Friday, October 31, 2008

Circuit City thy time cometh

Gizmodo is reporting that Sony has halted all product shipments to Circuit City distribution centers. It looks like Sony doesn't think that CC can pay their tab.

Comrade Palin

Sarah Palin hates socialism! She thinks that we should all be able to keep as much of our money as possible. Which is odd considering the amount of money that the people of Alaska are GIVEN as a result of the TAXES that are paid by the oil companies. Here's a quote from that article linked above.

In an interview with The New Yorker last summer Palin explained that she would make demands of a new gas pipeline "to maximize benefits for Alaskans":

"And Alaska we're set up, unlike other states in the union, where it's collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs."

Look at that statement...."collectively"...."share the wealth"....THAT"S FUCKING SOCIALISM!!!! I know what you're going to say, that money is coming from the oil companies and not from the tax dollars of other Americans so it's not really socialism. Whatever Robin Hood, I'm sure that the oil companies didn't pass those costs onto the rest of us by raising the price of gasoline.

Palin Fail

I don't know why I even bother beating this dead fucking horse...she just makes it too easy.

First of all I appreciate the difficulty that comes with raising a child with "special needs" and I don't mean to belittle that but is that really in "the public interest" as Palin claims? We are failing the needs of ALL children Governor Palin not just the "special" ones so why throw money at a small percentage of children and leave the majority to starve or miss out on an education.

Crazy bitch publicly derides a scientific study that could directly benefit children that suffer from a ailment that she supposedly champions? That's not just stupidity, that's blind, uninformed ignorance.


God dammit, I have a busy work week and I miss shit like this. David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. That sucks elephant balls....He has been by far the best Doctor yet (IMHO,sorry Tom Baker fans). This whole day has been a total clusterfuck.

If you don't care then you have horrible taste in television, go back to watching more Happy Days re-runs.

I pray for death

Any more of these videos and I'll just have to curl up in the corner and cry myself to sleep.

Blk/Blk Koenigsegg CCX tour & startup in LV!!

Your job = teh sux

I've always read the stories about how working for Google is like working for Willy Wonka. I think Pixar may have Google beat...look at this shit.


Here's a awesome comparison.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tour Guide

Check out this video...looks like a fun place.


Gauge my interest

Now this is the kind of thing that would make actually consider buying a Ford. It's taken far to long for the American manufacturers to turn to this kind of technology.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


NASA is rapidly loosing it's way. They relied on the Space Shuttle for so long that they have lost their ability to design and innovate their way out of a problem. The replacement for the Shuttle and the future of NASA itself is hanging on the Ares project...which looks like a real piece of shit at this point.

This begs the question, why not just dust off the blueprints for the Saturn V? Thirty years ago NASA engineers using slide rules and black coffee built a rocket that was reliable AND capable of taking us to the moon. Apparently all of the advancements in material science, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, avionics and simulation technology has made it HARDER for NASA to meet it's design goals.

Arms Race

You can keep your pussy car alarm. And if you think your shotgun tied to the door handle is hardcore then you need to check this shit out.

Tesla Anti-Theft Device.

Happy Trails

Senator Ted Stevens, as guilty as he is stupid. Looks like his career is going down a series of tubes.

Here comes the edge

Now this is some scary shit! Volvo has announced that their heavy trucks division has lost 99.7% of it's business compared to last year. That is simply amazing......

From the outside

Here's a great article about the Republican party from the UK perspective. Can the GOP leadership be that stupid? Do they really think that if they make Sarah Palin the new face of an ultra-right neo-con party that they can draw more people to their cause? That gamble will only pay off if Obama's first term is a dismal failure otherwise they will just further marginalize themselves.

Maybe John McCain can walk away from this election and say that the GOP has lost it's way and successfully start a third party. I think it may be the first time that a third party could actually stand a chance of surviving because their are a lot of right-leaning people that are turned off by the Bush/Palin direction the GOP has taken.

A New Hope?

This story made me proud of my home state. Of course, Hobart is part of "the region" which is the term used to describe the part of Indiana surrounding Chicago. This part of the state is generally more indicative of Chicago mentalities rather than the rest of Indiana but...that's still an impressive act of selflessness. NO ONE works in a call center unless they HAVE to so you can be sure that those people could really use the money. I bet the $150,000 the GOP dropped on Palin's wardrobe could have payed all those people's salary for an entire week.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Do you believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old? Do you believe that a great flood wiped out all signs of animal life on this planet save the ones that were put on a big boat by one man and that all of the species of animals on the Earth descended from those animals? And by descended I mean in the parent/child sense not in a evolutionary way cause that's just crazy talk.

If so then, a) you are a moron and b) Sarah Palin is your kind of politician.*

* If you do believe those things would you please not breed...thanks ever so much, it will make the world a better place if you were to take yourself out of the gene pool. Wait, I guess you don't believe in that either....shit.

You never listen to me!!!!

Thanks a lot bitches! First all of you unimaginative zombie assholes never watched BSG so that got fucking canceled. Now, my favorite source for informative and entertaining "television" has had to make cutbacks. The Revision3 network has had to layoff a number of its staff and cancel some of its great shows...shows that I watch every week. All because of you average non-internet addicted people.

Go ahead and keep sucking the teet that is traditional broadcast television you ignorant fools!!! How many Saved By the Bell re-runs is enough? Cancel your cable, explore the internet and find something original and creative for fuck's sake!!

Team Player

It's pretty clear now that even John McCain's own campaign managers underestimated Sarah Palin's nerve and/or outright stupidity. Choosing her may have "energized his base" of plumbers and overweight soccer/hockey/karate/bukaki moms but at the cost of alienating the far larger moderate/independent voters.

Palin is doing Machiavelli proud by ignoring the recommendations of the people that she is supposedly reliant on for a job. Her ambitions are pretty much naked now and it's clear that she is playing for HER future and doesn't give a shit that shes screwing over McCain. Not that I feel sorry for him at this point...he should have known better but he's been blinded by his own all-consuming desire to be President.

Here's Sarah Palin's dream scenario fueled by her narcissistic nature and the throngs of the unwashed that come to worship her.
  1. Build as much popularity now as possible, distance herself from McCain as much as possible. By appearing to disagree with him she can later "wash" herself of blame for costing McCain his chance at getting elected.
  2. Go back to Alaska and do as many "friendly" interviews as possible to keep focus on her while she arranges to take Ted Stevens's Senate seat after he gets shit canned for being an unethical bastard.
  3. Return to Washington expecting to be welcomed by the GOP as the next "heir apparent" and begin a protracted candidacy for the President similiar to what Obama did over the last two years.
  4. Run in 2012 and defeat Obama.
That is her dream world. Here's the reality.
  1. She actually thinks she can screw McCain over and come away undamaged. McCain still has a lot of friends, enough to make Palin's career very short and even more meaningless.
  2. She COULD get that Senate seat but there are a lot of people in Alaska that are less than thrilled with her performance as Governor since she became the VP candidate.
  3. No way. The GOP isn't going to do her any favors, especially if she keeps on going off message during this campaign. And she's no where near smart enough to pull off what Obama has over the last two years. Ambition and good looks will only get you so far.
  4. Only if the GOP is insane and Obama fucks up REALLY bad.


Sure they're cute but that's how they trick you!

Holy crap!

Check out these pictures from Obama's recent rally in Denver. It's unbelievable that he can draw that kind of crowd.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A cry for help

Some people need more help than others.

Whatever Comcast

Comcast is talking loudly about their push to implement the DOCSIS 3.0 standard for the cable modem network. This will give them a proposed 50Mbps at the highest tier in an attempt to compete with Verizon's FIOS. Problem is that Comcast is going to charge you $149/month for that service and they are still forcing the 250GB/month data cap on you.

There are three big problems with this:
  1. Comcast as already oversold their existing Docsis 2.X network to where it can barely deliver it's advertised performance. Can you imagine what throwing connections that are five times faster into the mix is going to do?
  2. At 50Mbps you could eat up your entire monthly data cap of 250GB in just 22 days....
  3. Where is all this bandwidth coming from? I thought they were already at the bandwidth limits of what their mostly copper networks could handle. How are they going to offer 100 channels of HD television AND 50Mbps data? Something's not right there.

That's hot

Talk about making a classic better...this thing is sweet.

Apparently stuffing V8's into old Datsuns is pretty popular these days. Combine those looks with this power.....mmmmmm.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Man, computer graphics are getting scary as hell.

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more free videos

Is that creepy or what?

Funny man

I didn't realize that Larry David wrote for the Huffington Post. He's funny as usual with his commentary on the election.


This is a pretty stunning demo of up and coming technology. There's no doubt that touchscreen computing is finally starting to come of age and it's going to fundamentally change how we interact with computers.

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.


This is quite possibly the coolest thing that I have ever seen. I have found my Mecca.

Non intelligent design.

Here's a interesting article (to me at least) about how Creationists are attacking neuroscience. Supporters of the "Intelligent Design" theory want to find a way to promote their idea that the mind and the brain are separate things. Basically, they are trying to discredit the Theory of Evolution by stating that the loose collection of tissue we call a brain is not capable of becoming a "soul" without the intervention of a Creator.

Just remember these are the same people that burned "witches" for centuries, excommunicated people who proclaimed the world wasn't flat and refused to believe that the sun didn't revolve around the Earth.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


People like this are why I claim no religious affiliation. If I were a Christian and actually BELIEVED and UNDERSTOOD the tenets of the Bible then this woman would make me foam at the mouth. So much for tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.

I wish she'd just admit the real reason she won't vote for him. Go ahead and hide behind your religion, it doesn't make you sound any smarter.

So funny it hurts

This is one of the best Stephen Colbert bits I've seen in a long time. Absolutely priceless.

The hits keep on coming

What is the GOP "base" these days? Even if the rich of this country hold most of the money and power there is still the great equalizer that is our election system. That means that the majority of the GOP base that is voting may be old and white but they are certainly not rich. At least they're not rich enough to spend $150,000 in two short months on clothing and make-up.

That's right, the McCain campaign has spent that much money on the Palin family in just two months. Worst of all, McCain's campaign is relying on public funding so you have to wonder did this money come from the GOP coffers or from the Federally provided funds? I'm glad that I could help clothe a family in such need with my tax dollars....

Better yet, you think all the "Joe Sixpack Plumbers" out there donated money to the GOP so that Sarah Palin could run around in a pair of $750 heels? Hey Joe....that's a lot of lap dances.

Her own reality

Sarah Palin still has no idea about what the Vice President actually does. Well at least that's how it appears if you actually read The Constitution...or more importantly believe in The Constitution.

Perhaps there's a reason for this lack of understanding. You see Palin has spent the last few weeks being reprogrammed by the GOP Gestapo. These guys believe in Dick Cheney's definition of the VP's job roles. If there's one thing that Dick Cheney has no time for, it's The Constitution.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not for the faint of heart

Don't look at this link, it brought tear to me eye....scrape......The skill of the driver is in now way related to the size of his wallet.


Back in college I had a buddy that came back from his summer on the East Coast raving about this new drink that was sweeping the Jersey Shore. Now I was a young, naive Midwesterner and was intrigued by this new crystal clear beverage that he was raving about (and I didn't yet know what a black hole of taste the Jersey Shore really was). Of course we tried it and it tasted like goat piss, leading to him being ridiculed for years.

Somehow, Zima found a way to survive in the market place (sorostitutes) until now. Good bye Zima, you won't be missed. I guess all those whores will have to drink zomething different.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Paint it black!

Electronics retailers (or retailers in general) are getting desperate for sales. Just like the stock market, a bad economy is the best time to buy! Here are some awesomely great deals that you can get RIGHT NOW!!!

My favorites are:

The Sandisk Sansa 6GB for $39. I've got one of these and if you are looking for a dirt cheap, super reliable MP3 player that has FANTASTIC battery life then this is the one for you. For that price its practically disposable.

Garmin Nuvi 650 for $199. Great deal.

Have a look

If you missed last night's Family Guy you may want to have a watch. Not only is it funny for it's mockery of movies like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future but it features a now highly controversial scene.


They just don't get it

I don't think the Ultra Conservatives get it yet. All the neo-con talking heads are all bitching about Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama today. Unsurprisingly, they have all started hitting Powell with accusations of endorsing Obama simply because he's black.

They just don't seem to understand that someone like Powell could possibly make an intelligent and informed decision about who he thinks would make a better President. After all he was only the Secretary of State, what could he possibly know.

Uh oh.

When hobbies collide.

Keep an out

Coming soon to a Circuit City near you, big sale! No word on which stores are going to be closing but keep an eye out...there should be some great deals at which ever stores end up getting cut.

Tear drops

Some where in Bavaria a Porsche 911 is just can't understand why Mommy and Daddy don't love it anymore.


Colin Powell just bitch slapped the Republican Party, possibly even a pimp slap. Here's a guy that was lauded by BOTH Bush administrations and whose name was even once whispered about possibly being the first black Presidential Candidate for the GOP. He was George W. Bush's Secretary of State until 2005 for fuck's sake! Now he's shown his distaste for the state of the GOP by backing the Democratic candidate....Barack Obama.

I guess Powell has finally got his revenge for getting screwed over by Bush and Cheney over the war in Iraq. Powell has said that the things he was asked to do in justifying that war were a "blot" on his career. He is a man that is above reproach and I hope that Obama has a cabinet post for him...perhaps his old job with a new President?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ice, Ice, baby.

Check out these videos of Greenland's glaciers melting's crazy.

Not really ironic

I always thought that the name Tesla Motors was very well chosen given the amazing electrical discoveries of the company's namesake, Nikola Tesla. To this day there are claims that some of Tesla's greatest discoveries were classified by the U.S. Government and have never been open to the public eye.

The other aspect of Nikola Tesla's life was crushing failure both publicly and financially. It appears that Tesla Motors may be following in those foot steps as well...It's sad to see but giving the turn that the world economy is taking it's probably inevitable.

Fear and ignorance

Last night John McCain made up his botched appearance on Letterman. Personally, I think Dave went way too soft on him and I wish Dave would have called in "sick" and had someone host his show. Anyway, McCain had this to say about his one dimensional running mate, "She has inspired Americans. That's the thing we need."

Here's a few interviews of the fine average Americans that are inspired by Sarah Palin. (NSFW if you work with intelligent people, where are your damn headphones?)

Makes you proud to be an American.... If you are at all considering voting for John McCain just remember that by voting for McCain/Palin you are giving these people a voice and validating their ridiculous, antiquated views on race and religion.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We'll do it live!!

Nice prank!

Measure the coffin

The town in which I was born and raised is a factory town. The owners of those factories and the area's single largest employer; Chrysler. The consequences of a failure of Chrysler would be beyond comprehension, most likely reducing that city to a ghost town in a matter of months.

Months ago I put Chrysler on deathwatch due to their horrible market position and stale line up. A few weeks back I removed Chrysler from the deathwatch because it seemed as if there was the glimmer of beating Chevy's Volt to market with a NEV/EV of their own. The recent rumors of a GM-Chrysler "merger" have again changed my opinion and I now believe that Chrysler will cease to exist by the end of 2009. There will be no "merger" because there are only four things about Chrysler that GM cares about.
  1. Superior Minivan product. GM will just rebrand the Chrysler vans and trash their existing crappy vans.
  2. The Jeep brand. GM tried to create their own version of Jeep with Hummer....that went well.
  3. The $11 billion in cash that Chrysler is sitting on will help GM try to reverse their current financial problems or at least keep them afloat for a few months.
  4. Getting rid of 1.5 million units of competitor products. The only people left buying Chrysler cars are American brand loyalists that are likely to end up buying a GM product rather than running to Toyota or Honda. Ford will probably benefit from this as well.
I disagree with Jalopnik's article in one way. The Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth brand names will not die because GM will sell them to the Chinese or Koreans. Or they will buy more Daewoos and rebrand them like they do with the Aveo.


John McCain and his staff failed miserably at vetting their Vice Presidential choice, they ended up with a crazy idiot with a graveyard in her closet. It should come as no surprise then that McCain and his staff can't even properly vet someone that they are making the centerpiece of a debate.

McCain repeatedly referenced Joe Wurzelbacher as "Joe the Plumber" in his arguments against Obama's proposed health and tax plans. It appears that Mr. Wurzelbacher is not legally licensed to be a plumber in his home state of Ohio.....oops. I guess "Joe the guy who fixes toilets without a plumbing contractors' license" doesn't really have the same ring to it. Wouldn't it be fitting if McCain's focus on this guy ended up getting him in trouble for doing plumbing work without a license?

And with regards to Mr.
Wurzelbacher's views on taxation, if you're making $250,000 a year and can't hire an accountant to help you find an extra $7500 a year in legal tax exemptions then you've got no business running your own business. That's all the deductions you'd need to help offset the measly 3% extra that Obama wants to charge you. Maybe you could just tie some $100 bills to the bumper of your fucking least then the fastest kids in the ghetto could have a chance at some kind of education/lunch.


There's a great new term being used in the movie business, reboot the franchise. Basically it means that you take a tired and possibly stale property with a fantastic premise and give it a fresh new face and a new start. It's not really a new idea, the makers of the James Bond series have done it four or five times in the last 30 years, but it is starting to get popular in the genre of Science Fiction. The problem is that diehard SF fans are a tough crowd to please but with the recent successes of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies the SF fanboys are beginning to see the light.

The forthcoming "reboot" of the original Star Trek
series is looking extremely promising...the casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock is nothing short of amazing, IMHO. Talk about a movie/tv property with legions of rabid fans....if he screws this up J.J. Abrams will be washing cars for a living.

Which would you rather have? A well written, directed and cast "reboot" of an awesome movie property or another lame money grab sequel like the last Indiana Jones movie.....


I've given myself a few hours to stew over last night's debate. I even refrained from watching the post-debate "analysis" so I wouldn't taint my own opinions about each candidates performance.

I'm sorry Senator McCain but you just come across as mad and/or mean. Personally, this moment is my favorite from all of this year's debates.

That look, that's either blind anger because he thinks Obama is lying OR he's dumbfounded because he has no understanding of his opponent's position. Either way, that look will end up defining the failure of John McCain's campaign.

Then there is the anger that McCain showed, which probably wouldn't have been as evident if Obama hadn't been so cool and collected. But Obama's demeanor just put a huge focus on McCain's infantile responses, gestures and creepy mannerisms.

Sorry Senator, George Bush stole your one and only chance back in 2000.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mad as hell

Keith Olbermann is mad as hell! Here's another scathing, and accurate, commentary on the way John McCain is handling the angry rabble that constitutes his supporters.

This whole situation over the George Wallace reference is actually quite funny. McCain's people have seized on and mutated a legitimate comment about the "lynch mob mentality" of the recent McCain rallies into a claim of reverse discrimination. McCain wants to flail about and talk about how offended he is that he was likened to a infamous segregationist and a racist in order to distract everyone from the TRUTH of the actual statement. His supports are a bunch of ignorant, old fools and bigots that have no respect for Obama has a man or a candidate.

I agree with Olbermann on this one....for shame John McCain. I really hope this becomes a topic for tonight's debate so that Obama can slam him over it.

The new guy

During tonight's debate you're going to see a completely different John McCain! Here's a preview of his new ideas and the new direction he's taking.

More proof

Yet more proof that moving to far to either side only courts extremists and alienates the majority. The forced resignation of a man who's father was one of the most intelligent and fair-minded conservatives of the last generation. His crime? Supporting Obama on the grounds that McCain can't divorce himself or his policies from the gross failure that is the Bush Administration.

Maybe this is finally the entree that this country needs to break the stagnation of the two party system. The crazies that are left clinging to the GOP can have their witch hunts and those of us that are moderates with a slight right lean can have our own party...a middle ground between the fundamentalists and the hippies.

Quality is nice but....

How long does Apple expect to be competitive in the current market place with it's outrageous prices? I give Apple credit for engineering an amazing laptop that is beautifully crafted but their pricing is just insane. The rest of the laptop market as moved WAY cheaper in the last two years because the volume of laptop sales has surged....this has reduced prices for everyone BUT Apple.

The dangled the Mac Mini into the market place to try and draw in more customers with limited success. If Apple was able to compromise some of its design and quality requirements and make a laptop in the $700 range I think their sales would rise markedly. This could have the effect of making their production costs lessen across their entire range. I think they just like having this "elitist" cache.

Have fun!

Want to have more fun than should be allowed? Have a look at the apocalypse, I mean future!

The Parrot

Polly wants a cracker.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sarah Palin wants to dig on Obama for his association with William Ayers because he's a domestic terrorist. Someone should tell her that her campaign's "Transition Chief" lobbied on behalf of Saddam Hussein following the first Gulf War. Didn't the GOP just spend the last six years trying to convince us that Hussein was a terrorist? Hello pot, this is the kettle.....

The choice

John McCain still claims to be a maverick when he's really just a broken man these days. Even the "smartest" of the GOP supports are running for cover now believing that Obama has this election in the bag. The number one thing that these refugees are saying is that Sarah Palin was the worst decision possible and has shown at best poor judgment by McCain.

The McCain (or someone else?) decided that they would stand a better chance of defeating Obama by picking someone that couldn't be more demographically opposite of Barrack Obama. The only group that Sarah Palin appeals to are ultra conservative, religious leaning right wingers. She has ABSOLUTELY ZERO appeal to anyone else.

Would McCain have been better served by picking an Independent like Joe Lieberman? I'll admit that I was still on the fence until he picked Palin as his running mate, then I jumped to the left side of the fence and ran. Which portion of the voting population is bigger, middle of the road independents or right-wing religious freaks? We'll find out very soon.

The real "maverick" move for McCain would have been to pick someone in the middle like Lieberman instead of 'ole Lipstick McCrazypants. But he's been beaten down by his GOP masters, there's really no fight left in him.

Outsider's view

Here's a great article about the Palin/McCain campaign's current dysfunctional state from the Times of London. It's interesting to see the European view of our political theater.

I love these idiots that actually believe that Sarah Plain could run for President. Notice I didn't add "in 2012" to that statement...that's because it will NEVER happen. Here's why.

  1. Obama wins this election.
  2. Once in office he actually does reform things and make a significant difference. Even if all Obama manages to do is turn the economy around his 1st term will be a huge success.
  3. After two terms of Obama backed by a Democratic Congress the remaining factions of the GOP will have been forced EVEN FURTHER to the right and unless they can manage to steal another election the entire Republican Party will fall apart.
Even if the GOP survives the next 4-8 years without alienating the majority of its supporters they will never put Palin on a ticket again. Once McCain looses she's going to come out bitching and moaning about what they did wrong and how she would have run a better campaign. That is going to end up pissing off the wrong people in the GOP and they'll sideline her ass back to Alaska so fast she won't know what happened. If she's lucky she'll get re-elected as Governor or maybe be able to run for crooked old Ted Stevens's Senate seat but this is her 15 minutes now and I think she knows it. also, given her track record you can be sure that in the intervening years she will continue to act unethically and illegaly.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hot stuff

The forthcoming F-35B is just bad ass!

Better keep up.

It's hard to believe that the bombs we drop every day in Iraq have more advanced guidance systems than the airliners that criss-cross our skies. It's really funny considering that those advanced guidance systems are destroyed as soon as the weapon hits its target.

The difference

Great article from Time magazine on the difference between the Presidential campaigns at the local level in Virginia.

Pretty much sums up the differences between not only the candidates but their supporters as well. The GOP is still preaching from the pulpit of fear and spreading lies despite McCain's long standing belief in "taking the high road". How long will it take the GOP leadership to realize that they have gone to far to the right and that courting radical evangelistic Christians has done more harm than good? It's easier to sell the moderates and independents a message of hope than fear...Obama has proven that.

No, really?

Apparently Pizza Hut has decided to change it's name to Pasta Hut.....seriously.

Acorn and other nuts

The GOP and the McCain campaign (along with all their media shills) want to make a big deal about this whole "voter fraud" scenario involving Acorn. They want to tie Obama to Acorn and make it looks like he directly supports voter fraud via Acorn. The trouble is that nothing Acorn has done is in any way voter fraud.

Acorn is required by the voting laws to turn in EVERY voter registration application it receives no matter if Acorn knows it has obviously been falsified or not. The burden of weeding out bad applications is on the State election officials, NOT Acorn. Not to mention the fact that when you go to actually vote you have to provide some kind of proof of identification to go along with your registration.

Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

You ever see someone do something so stupid it makes you question reality?

Dumb Woman Cleans Automatic Doors - Watch more free videos

Cool stuff

Check out The Awesomer...the coolest gear and toys around.


Go ahead, try not to laugh.

Fall Guy

Would this financial market meltdown been this serious if it had happened three months from now, after the election? How much of this downward spiral is the fault of bad leadership and the resulting lack of confidence in the Bush Administration? Personally, I think Bush's lack of credibility and completely uninspiring appeals to the public has made this whole economic meltdown at least twice as bad as it should have been. Couple that with the nature of the people, his appointees, and their apparent lack of foresight.....recipe for disaster.

Congratulations President Bush, failed foreign policy won't be the "highlight" of your legacy after all.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Seriously? I guess this is just another "gotcha" media moment? You live your life in public view, everything you say and do is fodder for public consumption.


Did you catch last night's South Park? You think Sarah Palin would have made Indiana Jones pay for his rape kit? LOL....classic.

Game changer?

I've taken a lot of shit over the last month about being a sellout because I now have an iPhone.

Listen, the iPhone is fucking fantastic. I still HATE Apple with a burning passion but the iPhone just works. The simplistic GUI of OSX may appeal to morons, sorority girls and douchebags but it makes my eyes itch. But that "my first computer" ideal about operating systems works MUCH BETTER for a phone because it HAS to be simple to use and highly functional. Call me a fanboy if you want but I will continue to ignore your jealous stares while I whisper sweet nothings to my iPhone.

Anyway, the rumors have been swirling at the Apple fanboy sites about some big announcement coming soon from apple. After the last underwhelming iPod announcement last month I wasn't going to concern myself with the this but something intriguing may be coming. Supposedly Apple has developed a special manufacturing process that uses lasers and water jets to cut a laptop case out of ONE solid "brick" of aluminum.

So why is this a big deal? Well it could make laptops stronger, lighter AND cheaper to make because there would be fewer parts and easier assembly. Not to mention the flexibilty of making the cases for virtually any laptop model on the same assembly line. Besides, who wouldn't want a laptop that had a seemless metal case vs. a cheap plastic case?

Next Tuesday we'll all find out.

Steal my sound

When will the Republicans ever learn....musicians are Democrats. Here's some music that McCain may be able to use for his campaign...these musicians are dead so they probably won't threaten to sue.

SeeqPod - Playable Search


Obama and McCain couldn't be more opposite of one another. Which do you think has taken the smartest approach to planning their potential transition into office?

Why doesn't McCain feel the need to plan that far in advance? Is he really concerned about "jinxing" his campaign or is it because he doesn't really need to make that many changes? I mean he could just keep all of Cheney's minions around because they've done a fantastic job thus far.

How sad.

Apparently his now less wealthy investors aren't the only ones that hate Richard Fuld. It appears that his employees don't much care for him either.

The price of paradise

The great shining cities of the Emirates are being built almost entirely by slave labor. Here's a story about how the construction companies "hire" poor Indians, Pakistanis and Afghans and press them into building their multi-billion dollar paradise for pennies on the dollar.

I wonder how popular Dubai is going to be in the midst of a global financial crisis?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sliding is fun.

Two degrees of separation

Sarah Palin is trying to draw attention to Obama's "relationship" with Bill Ayers. Even though that line of attack was already attempted and abandoned during the Democratic Primary. Hopefully, since Obama's association with Ayers is pretty benign, this will backfire on Palin and draw as much attention as possible on her past.

Her association with the Alaska Independence Party is looking worse by the day.

A view from the brink

I didn't realize that Circuit City was on the brink of failure. Keep an out for store closing deals!

Lighter side 2.0

Here's another interesting music video from a band with a great name, Shit Disco.

Shit Disco - OK from Jo Apps on Vimeo.

Polish this!

Anyone else catch Sarah Palin's fashion statement the other day? Here's the only video that I could find of her wearing what would best be called...stripper boots. Fast forward to 1:30 in the video.

She's really sowing up that dirty old man/wife beating redneck/pole dancer vote. Anyone want to put money on Palin having a "tramp stamp"?

Uber douchebag

Richard Fuld.....uber douchebag. Take heart in the fact that he'll probably spend the rest of his life being shunned by the thousands of Lehman clients he screwed over. I'm not talking about the little fish, I'm talking about his fellow rich assholes at his golf club and other elitist spots. This guy is a fucking leper within his own super snobby community...even if he did walk with nearly $500 million.

The experts

As I sit here waiting to see what fresh disaster awaits Wall Street this morning I'm left to contemplate last night's "town hall" presidential debate. Here are some of my impressions.

  • The debate was meticulously planned by both campains for weeks. The time limits, the moderator and audience make up were negotiated ad naseum in an attempt by each side to gain some advantage. Apparently neither candidate was involved in the negotiations because the didn't seem to give a shit about their own agreed upon "format" once things got rolling.
  • Dan Rather was a pussy, he should have scolded them for their excesses of time.
  • This town hall format was supposed to favor McCain, at least that's what all the "experts" were claiming...they were seriously wrong on that. The reason they thought that is because McCain is known for setting up just these kind of meetings up to interface with his followers. Since he's setting those meetings up it means that he is playing to a favorable crowd that isn't under the direction to not react to the candidates. Last night McCain was telling jokes to a crowd that was not laughing....there's nothing worse than a bombed joke, and I'm not talking about "bomb bomb bomb Iran", it just felt awkward.
  • McCain looked REALLY OLD. I knew this time was coming, I didn't see it as much during the "static" first debate but seeing them moving around on the same stage set them in such stark contrast. I appreciate the fact that McCain is aged beyond his years due to his time as a POW but he looked terrible next to Obama. The impression this left on me was far greater than any single thing that either man said.
  • I was watching the debate on CNN has I have every debate. They have this system on their HD broadcast where their panel of partisan experts blindly rate each candidate during the course of the debate. Interestingly they rarely actually make mention of those numbers after the debate, it's interesting because in both cases Obama was WAY ahead by the accounts of their own experts. Obama even beat McCain according to some of CNN's experts that claim to be right leaning.
  • Also CNN continued to show a view of the stage once the debate was finished. McCain and his fembot left the stage relatively quickly, giving the audience what seemed like a perfunctionary thank you. The Obamas stayed on the stage for at least an additional twenty minutes talking with the audience panel, shaking hands and posing for pictures. It was a deft move on their part that I hope was noticed by more poeple than just me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008



Large Hardon Collider

Never learn

This should really piss you off. First, the executives of AIG ran their company into the ground so thoroughly that the Government had to step in and take over the business so that the company's failure would collapse the GLOBAL economy. So after accomplishing that feat, as well as loser BILLIONS of their investor's money, they decided that they needed to take a little vacation.

That is stunning, and I don't care if you try to make the argument that the trip was planned and payed for before the shit hit the fan...they should have cancelled it.

It's a global thing

The United States isn't the only place where backward racist idiots roam the streets. Here's a story from the UK about a man who was shot for wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt by a white, racist asshole.

Of course there is one amusing thing about this story when you compare it to the United States. In this country if you see the headline "Man shot three times in street..." you instantly think that this guy has to be dead or dying. Well, in the UK that headline can mean getting shot by a "gas-powered ball-bearing pistol"....yes, a BB gun.

If you've got the nerve to shoot me with BB gun you better either be a lot bigger than me or a lot faster. Otherwise you're getting a collapsible baton up your ass.

You can't buy taste

Talk about attack of the Nouveau riche, Russian is the new capital of flaunting your complete lack of taste.

Opportunity lost

Here's a great article about how the Bush administration (or Army Command, you choose) bumbled the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Here's the video of the interview with the heavily disguised leader of the Delta Force team that was in Afghanistan searching for Bin laden.

Normally I would question random videos from guys claiming to have been in charge of a Delta Force team. But take one look at this guys eyes....he has seen some serious shit.

The smear begins

John McCain can sleep well at night and keep flashing that false smile of his in public because his hands are clean. But his campaign managers are the same guys that worked for Geroge W. Bush back in 2000, you know the ones that went to great lengths to turn public opinion against their current boss and then Al Gore. That staff only knows one way to run a campaign, the more dirty and personal the better..

This crack team has finally shown the reason they chose Sarah Palin for the running mate. She can wink and smile her way into the hearts and minds of the ignorant while spewing the dirtiest rhetoric about Obama that they can dig up.

So much for raising the level of this campaign, thanks Senator McCain. Of course his "base" now only consists of neo-cons, right wing nutjobs and rascists....maybe he's just playing to his base.

Palin wants to go back to trying to discredit Obama by rehashing the shit about Reverend Wright. Maybe she should keep quiet considering her very intimate contact with Thomas Muthee, the African Witch Hunter.

Of course Olberman is much more eloquent than I am on such matters...

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm going to be sick.

The complete and unflattering life of Presidential Candidate, John McCain. To call this story unflattering would me a massive understatement. I'm not so sure that Sarah Palin wouldn't be a better choice for President. McCain was born with a silver spoon wedged in his mouth, Palin had an antler.

Seriously, that article is a fascinating read.


This cop has got some serious reflexes.

King of the idiots.

The Bush cronies never learn, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson has selected someone to be in charge of dispensing OUR $700 billion. This guy is one of Paulson former Goldman Sachs cronies....what a fucking surprise.

They're back

Here's another crazy car detailer thread. This time the subject is a one of a kind "Gulf Racing" blue Porsche Carrera GT. Personally, I like the blue but it looks better when combined with orange stripes.

A question of expertise

Who would you trust to repair your new car?
  1. A guy with a jack and a toolbox in the Walmart parking lot
  2. A trained professional mechanic with his own shop?
Who would you trust to perform you heart surgery?
  1. A Doctor that graduated from Johns Hopkins and spent years as a trauma surgeon
  2. A "Doctor" that got his degree from the American Univerity of the Caribbean in St. Maarten and is a really good surfer?

Who would you trust to be your Vice President......

Her own aides claim that she is "the world's worst multitasker". Can you imagine ANY job that would rely more heavily on the ability to multitask than being the President of the United States?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Worth a thousand words

Mother of the year.....and what the fuck is she wearing?

Friday, October 3, 2008



small branch falls on powers casues big trouble on

You're welcome.

Do you feel $850 billion dollars poorer? You should.

Is he Bipolar?

Watch this shit.

I'm convinced that John McCain is either Bipolar or has some kind of Multiple Personality Disorder. He wants to go on TV and defame the members of the Senate...HE IS A MEMBER OF THE FUCKING SENATE. He calls a bill "insanity and obscenity" and that it must be stopped...then VOTE NO Senator! You were one of 99 people that could have stopped that bill but you still chose not to. I guess that makes him both insane and obscene.

He wants to run his campaign on the ideal that he is anti-pork and then turns around and supports one of the most egregious examples of Pork Barrel spending that has ever hit the Senate floor. Are you kidding me? Basically, he's saying that he'll be anti-pork unless its his kind of pork....fucking hypocrite.

And Joe Scarborough, you floor flushing piece of shit, you should be even more ashamed of your low-life ass than ever. The mere idea that people think he has some kind of journalistic integrity is so offensive that it makes me want to vomit. Just sitting there kissing McCain's ass when he should be hammering him for talking like a total douchebag.

You betcha!

I'm going to say that to everyone....DARN RIGHT!!

Stop!! It hurts!

Watch this video, especially from 2:30-3:30.

That's some funny shit.

Come on future!

I've talked about Aptera before and their forthcoming Typ-1 fully electric vehicle. It's been a while since they've made any news and I was beginning to wonder if they might have become a casualty of our current financial climate.

Apparently they've been hard at work at a complete rework of the Typ-1 that they were showing off previously. I was under the impression that the Typ-1 was ready for limited production and sale but it looks like that was not the case.

Here's a comparison picture of the previous Typ-1 and the forthcoming "production" Typ-1. It appears that the overall size of the vehicle has guess is they needed more space for batteries. There was a rumor that they were not hitting their range estimates in the previous configuration.

Shattered dreams

Well, Sarah Palin didn't suffer from a breakdown....sigh. She did better than I expected but I still think she's getting a free ride from the press because she didn't sound THAT good. She continued to dodge questions, always returning to energy which is apparently her comfort zone. Then there's the winking, what is this fucking speed dating or a Presidential election? And is it just me or do you want to throw heavy objects every time she says the word "maverick" with that crooked smile and silly little head bobble.

The sad thing is that all of her "folksy" speak (aka poorly educated hill people language) appeals to a lot of people. Specifically, it appeals to small town middle American people....the same people that won't vote for Obama because he's black. Mark my words; this election is going to be determined by racist morons and fearful old people. Everyone reading this knows at least one person that won't vote for Obama because he's black and that's just sad. Here's a passionate and reasoned speech about the evils of this racism.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


The best Wiki page ever.

List of common misconceptions.

What the?

You'd think that a giant crane would have a parking brake or something.

I have a dream

Wouldn't it be awesome if Sarah Palin had a "Runaway Bride" moment today and just bailed? The second best scenario would be an actual mental or physical breakdown on stage.

I bet someone thinks that's a sexist comment. Eat me, men can cry too you heartless bitches.

Where it hurts

Looks like the first casualities of the credit crunch (outside of the financial industry) are going to be car dealers not the car companies. Not only is it getting harder for individuals to get car loans but a lot of people are staying out of dealerships due to job uncertainty. Compound that with the fact that the dealers themselves are having problems securing the financing (typically short term) needed to buy cars from the manufacturers....bad news all the way around.

Time warp.

Back in the early days of the Personal Computer there were a lot less things you could do with your unbelievably expensive "toy". You could play some of the games of the day but until Doom came along they were pretty least graphically. I don't think that anyone under the age of 30 can really appreciate just how far the graphics power of the PC has evolved in the last 15 years.

Circa 1992 the most amazing thing that you could run on your computer was a Demo. Today a Demo is typically a free version of software that you download to get an idea about how that software works. But back in the day the term "Demo" meant a program that you could run that was an amazing feat of programming featuring crazy graphics and bumping techno music. Here's my favorite from the legendary programming group, Future Crew....the title is Unreal.

That's right, 15 years ago we stood around a computer mesmerized by what is basically the visualizer from iTunes or Windows Media Player. But at the time this shit was amazing.

This art form still exists today in the form of Assembly, basically a continuation of the old Demoscene led by old members of Future Crew. Every summer they host a conference and give out awards for various Demoscene competitions. Check out the winner of the Assembly 2008 demo competition called Within Epsilon.

This has also spawned an entire genre of "pre-visualized" music videos where programmers take a song and render an amazing visual ballet to accompany it. Here's my absolute favorite called Solar by a programmer called flight404....

Solar, with lyrics. from flight404 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Watch out criminals.


Today I decided that soon there will be either a financial or zombie apocalypse. That got me thinking about what you might need to survive after the collapse of society.

So here are the things that I think every "Palin/Rove in 2012" survival kit must have, in no particular order.
Anyone else got any ideas?


The "Hyper Car" market is flooded these days so most of the exotic marques are looking for ways to increase their market share. There are at least three "Hyper Saloons" coming down the pipe that intend to give you and now three of your snobbiest friends the rides of your life. First to market will most likely be the Porsche Panamera, continuing the offenses of the Cayenne to the Porsche faithful. Next will be the Aston Martin Rapide, which looks like a stretch DB9. Now Lamborghini is throwing their hat in the ring with the Esoque.

Meh. Can't wait until Ferrari tries to pull of this four door bullshit and their "fans" burn the factory down.

The tough questions

The New Yorker
Business Week
The New York Times
Mad Magazine
The Inquirer
Guns N' Ammo

What do all of those publications have in common? Sarah Palin can't remember if she reads any of them.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Maybe she just doesn't know how to read. I mean it's not like she's got a degree in Journalism or something....right?
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