Monday, August 31, 2009

Car Porn

Check out this Jalopnik story about a company that has hand built a one of a kind BMW E30 M3. The pictures are fascinating...they've basically built the entire car from the ground up.

Mental health

I love this article. It draws the obvious parallel that this country's right wing conservatives are so loony because they have been conditioned by religion to be unreasonable and adverse to facts. Having "faith" results in closed mindedness...makes sense to me but that's probably just my lack of faith talking.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Science is hard.

Yet another nail in the coffin of so called "Intelligent Design". This article from Wired deals with some pretty heady concepts but the basics are that the mitochondrial components of complex cells evolved from bacteria.

Of course the average "Intelligent Design" proponent lacks the imagination, IQ and education to actually understand these concepts. It's far easier to give the credit for this planet's amazing diversity of life to an invisible man that lives in the sky. Damn, I miss George Carlin (NSFW link).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good one.

Here's 10 Reasons to laugh at Glenn Beck, douchebag.

Magnetic field my ass!!

This is total witchcraft! Wireless electricity using "sympathetic resonant magnetic fields"'s fucking cool as hell!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hug a Nerd Day.

Grrr......took day off yesterday which ALWAYS leads to a wonderful day back.

I consider it my duty to educate the non-geek among you on the most important parts of geek culture. Today's lesson: The Guild.

Basically it is a show about online gaming addictions, specifically World Of Warcraft addiction. The show is hilarious and should be relatively understandable even to those that have no knowledge of WOW at all. It was created by the wonderfully talented Felicia Day, whom is not only female (nerd gasp!) but really hot too. There are few gamers out there that don't worship her...of course with videos like this it is small wonder.

Here's the first episode of The Guild.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Hellscape

The People of Walmart, a site documenting the fine patrons of America's largest retailer.

No Irish!

Here's a couple of trailers for Liam Neeson's upcoming movie about the unrest in Northern Ireland called Five Minutes of Heaven. If you saw Taken then you know that Neeson is a great actor these days (IMHO he should gotten nominated for something for Taken.)

Of course James Nesbitt is just as great and hopefully this may finally give him some star power for US audiences. If you've never seen the Jekyll TV series he did for BBC a couple of years ago then you are really missing out. he was fantastic and the show was awesome.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My brain hurts

Good luck with this flash game. I think my eyes are bleeding.

Worth the wait?

The trailer for James Cameron's highly anticipated movie, Avatar, has finally been released. Do yourself a favor and check out the HD version.

It looks pretty amazing...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

I've never really liked Barney Frank that much but I have to admit that he handled this with the kind of dignity and aplomb that you rarely see these days.

On a side note, I hope that anyone that compares Obama to Hitler gets stabbed in the face by a Holocaust survivor and then sterilized so that they can't breed. Great job there queen of moronic hyperbole.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Retirement FAIL!

Fine're pushing your luck man.

Now that is a great idea

I own a gun and I was even a member of the NRA for a few years. I believe that the second amendment is a right that every American should guard as jealously as the first amendment. That being said....don't bring your fucking assault rifle to a peaceful protest you enormous jackass. On what level does that make sense to anyone? Your not going to a Bloods and Crips rally....ITS FUCKING HEALTH CARE!! Do you think that the FBI is going to round up all of the anti health care reform protesters and put them in front of a death panel?

The average American does not own an assault rifle and unless you live in a REALLY bad part of town it is probably overkill. Let's be clear, I'm not trying to infringe on your RIGHT to OWN that weapon but maybe you should exercise some common fucking sense. Go ahead an draw attention to assault weapons with a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress in power. Fucking deserve another assault weapon ban if you going to do stupid shit like this.

Vote with your wallet

The advertising vacuum that is the Glenn Beck show continues to grow. A total of TWENTY major advertisers have now told Fox News that they don't want their ads running during Glenn Beck's hatefest excuse for a show. Now he really has something to cry about.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wanna make someone's head explode?

Next time some GOP card carrying, Glenn Beck worshiping ass hat starts whining about death panels then tell them this: Even the French have a better health care system than ours.

Make sure you're wearing a rain slicker or you'll have brains all over you...or at least the gelatinous substance that passes for the "brains" of the average Glenn Beck viewer.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Down but never out.

Hopefully the unfairly maligned Vista Operating System was Microsoft's low point. They are on quite a roll these days. First, the Bing search engine has done far better than most expected and really is a true competitor to Google. Second, they've successfully brought Yahoo into the fold which can only improve their online presence. Third, Windows 7 is unbelievably good. I have been playing with the final shipping version for a week now and it is everything a Windows OS should be.

So with all that said, Microsoft's Zune has always been considered an also ran and has never been able to touch Apple's market share with the iPod. However, there is a brand new Zune HD coming next month and it looks flat-out amazing. The first video is how the Zune HD works on its own navigating media on it's gorgeous OLED screen. The second video is the Zune HD connected to a 60 inch plasma TV...the interface is a thing to behold.

A portable, pocket-sized device that looks that good is just crazy. Ten years ago this would have been considered witchcraft.


This story about a missing Russian cargo ship is scary as hell. It reads like something out of James Bond movie. First an armed boarding party disguised as legitimate authorities then the ship just freaking disappears. Now there are rumors of some secret cargo loaded aboard prior to leaving Russia that just sounds uber dangerous. Can you say stolen nuclear material?

Apparently the ship has been found off the coast of Africa but this whole thing just stinks.

Useless knowledge

Usually I applaud LifeHacker for their fantastic posts about making your life easier with a DIY/technical twist. However, this article about the 10 Must-Dos for the first week of College leaves out seriously vital information.

  1. Make friends with someone that has a car, it you have a car prepare to be popular.
  2. Make friends with someone that is at least 21 years old. If you can't figure that out then go back to reading your new testament.
  3. Find the cheapest pizza place within walking distance, carry out specials are your friend.
  4. If you live in a dorm figure out which RA is a total douche and which is a baked over burnout. They almost all fall into one of those two categories, avoid the douche he's just pissed cause no Fraternity would have him.
  5. Find some decent clubs or organization to join, think chick friendly. If you are planning on rushing/pledging do yourself a favor and drown yourself before you do more damage to society.
  6. Make friends with people in your classes. They will be extremely valuable WHEN you miss class, and you WILL. Most professors test heavily from their notes as that is their only real way to ensure that you even bother showing up.
  7. Figure out which classes you can miss and still pass. Some professors are lazy as hell and just recite verbatim from the million dollar text books that you are forced to purchase. Don't waste your time.
  8. Figure out which of the people in your dorm/apartment are crazy. Sit back and wait for them to crack, should take about one semester.
  9. Pick a new major for the next semester. Whatever you thought you wanted to be in life now sucks, the sooner you admit that the better off you are.
  10. Have some fun. You are free from Mommy now....for better or worse.

Clunk you.

First of all, damn you CNN!! Either allow your video to be embedded or not it is seriously annoying that some are and some aren't.

Some people's lack of knowledge of automobiles is truly frightening, but when it is your job to produce a piece of news that is going to be seen by the general public maybe you should take some care. First, it's not a "BEEturbo" there douchebag it's a "BUYturbo" because it has TWO fucking turbos...Wikipedia is your friend. Second, just because Maserati is now cool again thanks to douchebag friendly shows like Entourage that doesn't mean that ALL Maseratis are good. That Biturbo has a lovely interior and is a reasonably good looking car but do not be fooled!! It is truly evil and deserves to be crushed along with the multitudes of Ford Explorers. As a matter of fact I'll let the always eloquent Jeremy Clarkson speak for me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I found a very interesting blog/website this morning called Information Is Beautiful. It is basically dedicated to designing a visual representation of a dataset with aesthetics in mind. Some of the results are really very pretty indeed. It's not just pretty but easier to comprehend in many cases.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drool, death awaits.

I don't care how much it costs, or even if I have to move to France to buy one.



Kudos to the TopGear America team for faking out plenty of people with their Porsche Cayman "shooting brake" photos. These guys were all getting the ax because TopGear America ended up getting shit canned in favor of rebroadcasting the original BBC version on BBC America. Instead of crying about having no jobs they decided to pull a classic April Fool's prank in August.

Bravo gentleman.

Sweet DIY

How to build your own SteadyCam rig. Looks awesome.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If anyone has $1000 laying around and would like to buy me something totally awesome then check this out.

Makerbot, the most awesome DIY rapid prototyping machine on the planet.

Epic Ballad

The Ballad of G.I. Joe.....I almost cried.

Getting smarter through humor

Once again the Daily Show serves as the best source of factual information possible.

Time for a spanking.

Looks like Glenn Beck is finally experiencing some discomfort from his insane ramblings. Another major sponsor has pulled their advertisements from his time slot. I'd love to say that this would at least shut him up and at best get his nutty ass off the air but I'm sure that there are plenty of other advertisers out there that will step into the void.

No doubt Beck will cry foul and say that he's being unfairly targeted by this organization. Maybe he should remember that what he says gets recorded and broadcast so if he wants to continue being a douche there will be consequences.


The truth shall set you free.

If you really believe that the Government would create a health care system that includes provisions for "death panels" to eliminate the sick then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Go back to trying to convince people that the Apollo Moon landings were faked and that George Bush wasn't all that bad of a President.

Go ahead and be content with your loving, caring Insurance Company and their trillion dollar lobbies. Your health is their number one concern.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time to go...psycho.

I hope this is real because it's fucking hilarious.


Now I'm far from a Halo fan boy but I do have extremely fond memories of the original Halo. Many late nights fighting The Flood...anyway, I think that the Halo universe is interesting enough to warrant at least one big budget movie.

This project has been on again off again for at least three years. Personally, I think Microsoft really wanted to have a big budget blockbuster to coincide with the release of Halo 3 but they couldn't find any takers or anyone worthy of the franchise. Well the latest rumor is that none other than Steven Spielberg may be interested in taking it on. Awesome! This means he can stop raping my childhood (Kingdom of the Crystal Dildo) and do something original again.

Of course I think the people that did the infamous "Believe" commercial should do the commercial ever, IMHO.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I lied.

Health Care is a fucking joke.

  • Does everyone have the right to good health care? No.
  • Who should decide who can get care then? Right now even if you pay for health care there is still some douchebag insurance company employee that decides what you can and can't have. Kind of like an asshole bartender that cuts you off after your third Jack and Coke. The difference is that the bartender doesn't get a bonus from their employer for NOT selling drinks.
  • Can the Government better manage health care? Who the fuck knows but it's worth a try given the fact that the current system is dysfunctional on so many levels.
If you get cancer and you can't pay for the treatment then guess what? The cancer is going to fucking kill you, tough shit. Fifty years ago cancer was a death sentence. Now, in many cases, it is treatable and survivable given the fact that it will bankrupt all but the richest of people....even if you HAVE insurance.


The Internet has produced little to no decent nuggets today. I'm staying away from the blog for a little while to help resist the temptation to write about the amazing apathy I now have for my job.

I think I have finally become sick of the absurd stupidity of some of the people I have to work with.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shaping youth

RIP John Hughes. He was a fantastic writer,director and producer. If you were born before 1980 then John Hughes is partially responsible for shaping your childhood. Just look at some of the movies he was involved in making and imagine if you had never seen them when you were younger.

  1. Uncle Buck (1989)
  2. Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)
  3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
  4. Weird Science (1985)
  5. The Breakfast Club (1985)
  6. Sixteen Candles (1984)
He wrote the entire National Lampoon's Vacation serious for fuck's sake! How damn sad.


Took a couple of emergency days off....not really in any mood to blog today either.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great article title

You have to see this one to believe it...I won't ruin the surprise.

Cool....for nerds

I found this to be uber cool, keep in my mind that I am an huge nerd. This site tracks the IT spending of the US Government...and it has a cool interface.

Say Cheese!

Not sure how I've missed this blog because it's been around a while....apparently. Enjoy the pain and discomfort of

Here's another site that finds hidden gems on Craigslist...fucking hilarious. ItemNotAsDescribed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The unrelenting silence

Maybe it is the ultimate compliment to our Constitution and the ideals that the United States were founded on that there is more concern about corporate censorship rather than censorship by The State. Our numerous news outlets are extremely adept at pointing the glaring light of truth at foreign governments but at some point they all have a self interest to serve.

In the last few decades the self supported or public supported media outlets (AP, Reuters,BBC) have lost a great deal of their influence as the news has morphed into something more akin to entertainment. These corporate sponsored news networks are subject to the whims of their businessmen masters as evidenced by the link above. The twenty-four hour news cycle means that they have so much air time to fill that most of their content is pure opinion with little or no factual content...punctuated by blatant product placement.

Corporate censorship may actually be more insidious than censorship by the Government in this country. There are a lot of laws that actually protect the corporation's right to censure their employees...isn't freedom grand.

Kids suck.

Here is a great blog dedicated to all those awesome parents out there, Why the Fuck Do You Have A kid.

I weep for the future.
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