Friday, July 25, 2008

He's got it all wrong!

I admit that Johnny Depp is a pretty interesting guy in addition to being a talented actor. Apparently, as is the fashion these days, he is also a "friend" to the environment and has decided to run his new private island on solar power. He should have bought and island with a volcano that way he could have had endless geothermal power AND a perfect place for a secret lair.

WTF Captain Sparrow, where are you're priorities man? You should have focused on island defense first! At minimum you need some kind of mine field surrounding the island and a shark-based laser weapons system. This is really elementary school Evil Island Lair stuff. It sucks that I can't afford a private island, it would be a place to fear and dread not someplace with limitless free energy and bunnies to hug.

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