Sunday, August 31, 2008

One hot car

Check out this Jalopnik story about a California man that crashed his $200,000 Lamborghini into a parking garage. Details are sketchy but the smoking remains of the once beautiful supercar are shown being dragged onto a tow truck. Oh, yeah in addition to torching the Lambo he managed to take himself out of the game as well. So at least he qualifies for a Darwin Award.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy bitches

Here's a great (lol) summation of McCain's VP choice. I love the idea that supporters of Hillary Clinton will throw their support behind this "team" just because Palin is a woman. Nevermind the fact that about the only thing she has in common with Hillary Clinton is a vagina.

I read another interesting point of view. McCain is old and his health has been questioned in recent years so its at least more likely than usual that Palin could end up President without technically being elected....think about that for a while.

Instant Art

This is awesome, the Mona Lisa in less than a second.

LOL Thread Hijacking

This is funny.....hijacked thread.

So this.....un-Photoshop

Desperate move?

Senator McCain has chose his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. Do you hear crickets?? Although she does have that hot librarian look going for her....and she should be popular with the PETA crowd.

So there are two schools of thought about this.

  1. McCain is pandering to all the disenchanted women out there that can't vote for their precious Hillary because the Democratic Party is full of male chauvinist pigs. He needs those Democratic "swing" votes to make up for all the Republicans that are disenchanted because of Bush's reign of terror and are voting Democrat.
  2. Every other Republican out there knows that McCain has little chance of beating the Obama/Biden ticket and no one else is willing to commit career suicide by running for the loosing team.
At least McCain can't harp on Obama's experience any more, Palin makes Obama look like Jimmy Carter. Of course either way history will be made with this election, we're either getting our first woman VP or our first African American President.

Apocalypse Now.

Well it's finally happened. Comcast has announced that caps on broadband data usage will go into effect for all of its users starting October 1st. Most media outlets aren't really paying attention to this and a lot of the comments I'm seeing are saying that 250gb/month is fair and that only people that "abuse" their internet connection should be worried. Go ahead and believe whatever you want there sunshine but this is the worst possible thing that could happen to the Internet and the entire industry built around it.

Do you seriously think that Comcast will leave that cap at 250gb? The next time they grossly oversell their service and don't want to cough up the cash to expand they'll just lower the cap again. And don't forget that this means you are getting LESS service from Comcast with this change with NO REDUCTION in the cost for that service.

Every other ISP will follow Comcast's lead and institute these caps now so EVERYONE will eventually be effected by this.

I guess I'll have to switch to Verizon DSL but that feels like offering to suck Mussolini's cock so I don't have to be fucked in the ass by Hitler.


Cats are very persistent, especially when it comes to food or things that make annoying noises.


Holy shit Dita von Teese is hot! This whole revival of the 40's burlesque/pin-up look is awesome.


There is no doubt that Barack Obama spoke very passionately at the DNC last night. I was very impressed at his delivery but some of the content of the speech left me worried. The biggest concern I have is about his pledge to free us from "Middle Eastern oil" in just 10 years. Most of the pundits are using the term "foreign oil" which isn't what he said and there is a BIG difference.

We get a lot of oil from the Middle East but we already import more from Canada than any other single country. Sure Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait combine to provide more oil than we get from the Canadians but those are our only "Middle Eastern" oil sources and represents about 21% of our total imported oil. Increasing average fuel economy of the cars on our roads by just 25% would be nearly enough to meet Obama's promise. Got to love his mastery of semantics but expect him to get pounded for the whole foreign oil vs. "middle east oil".

My first thought was the only way we're going to achieve that is by going electric. We're going to have to replace a significant amount of cars on the road with hybrids and pure electrics. But with all those electric cars will come a need to power them which means more power plants. He covered the gamut in his speech; mentioning solar, wind, clean coal, domestic natural gas and the dreaded nuclear. It's the mention of nuclear that really interested me because I've always thought that we should recommit ourselves to Nuclear power... We'll see which the Greenies think is the lesser evil, air polluting cars or planet killing nuclear power plants

Crazy Time

Just ten years ago people would have laughed in your face if you tried to convince them that Volkswagen would outsell Ford for any period of time. No one's laughing now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Russian Keebler Elf

It looks like Putin as finally gone completely mental with his latest round of bullshit. Don't get me wrong, we've certainly pissed of the Russians by giving the Georgians fun military toys and emboldened them by offering the NATO invite. But the idea that we've got "people on the ground" is almost as hilarious as thinking that Bush and his people would have the brains to try something like this.

Looks like Putin has finally become the man he always wanted to be....Stalin.

The big question is this: Obviously no one in the West gives a shit about Georgia, mostly due to it's location, but what happens when Ukraine actually get accepted into NATO? Will the Russians react like they have in Georgia?

A sad day

Very sad story on about the final death of Bell Labs. Corporate-sponsored research labs like Bell, Hewlett Packard and Xerox's "PARC" facility contributed massive numbers of innovations that we take for granted everyday.

Where would we be now if the current mindset of penny-pinching, MBA carrying ass hats had ruled the day in the 50's and 60's? Back in the stone age, that's where we'd be.....fucking glorified accountants.

Yet another side effect of publicly held companies run by investors that are only concerned with the balance sheets and profit margins.

I'd say don't worry, Universities will fill the gap by championing the cause of "pure" research. Unfortunately most Universities are now run by the same vacant suits that care more about bilking their Alumni to fund sports programs so they can make even more money off of selling the TV Rights.

My head hurts

I've had a headache for nearly 13 hours now and the only person that I can blame is Bill Clinton. I watched his speech at the DNC last night and was struck by something odd that made my head hurt. I never cared for him while he was President and I still will openly question some of his policies but listening to him makes you realize what a total moron George W. Bush really is. Clinton's speech was impressive and his glowing endorsement of Joe Biden made me wonder if maybe he wasn't the man that Hillary had earmarked for her VP spot.

Of course to be fair, Bill Clinton was at least partly at fault for the Republicans taking back the White House. His actions eroded the Democratic Party that he dominated so completely that no one could step out of his shadow, especially Mr. Personality (aka Al Gore).


This is some crazy weird shit.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die


Disclaimer: I work for a drug research company. DRUGS ARE AWESOME!! TAKE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

Seriously, some of these new drugs in development are simply amazing.

At some point though you have to realize that by cheating death in so many ways we are setting ourselves up for Gaia's Revenge. As George Carlin said, "the Earth is going to shake us of like a bad case of the fleas."

Fear me!

Another hilarious comedy/science round-up from

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going once....

Is the Cerberus garage sale starting already?

Chrysler to sell off "Viper" name?


Check out this hilarious Daily Show bit making fun of Hillary's whining little bitches, er... I mean disgruntled supporters.

There's a part of me that hopes McCain wins just so that we can all pile even more blame on Hillary Clinton for fucking things up for everyone. Just because she knows that she'll never be able to run again because in 4-8 years she'll look like a leather handbag and everyone will be (more) repulsed by her mere appearance.

If I have to hear one more of these vacant-eyed, vacuous soccer moms bitching about the glass ceiling I'm gonna set something on fire. Lady, CNN isn't educational programming and all you are proving is that you bought into Hillary's bullshit agenda.

Choke a bitch

This was the first news story I read this's awesome. Make sure you read it carefully because this is some bizarre shit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Man made lightning

Traditional ballistic artillery and mortars may be a thing of the past thanks to C-RAM. The Navy has fielded a similar anti missile defense system know as CIWS for years. Basically the system is consists of an extremely precise radar that can identify the trajectory of incoming mortar or artillery shells and direct a 20MM Gatling gun to fire 4000 rounds per minute of air fused shells. The whole system fits on a semi trailer and retails for the low price of $15 million (your first 12,000 rounds of ammo are free:).

That sounds great and all but you've got to see AND hear this thing in action!

NSFW Below

German Engineering

This video has been around for a while but I saw it reposted today. See that black Audi TT,the one getting sandwiched between an 18 wheeler and a huge tour bus? The guy driving it walked away nearly untouched! Freaking amazing, I'll try to find the write-up about it.

Link may be NSFW.

See you there soon

Watch this so we can all go to hell together..... - Watch more free videos

I'll take hell

Can I buy an apostrophe?

What planet is this?

Last night I did something that I never thought I would ever do. I feel a little dirty for doing it but I firmly believe that I was forced to this unfortunate end by eight years of The Junior Bush.

I watched the Democratic National Convention appears that it was Ladies Night at the DNC or something. First of all Nancy Pelosi makes me want to vomit, not sure why but I just don't like her. Second, Michelle Obama was impressive. It's amazing to see someone that is clearly a natural and passionate speaker move a crowd like that.

Of course here's Hillary Clinton to look forward as tonight's speaker. It will be worth a watch just to see her officially throw in the towel, I hope they remember to fill the tear duct reservoir of her android skull so that she can "cry".

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Dear Zombie Jesus

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chance encounter

Jumping out of an airplane looks like a lot of fun to me, of course I'm crazy. When jumping from 14,000 feet you're going to get around a minute of freefall before you need to think about pulling that handle. During that minute, it's just you falling through the endless sky....or is it?

Talk about dumb fucking luck! If he hadn't pulled when he did.....what are the odds of that?

There is no Shangri La

For years Google has been dominate in the Internet Search and Applications field. Working for Google was likened to being employed by the gods because of the lavish benefits that the company bestowed on their employees. Large, open work spaces and public areas. Exercise, fitness and sports facilities. But most of all was the limitless, high quality (even gourmet) food that was served to Googlers at no cost.

It appears that Google as finally started to shed some of these hugely expensive employee "perks" in the interest of saving money. There is virtually no way that Google can continue to grow as they have for the last few years, they have expanded into nearly every space. They may have missed the boat on mobile platforms since Apple got such a huge jump on them with the iPhone. They've got a rougher road ahead of them.

Welcome to Google the Corporation, goodbye Google the Idea.

Better late than never

I know this is old news by now but, Joe Biden? Really? I don't have anything against the guy but he's kind of a career "back seater". I guess its better than Evan Bayh, whom as always given me a creepy "I'll fuck you and leave you in the woods" vibe....and I'm from his home state...

I am so smrt

More than you ever wanted to know about Quantum Mechanics.

Only human

Despite what some Britons would have you believe, David Beckham is only human and some amazing superman. Here's the proof.

That must of been a quiet ride home.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Haircuts for groundhogs

This guys balls had to be dragging in the sand.


Here is one bright spot of irony in the Russia-Georgia conflict. The Russians are using SU-25 "Frogfoot" bombers to bomb the very factory that manufactured those bombers. The factory happens to reside in the Georgian capitol of Tblisi.

The best part of the story is that the Russians are trying to implicate the Ukrainians by saying they provided Georgia more advanced anti-air missiles. The Russains seem to think that their 30 year old "Backfire" bombers shouldn't be so easy to shoot down. Considering that they have been trying to export those since 1992 and had NO takers (even the Chinese) it's more likely the poor thing just gave up. They're fast and have good range but that's all they've got going for them.

No Step

Air planes are covered in super sensitive electronic devices that allow the plane to fly safely. Air planes are NOT to be used as jungle gyms by over zealous rent-a-cops.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Organ donor.

Watch this crazy shit.

I can't believe the idiot on the bike survived that crash, he should have had a Ford emblem where is head had been.

It's all relative

Here's some perspective for you. The brothers of our current President include a Governor and a couple of douchebag businessman that have lived lives of relative comfort. John McCain's brother wisely invested family money and thus enjoyed a "varied" career in numerous fields. Former Presidents Clinton and Carter had lovable losers as brothers that seemed to like getting drunk more than anything else.

Barack Obama has a crazy family tree that results from his father's return to Africa. Because of that fracture, Obama has several "half" siblings that still reside in varying conditions within Continental Africa. Here's a story about his "lost" half brother that lives in a 3' x 6' shanty in Kenya.....yeah, a shanty.

Unlimited knowledge

The breadth of the Internet never ceases to amaze me. It is becoming almost laughable that you can search for something on Google and in seconds you can have an answer that is most likely correct. Of course with that wealth of information comes a significant amount of oddity. Take The Camel Toe Report, a site dedicated to sightings of Camel Toe on television. Hilarious.


So the Iranians seem to think that they will send a man into space within the next ten years. Of course they didn't say whether they were going to return that man or just leave him out there.

Maybe they can just do a photoshop it.

Of course maybe they're just going to wait until 2010 and send someone up on Virgin

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Does anyone else find it totally lame that we are going to replace the Space Shuttle with a Capsule-based system? Hello, 1972 called and they want their space program back. At least the new Orion system is producing spectacularly entertaining failures for us to watch.

IMHO, one giant step backward for NASA.

How did I miss this?

Apparently there was some enormous mushroom cloud producing propane explosion in Toronto a couple of weeks back. Here's the news story.

Here's what happens when a rail road tanker full of 60,000 gallons of LPG goes up.

Toronto Propane Explosion on

More Videos here.

Illegal U-Turn

This probably didn't hurt for very long.

Crash and burn on

Die trying.

Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, made $150 million dollars over the last 12 months. Go ahead and think about that for a minute. Not bad for a guy that was selling crack by age 12 and survived nine close range gunshot wounds.

I guess he's not going to have to do anymore Bat Mitzvah gigs at a paltry $500,000 a pop. He should change is name to "$1" now.


Check out this hilarious Holy Taco article about "The Ultimate Shitty Quarterback". Fucking priceless.

Trailer time

Trailer for De Niro and Pacino's new movie, looks good. NSFW

Raccoon Willie

This may be the funniest video I've seen all year....cupcakes anyone?

- Watch more free videos

Kite surfing + Tropical Storm winds = extreme pain.

- Watch more free videos

It seems like these European Truck-Crane operators are always breaking shit.

- Watch more free videos

That's crazy

The Burj Dubai skyscraper is nearly complete. Check out some of these pictures, talk about awestruck.

Serious journalism

Thanks CNN for your tireless dedication to the news. To bad that the usually have to fill 23 hours and 47 minutes a day with total bullshit....or dog balls.

You're cool....not!

The media sensation of the moment is fishboy Michael Phelps. In the span of a week he's gone from near zero to hero....but is he a douchebag? Looks pretty sketchy to me, apparently some of his fellow Olympians are less than impressed as well. Personally, I don't give a shit as long as he keeps on raking in the medals.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stay away from my Internet

Do I really need another reason to NOT vote for McCain?


Fire Bad!

Having a fire may be safer than this overzealous foam system.


Talk about creepy, I'm surprised it's taken this long for this to be found. What are the odds of that?

Tin Pot Dictators

Here's what happens when you take away too many individual rights and give someone unreasonable authority. This story highlights the number one reason that I just don't think I can vote for John McCain, he will do nothing to give back the rights that the Bush Administration has taken away.

At least Obama may TRY to give back some of our dignity. Home of the Free my ass.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reality DOES rock after all

Okay, so my midget fight club vs. lion story was bogus but that doesn't mean that a respected news service like the BBC can't have a little fun once in a while. Like this little gem:

Inflatable faeces raises a stink

Gloss it over

The "major" media and our Government are claiming that this little "war" in Georgia has been started by Russian Aggression. Here's a little Fox News interview with a 12 year girl that was in Ossetia when the fighting started. It appears that the anchor (more likely his producer shouting in his ear) does not want to hear what the little girl and her aunt have to say. Of course everyone is biased so who knows which is the truth.

Reality Rocks

You can't make this shit up. Look at this headline and read the associated story.

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

I would pay any amount of money to see a video of that.

UPDATE: BOOOO! Apparently this one is a hoax. I guess you CAN make shit like that up.

Be the best!

Here's a fantastic example of first class parenting. Way to go on researching whether or not you can ACTUALLY make a living doing something before you let your child drop out of school to do that thing.

What's next? We let our six year old skip out on elementary school to pursue a lucrative career in shitting himself.

Not so good

Get ready for a whole new Pakistan. Musharraf cost himself his job by trying to cozy up with the United States, which benefited us tremendously in our "War on Terror". However, it fostered huge resentment within Pakistan towards Musharraf and the US. We may as well pull out of Afghanistan now because an uncooperative Pakistani government with make controlling the Taliban all but impossible.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tisk tisk

Great story on about gruesome death sports from SCIFI movies. There are some great ones on the list (Death Race FTW) but there were some that they forgot.

  • The Running Man - Seriously? How could you forget this? QUIVERING BLOODY SUSHI!!
  • Robocop - Climbing for dollars, enough said.
  • Anything to do with Klingons. Their entire existence is a giant blood sport.
Fucking Pod Racers? Stop blowing Lucas....he jumped the shark man.

Cry baby.

I'll give you something to cry about.

Tough as nails

This reporter is one tough lady. She gets shot on live TV and still finishes the piece. Good thing the sniper was either a bad shot or didn't really want to kill her.

Unleash the power.

The Large Hadron Collider is about to tear the fabric of space and time. This article discusses some of the safety precautions they have taken to ensure that the stream of protons screaming around the 27km "racetrack" at .99 the speed of light doesn't break the magnetic confines of the collider. Here's my favorite bit:

In experiments, researchers found that an 86-microsecond exposure of the beam would bore a hole 40 meters into a block of copper.

Holy shit! All you need is a large spinning mirror and you could vaporize a human target from space.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mind, blown.

Humor + science = Blown Mind. The guys at Cracked take a shot at five monumental theories of science. Of course you could just read your bible and get all the answers there instead...

Narrow minded

I thought that, being a college drop-out, I would agree with the content of this article. The author puts forth that the value of a college BA is auspicious at best and that we would be better off having a certification-based system like CPAs. While that move prove that you have "core competency" in your chosen field it ignores the fact that without a college education most people would not be able to write their own name using proper grammar. You may think that Microsoft Office has you covered on spelling and grammar these days but you can still easily sound like a total moron. Seriously, our system of public education is hopelessly inadequate in preparing people for the workplace. In the past I have dealt with people that were good at their jobs but they could barely speak three sentences without sounding like they just stepped out of a trailer park. I know what you're thinking, giving the state of this blog I'm in no position to criticize anyone's grammar. Fuck you, I do these posts in five minutes and they're not being graded or read by the people that give me a paycheck.

And don't get me started on how little people know about computers, these days if you need anything for a job it is a SERIOUS understanding of computers. If you want to work in a building with carpets and windows then you need to know that Dell is not a version of Windows.

Leopard vs. Crocodile

Om nom nom nom......don't mess with the big cat. Mother Nature rocks!!

That has to hurt

Did you know you can dislocate your elbow? I didn't but now I've seen the pictures to prove it can be done. Not for the weak stomached.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prepare to meet your doom.....

So first the bees and now the frogs are disappearing. Pretty soon its just going to be us (humans,smoking monkeys), genetically engineered cows and a shit load of insects.

Oh well, Cock Rocket time (nsfw).

Little China girl....

Just you shut your mouth.....shhhhhhhhhh.

Seriously, do they think slapping some eye shadow and lipstick on a 14 year old is going to make her pass for 16? It really was funny seeing those children standing next to the American made them look like amazons. I read somewhere that one of those Chinese girls only weighs 68 pounds.....that's insane.

Oh BTW, Alicia Sacramone is hot!!

Take that World!

Check out this hilarious map. Next time you hear someone cry about how America is influencing the rest of the world you can show them this and tell them to suck it.

The truth hurts.

Not Always Right is a brilliant site where people that work in "customer service" jobs get to send in their stories about how the customer is often wrong and usually a complete moron. A small part of me wishes that these stories were made up because some of them make me want to build a rocket and go to a different planet.

Anyway, it's a hilarious site that will suck you in for hours.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks for that.

I'd like to thank this guy for having a sense of humor.


These videos from the BBC are simply amazing. They are from a special called Britain From Above that recently aired. And who ever said that statistical analysis and cartography wasn't cool?

Are you still talking?

Will the Clintons ever fuck off? I mean seriously, the only person that needs to go through a "catharsis" is you Senator Clinton, most of us have moved on just fine without you. She always said that being first lady and watching Bill gave her a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience...she sure has got his air of superiority and self importance nailed.

Obviously this whole gaff about the convention is because she knows that Obama has made his VP choice....and it's not her.....WAHHHHH!!!!

Too much free time.

There are a lot of people that say using a "offensive" word makes it more powerful or draws attention to it. There are others that think using a word or "owning" that word takes away its power and makes it nothing special. I say, ITS A FUCKING WORD! You need to relax and find something better to do with your free time asshat. These people are all up in arms about a movie using the word retard in a negative way to make fun of someone for being stupid.

I think they need to watch some of that Palestinian Kids Show with the suicide bomber bunny. Maybe that would put things into perspective for them.

How the mighty have fallen.

Just four years ago AMD was at the height of its power and influence. The Athlon 64 family of processors were cheaper and faster than anything that Intel was shipping at the time. AMD was even making inroads into the lucrative laptop market which had always been Intel's personal playground. Fast forward today and AMD is in big, big trouble. They failed to innovate their CPU lines, completed an ill-advised merger with ATI and now they are considering selling off their fabrication plants.

Few people realize just what AMD has done for the computer industry. By forcing Intel into a price war with the original Athlon they helped to lower the prices on nearly every computer sold. Then the Athlon 64 series forced Intel to innovate and come out swinging with the new "Core" line of chips that have sent performance through the roof and power consumption the opposite direction. Making computers much faster and more environmentally friendly.

No matter what chip you're using owe AMD some props.

A BSOD to last for all time

Witness the greatest BSOD of all time!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tits of the roundtable're welcome.

Pay attention

Remember that fire that killed 100 people at a Great White Concert in 2003? Well I'd never seen the video that was shot of that's really scary how fast that place went up. Here's that and a few other rock concert tragedies.

What's a dickfor?

Check out this Break video. At least fast forward to the last minute of the video because that lady has got the oddest laugh I have ever heard. It's almost like the sound a bird would make.

Try Not To Laugh - Watch more free videos


The Periodic Table of Awesomeness.

'Nuff said.

White wash?

Or Red Wash rather, don't buy all the crap that the major US media outlets are spouting about the conflict between Russia and Georgia. The talking heads are all yacking about a return to communist imperialism....blah blah blah. This article actually gives the most detailed account of why this conflict has degenerated to where it is now.

I really don't think that the Russians should have abandoned all the Caucus States in the early 90's. Those lands had been part of Russia for a long time...much longer than their "Warsaw Pact" acquisitions in Eastern Europe.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Suicide king

There is a new king of suicide. Talk about doing it with style, this guy as certainly taken the cake. Too bad there's no CCTV footage, he should have planned better, because that would have been crazy shit to see.

I declare this guy is the winner until someone manages to set themselves on fire then jump off of a six story building and land on five running chainsaws.

The story is actually interesting. This successful businessman married a girl 20 years younger than him (trophy wife, though she looks like a leather hand bag) and didn't get some kind of prenuptial agreement. Once she got tired of droopy balls and lax skin she left and took him to the cleaners. He decides that since the legal system has sided with her he's only got one way to even the score; he runs up huge amounts of debt, cancels his life insurance policy and then cancels his life. BRILLIANT!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

John McCan't

In case you missed the video of John McCain speaking to the crowds at Sturgis, you should watch this piece from the Daily Show. I don't know how McCain could possibly look like less of a fool...talking about solving our energy crisis while being drowned out by the sounds of needlessly revved Harley engines. That's like Saddam Hussein talking about gun control while firing an AK-47 into the air.

Eight years ago McCain may have been able to pull it off, he may even have been able to beat Hillary but just wait until the first time he has to debate Obama. He's just going to look like an old man.

Selfish pricks

Apple computers cost twice as much as their PC counterparts. Apple sells iPhones and iPods nearly as fast as they can make them. Apple fanboys line up for days to buy slightly revised products that are released with massive fanfare with outrageously inflated prices. Oh yeah, they charge you for every new OS version they release no matter how marginal the changes may be.

After all of that you'd think they could afford to pay their own IT staff well.....or at least not treat them like slaves. Of course I'm sure that people line up around the block for the "honor" of working for Apple so they can tell all their snobby Macbook carrying friends that they work for Apple.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Now that is amazing shit

Check out this story on Jalopnik about this crazy German that had his black BMW's color "changed" to white....without paint. Apparently this "foil tape" stuff is huge in Germany for race cars, police cars, advertising and military vehicles. Check out the gallery at this site (it's in German BTW).

The guy claims that the price is approximately $1500 to do an entire car. Hello.....this shit looks fantastic. There has got to be a market for this in the US. Change the color of your car in a couple of hours for $1500, there are plenty of people that would jump at that. They've got chrome, flat colors and every combination you can imagine.

Half pint

Here's a good slide show/story about 10 small European cars that we can't buy in this country. With the exception of the Renault (build quality) and the Mercedes (over-priced), all of these cars would sell reasonably well IF they were available to buy.

Teenagers with bad hair and Fall Out Boy addictions would line up for either of the Fords. Girls that only know their cars by what color they are would be right at home with the Mazda2 (really just a Eurospec Fiesta underneath). Snotty suburbanite soccer moms would zip to their local Star$s for over priced Lattes in the trendy Alfa or Fiat (again same car underneath). Not sure who would buy the Opel/Vauxhall...axe murders? That leaves the awesome Civic and Sirocco for those of us that like a car that knows how to tickle your nether regions.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crazy Town: Population 1

What happens when you add a bottle of gin, a lawn sprinkler, a video camera and one seriously paranoid lady? You get crazy sprinkler lady.


You may not want to watch this video, and you certainly don't want to watch it several times because you'll realize that this guy was literally vaporized by high voltage. You were warned.

Bad Idea Jeans

Nothing says you've made it like a childless stay at home wife, apparently. Of course I wouldn't recommend this if you have a pool because soon you'll have the pool boy's bastard child to care for as well.

Oh yeah, Bad Idea Jeans....

BSG: The end is nigh...

From the soon to be canceled to the soon to be gone for sure, some video and stills from the final days of Battlestar Galactica filming. There are lots of rumors swirling around about just how long these "final" 10 episodes of the series are going to be with some claiming that all or most of them could be two hours long with a four hour "finale". There's also rumors about some made for SciFi movies that could be prequels, sequels or even midquels......

Tell your friends

So I'm still very much loving The Middleman on ABC Family (I know). Please give a watch because according to this interview with the show's creator they are "having trouble finding their audience". Which in TV executive speak means that the ratings aren't that good and the show is facing a one season run and then out.

There's a new episode on tonight.....

Surf's up!

Lots of talk about waves and crests in terms of mortgage failures. More doom and gloom coming, as usual I don't feel too sorry for anyone that lost their ass speculating on the Real Estate market but I do feel bad for the people that have lost their jobs and are now in danger of loosing everything else.

Morning LOL

I used to love MAD Magazine, I think I even had a subscription at one point. I may have to revisit my youth and buy a copy of this month's issue because there is a hilarious parody ad of Circuit City. Check out this story.

Here's a link to Circuit City's response which is actually pretty funny itself.

I hate Circuit City with a passion that burns hotter than 10,000 suns. I have prayed daily for their destruction ever since their childish attempts to undermine the fledgling DVD format with their pay-per-use DIVX bullshit. I WILL NOT FORGET YOU BASTARDS!!!!!


Check out this story about a old drunk strangling his wife. You won't believe the punishment for the crime.

Monday, August 4, 2008


This one is for serious car nerds only. If you've got the cash to buy a $200,000+ Lamborghini then you should have no problem paying thousands to have some guy spend 55 hours detailing it. This is an amazing post about just what goes into a truly epic detail job.

There are even more of these extreme detail jobs at the top of that's fascinating.


Everything is just peachy in Iraq these least that's what you hear from the major media outlets. Watch the video below for a completely different perspective about just what its like and exactly how U.S. Forces are "keeping the peace".

There are two more videos that are about as depressing as you could possibly imagine so I don't recommend you watch them unless you've got a candy dish of Prozac handy.

Part 2
Part 3

Still think we should be applauded for getting rid of Sadam? At least that crazy bastard maintained some semblance of order among these warring religious sects.

I hope I offend at least one Muslim by saying I think the history of your religion and the resulting splintering of Islam is hilarious. It reads like a bad Mexican soap opera yet it rules the very fabric of your being and the course of your daily life. Don't worry though...I think Christians are just as silly.

What's a Nascar fan to do?

Respectable rednecks every where are still trying to recover from Toyota's entry into Nascar racing. Now it appears that the life long Hatfields and McCoys like battle of Ford vs Chevy may soon be a moot point. It appears that GM and Ford may be looking into a "partnership" to co-develop new enignes so that they can offset the enormous cost associated with such projects.

I don't think you can imagine the effect this may have on the country music industry.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jersey class

Let me start by saying I've known people that grew up in Jersey and they are good people. That being said, New Jersey is home to some seriously fucked up people. I spent a couple of days in Atlantic City a few years back and I can say that I have no intentions of ever returning. The video below just gives you a flavor of the class and lifestyle associated with the lovely shores of New Jersey.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Break video round up!

Go ahead and shit yourself.

Tree Nearly Crushes Car - Watch more free videos

Proper training is important.

Frisky Dog Let Loose In Park - Watch more free videos


Amazing Blob Jump Launch - Watch more free videos

Good luck

Here's a little geeky LOL for the morning. Good luck getting through airport security with that laptop.

GM's turn in the barrel

Today is not a good day to be a GM stock holder, dealer or employee. The last quarter for GM was far more grim that even the most pessimistic of Wall Street's warlocks predicted. They lost nearly FIVE TIMES the amount of projected losses per share...gulp. Get ready for HUGE cuts by GM, prior to this announcement they were already getting blasted for not cutting deep enough. With quarterly results like this there's no way they can't start hacking off parts of the business.

They just don't have anywhere near the money necessary to claw out of this hole. Of course it's hard to feel too bad for them when you look at some of the company's missteps over the years.

More Geek Squad woes

The Geek Squad sucks donkey balls. Look at the pictures at this link and read the story about what the did to this desktop computer.

First of all there is no possible way to "accidentally" cut all 20 wires leading to a power supply. Those IDE ribbon cables were clearly sliced clean through by a box cutter. Now I have accidentally snapped of an power connector off of a drive before but when taken in combination with the other shit... I call shenanigans!

Blinded me with science!

Great story about a breakthrough in solar power at MIT.

Seriously, this could be one of those great breakthroughs in science that changes everything,

The amount of solar energy that hits the Earth in one hour is enough to to completely replace all other means of energy production on the whole planet for an entire year. Even with the ineffecient nature of today's solar panels you could still generate plenty of power from the sun....but what about when it's dark?

There have been all kinds of proposed solutions to this scenario. Ranging from huge microwave power transmitters beaming energy around the globe to a new "global" power grid that literally spans the entire planet. Even enourmous orbiting mirrors that could reflect light around the planet to solar collection sites at night. The problem is that electrical transmission is also ineffecient and the infrastructure, in whatever form, is insanely expensive to build which makes the construction of "global" grids exteremely unlikely. What is needed is an effecient means of storing the excess solar power that is collected during the day for use at night.

Modern batteries can be used but they are expensive, bulky and not particularly friendly to the environment. There have been attempts to use solar energy to power electrolyzers that "crack" water into hydrogen and oxygen. You can then use the resulted stored gases to generate power at night via a fuel cell or even a gas turbine. Those systems work but traditional electrolyzers are bulky, complex and really only usable in industrial settings. But the scientists at MIT have found a simple way to electolyze water by mimicking a plant's process of photosynthesis.

It's brilliant!
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