deathwatch due to their horrible market position and stale line up. A few weeks back I removed Chrysler from the deathwatch because it seemed as if there was the glimmer of beating Chevy's Volt to market with a NEV/EV of their own. The recent rumors of a GM-Chrysler "merger" have again changed my opinion and I now believe that Chrysler will cease to exist by the end of 2009. There will be no "merger" because there are only four things about Chrysler that GM cares about.
  1. Superior Minivan product. GM will just rebrand the Chrysler vans and trash their existing crappy vans.
  2. The Jeep brand. GM tried to create their own version of Jeep with Hummer....that went well.
  3. The $11 billion in cash that Chrysler is sitting on will help GM try to reverse their current financial problems or at least keep them afloat for a few months.
  4. Getting rid of 1.5 million units of competitor products. The only people left buying Chrysler cars are American brand loyalists that are likely to end up buying a GM product rather than running to Toyota or Honda. Ford will probably benefit from this as well.
I disagree with Jalopnik's article in one way. The Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth brand names will not die because GM will sell them to the Chinese or Koreans. Or they will buy more Daewoos and rebrand them like they do with the Aveo.


John McCain and his staff failed miserably at vetting their Vice Presidential choice, they ended up with a crazy idiot with a graveyard in her closet. It should come as no surprise then that McCain and his staff can't even properly vet someone that they are making the centerpiece of a debate.

McCain repeatedly referenced Joe Wurzelbacher as "Joe the Plumber" in his arguments against Obama's proposed health and tax plans. It appears that Mr. Wurzelbacher is not legally licensed to be a plumber in his home state of Ohio.....oops. I guess "Joe the guy who fixes toilets without a plumbing contractors' license" doesn't really have the same ring to it. Wouldn't it be fitting if McCain's focus on this guy ended up getting him in trouble for doing plumbing work without a license?

And with regards to Mr.
Wurzelbacher's views on taxation, if you're making $250,000 a year and can't hire an accountant to help you find an extra $7500 a year in legal tax exemptions then you've got no business running your own business. That's all the deductions you'd need to help offset the measly 3% extra that Obama wants to charge you. Maybe you could just tie some $100 bills to the bumper of your fucking least then the fastest kids in the ghetto could have a chance at some kind of education/lunch.


There's a great new term being used in the movie business, reboot the franchise. Basically it means that you take a tired and possibly stale property with a fantastic premise and give it a fresh new face and a new start. It's not really a new idea, the makers of the James Bond series have done it four or five times in the last 30 years, but it is starting to get popular in the genre of Science Fiction. The problem is that diehard SF fans are a tough crowd to please but with the recent successes of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies the SF fanboys are beginning to see the light.

The forthcoming "reboot" of the original Star Trek
series is looking extremely promising...the casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock is nothing short of amazing, IMHO. Talk about a movie/tv property with legions of rabid fans....if he screws this up J.J. Abrams will be washing cars for a living.

Which would you rather have? A well written, directed and cast "reboot" of an awesome movie property or another lame money grab sequel like the last Indiana Jones movie.....


I've given myself a few hours to stew over last night's debate. I even refrained from watching the post-debate "analysis" so I wouldn't taint my own opinions about each candidates performance.

I'm sorry Senator McCain but you just come across as mad and/or mean. Personally, this moment is my favorite from all of this year's debates.

That look, that's either blind anger because he thinks Obama is lying OR he's dumbfounded because he has no understanding of his opponent's position. Either way, that look will end up defining the failure of John McCain's campaign.

Then there is the anger that McCain showed, which probably wouldn't have been as evident if Obama hadn't been so cool and collected. But Obama's demeanor just put a huge focus on McCain's infantile responses, gestures and creepy mannerisms.

Sorry Senator, George Bush stole your one and only chance back in 2000.
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