Friday, July 31, 2009

Kill it with fire!!

WTF! Chrysler has decided that their abysmal attempt at a small car, the PT Cruiser, will continue to be built. Much to the delight of retirees nation wide. I guess it's still better than the Caliber.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Universities and Corporations the world over spend billions of dollars every on environmental science research every year. They are all trying to develop the next great technology for recycling to help save us all from drowning in our own trash. Of course some High School kid has figured out a way to break down waste plastic faster than all of those fools.

Still hot

Tiffani "Amber" Thiessen is still smoking hot.....and funny too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Microsoft's highly anticipated (especially by me) Windows 7 operating system isn't publicly available yet but it has already been cracked by nefarious pirates in China. Effectively this means that if you were so inclined to search for an "RTM" version of Windows 7 on the torrent networks you could then crack it to a fully functional Ultimate version.

Christmas has come early.

Creepy shit

Why wouldn't your loved ones want a 3D reproduction of your head in which to keep your eternal remains? Fucking creepy, staring at you with those dead eyes....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AT&T's bitch.

Well, Apple is officially AT&T's bitch. Come on Apple....grow a fucking spine.

Who needs whom in this relationship? Personally I think it's time for Apple to end its exclusivity agreement with AT&T and just sell the iPhone outright for any carrier. The only technology that is bespoke, from a carrier stand point, to the iPhone is Visual Voice Mail.

After the latest OS3.0 update I'm 90% satisfied(fucking battery life is still a joke) with my iPhone but AT&T continues to find new and exciting ways to let me down. Horrible 3G coverage, lackluster 3G speeds and customer service that makes me long for the Spanish Inquisition. Where is my tethering support and MMS you useless bastards?!!!!

Well duh.

Finally someone has figured out that a jet turbine powered hybrid car would not only be BAD ASS but really efficient as well. Ever wonder why jet engines ushered in the era of air travel? They have so many advantages over internal combustion engines.
  • Much more fuel efficient than ICE (given similar loads).
  • Power to weight ratio is much better (weight is the worst enemy of MPG.
  • Much smaller than an ICE at similar power levels.
  • Can literally burn anything as fuel. Alcohol, kerosene, ethanol, bio-fuel, etc.
There are some drawbacks though.

  • Generate massive amounts of heat. Easy problem to solve on a airplane traveling 500MPH but a different story when you're stuck in traffic on the highway.
  • Really god damned loud and hard to muffle without seriously effecting power.
  • Expensive to produce compared to ICE. Jet turbines require exotic metals and materials due to the high heat and extreme tolerances of the moving parts.
  • No one wants to be near an 80,000RPM turbine if it comes apart.

Neighbors...LOL v2.0

Remember a the story a couple weeks ago about the psycho that was insisting that his neighbors lawn chairs were eyesores? Well the story continues and even more hilarity ensues.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy Russians

Read this insane story.

Those are some crazy SOBs.

Logic FAIL!

Watch him squirm!! I thought that the word of god was all that matters!!!!

Honestly...this makes more sense than his answer.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm on a Aziz Ansari kick.....this is hilarious a re-enactment of one of the pivotal scenes in Point Break.

<a href="" target="_new" title=""RENO 911!" and Human Giant Cinemash "Point Break"">Video: "RENO 911!" and Human Giant Cinemash "Point Break"</a>

Oh and that is a Chrysler TC by Maserati.....not a Lebaron. I hope they do Roadhouse next!

Buckets o' sunshine

This made me LOL. A very brief and humorous account of World War II.

Trippin' BALLS!

WTF? It's confusing as all hell.....


This video is beautiful. It was shot on the amazing Canon 5D Mark wants!!! How crazy is it that a $2500 camera can shoot video of this quality.

I can dig it.

A recent Time Magazine online poll asked the question, who is America's most trusted newscaster? Based on the results of the entire country, Jon Stewart won the poll with 44% of those responding picking him as the most trusted. I actually agree, never underestimate the power of satire and comedic genius. I also think that among younger people the fact that Stewart uses expletives, albeit censored, lends more gravity to his reporting on topics. Sorry old youngin's like to say "fuck" a lot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's called The Constitution

Why are these people still allowed to breed? There is no such thing as "good" censorship and your definition of acceptable content does NOT matter in the least. It is a PUBLIC library not a MAJORITY library or a CONSERVATIVE library, its purpose is to serve THE PUBLIC at large. Librarians have a responsibility to educate to public not regulate what content your child comes into contact with.

Just because you don't have the time, patience or intelligence to teach your child how to be a critical thinker doesn't mean that every other child has to suffer. Go ahead and shelter your child and keep them from the all the bad things in the world. You'll end up with a small clone of yourself with all the same neurosis and hangups.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frowny face

The F-22 is an amazing achievement in aviation design but the sad truth is that it's rapidly becoming outdated. Even more important, the mission it was designed for just doesn't exist anymore. With satellite and GPS guided weapons becoming more advanced every year the need for a "deep penetration" aircraft has nearly disappeared. That's why Congress is pulling the plug much to the Pentagon's delight. Is the F-35 a better airplane? Maybe not in the role of outright aire superiority but it does a lot more for a whole lot less.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Damn you cancer!

MCA (aka Adam Yauch) of the Beastie boys has announced today that he has been diagnosed with a treatable form of throat cancer.

Get well soon MCA!

How fucking sweet is it that these guys can release a very personal and REAL message like this without some PR speak bullshit press conference. Thanks YouTube!!

Watch out Tesla.

Mercedes has announced that there will be an all electric version of its forthcoming SLS supercar. The leaked photos of the new SLS are pretty enticing and an electric version should have a very negative effect on sales of Tesla's roadster....


Part 2 of the Raaaaaaaandy mockumentary.....NSFW!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The fun has just begun

Sarah Palin claims that she's been holding back because of her official position. She's promising to take the gloves of political correctness off once she has left the Governors office. This sounds like endless hours of comedy gold laced with lots of blinking and folksy wisdom.

The anticipation is killing me.

It's kind of funny

What an asshole thief.

Seriously though who the hell leaves cash, credit cards and their driver's license in the car?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Making it rain.

The plight of professional football's so sad.

Dropping $100K on strippers in one night? That's insane.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Oh Glenn Beck....why aren't you taking your thorazine? Go to about 3:00 minutes and enjoy!

Have fun in the unemployment line.

Talk about picking a really bad time to cop a bad attitude.....what a douchebag. You're dealing with people under extreme stress so it MAY be likely that you're going to hear some naughty language.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's bible fun.

I love well constructed arguments that point out the dichotomy of religion in the modern world. If you're going to quote the bible be prepared to defend its goofy side.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here is another great edition of Autotune the News! This isn't the first time that I have laughed out loud at the insane hag known as Michelle Bachman but it is the first time that I haven't spontaneously vomited while she spoke! +1 for crazy old bag powers!

Everyone needs a DJ

This is hilarious and NSFW.

Great Comeback


Very interesting

Here is another fantastic TED lecture. Stewart Brand is one of the fathers of the modern Environmentalist movement. Some of things he advocates are considered heresy by some of his younger compatriots but to me his ideas make far more sense than leaving in a yurt and eating raw vegetables. Maybe there is something to be said for the measured wisdom of old age versus the mindless thrashing about of the younger green movement generation.

I love how people are finally realizing that the evil specter of nuclear power is now considered more environmentally friendly than burning trillions of tons of coal every year. The concept of geoengineering is fascinating and will probably end up being one of the fastest growing fields of study over the next century.

Monday, July 13, 2009

One lucky bastard

Gerard Butler is a lot like Hugh Jackman. An extremely talented actor, a gifted singer and an obscenely good looking man*. Turns out he sounds like he's actually a really interesting guy with an even more interesting background. This article in Esquire is so good it almost has me convinced to subscribe.

*Don't push your homophobic insecurities on me. If you watched 300 and didn't think to yourself, GOD DAMN that guy looks like he was hewn from granite then you're lying to yourself super heterosexual man!


Ah the joys of having neighbors. I would post the picture of the enormous piece of shit "playhouse" that one of neighbors built in his FRONT yard but he's the kind of douche that would sue for libel or some bullshit.

It can't possibly be true.

WTF!!!! This is a real magazine, Girls & Corpses. That's right, scantly clad girls posing with the deceased.

Thanks to Current TV's Infomania for that one. You should be watching.

Young Republicans....FAIL!

Wow, the Young Republicans have really shown just how progressive they are by elected a new leader for a bold new tomorrow. First of all, it's sad that 38 years old is considered young for the GOP. Second, this woman is either pathologically stupid or a racist asshole. Either way....just wow.

If you have any political aspirations whatsoever then maybe you should just avoid the whole social networking scene. Most politically minded people are too stupid to edit their tweets, blogs and comments in order to avoid these pitfalls. And no....there is no public office in my future.

The gathering storm

This could turn out to be the longest election cycle in US least in the way it makes the country feel. The increasingly disgruntled GOP seems determined to champion a(nother?) high functioning moron for their next Presidential candidate. At least with Bush we had the nefarious genius of Dick Cheney pulling the strings but who would be Palin's puppetmaster? This is a great New York Times article about where the GOP is heading.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This goes to 11.

Check out this soon to be released documentary about the electric guitar, It Might Get Loud. I'm not the biggest Jack White fan but you have to appreciate the man's love of his instrument.

Reinventing the steel

The re-birth of Jaguar continues with the all new XJ. To say that the new XJ is a departure from the model it replaces would be a gross understatement. The flagship sedan has evolved a lot over the last forty years but there was a definite familiarity across its generations. The new model draws its styling from the smaller XF sedan that was launched last year and does so quite successfully. I'm sure the Jag faithful while breath a sigh of sadness to see the classic XJ styling put to rest, it was the last remaining "pure" Jaguar design.

The interior is where the new car really shines. Jag is one upping the German competition with some serious integrated entertainment systems and a new virtual instrument panel that replaces the analog gauges with a 12" high definition LCD screen. That allows for complete customization of the gauge cluster.....that's awesome. BMW better wake up and realize that this high tech interior trend is not just a fad. It was okay for them to not compete when it was just the upstart Japanese luxury brands stuffing their cars full of LCD panels but when Jaguar makes you look low tech and stodgy you have a serious problem.

BTW....Reinventing the Steel was a great Pantera album as well.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Smart guy...

This esquire interview with Jeb bush purports that he is "the smarter Bush boy". However, his responses made me think of the kid that is always finishing last but still gets a blue ribbon for effort. I have no doubt that he's smarter than George W. but there are people with severe brain injuries that can make the same claim.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Epic racist FAIL!

Now this is some old school hard core racism. It's just wrong on so many levels. I'm sure Al Sharpton will come calling as soon as he is done "grieving" for Michael Jackson.

Mexico, FTW!

I wish the Onion News Network was real.....

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes

Shiny and New

Google has finally made it official, there will be a Google Operating System. Chrome OS is based on the multiplatform Chrome browser and the Android framework that was developed for mobile phones. It will take a while to see how this shakes out but you can be sure that Microsoft will pay the dearest price. Cheap Linux distributions on hugely popular netbooks have already seriously eaten into Microsoft's bottom line even if most people still opt for Windows on these computers. With the weight of the Google brand associated, this could be the death knell for windows in the cheap PC (think sub-$400) market. It's hard to justify a $75-100 OEM Windows license for laptop hardware that MIGHT cost $200 to produce. Not to mention that having application portability between a laptop/netbook and a mobile phone would be a real possibility given the common platform.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scoop this!

Fucking Twitter. I don't have the same loathing for Twitter that I reserve for FaceBook but I still view Twitter has some form of apocalyptic harbinger. At least 99.8% of the traffic on Twitter is meaningless drivel composed with little care and even less thought. That is why this article, from the Christian Science Monitor of all places, grabbed my attention.

Even I will admit that my hatred of Twitter had blinded me to the raw potential of the service. Up until very recently Twitter's only real use (IMHO) was to try to define your meager existence, a shot in the dark that someone out there would actually care about your poorly composed 140 character ramblings. But recent events have given incredible legitimacy to Twitter as a means of gathering and disseminating information. Now you have the "major" media citing Tweets as sources of information about topics varying from civil unrest in Iran to celebrity deaths. No matter if the news anchor states that the information is unconfirmed, they are legitimizing Twitter as a source just by merely recognizing it...that's just wild. Of course the people that should really fear Twitter are Public Relations firms. Why pay some agency thousands of dollars to get your message out when Twitter is just as effective if not more so? But then that leads to absolute comedy gold like Sarah Palin's I'll sue your ass off Twitters of late...some people need a mouth piece to not sound like complete loons.

Twitter is already a way of broadcasting messages beyond the physical or virtual barriers erected by insular and oppressive governments then why would it not be worthy of a Nobel Prize?

No, you are an idiot.

Sarah Palin's crazy train just keeps on chugging down the track. She claims that she not a quitter, she's a fighter. Which would you say is a better fit?
Quitter \Quit"ter\, n.
1. One who quits.

Fighter \Fight"er\, n. [AS. feohtere.]
One who fights; a combatant; a warrior.

You see Sarah, when you quit a job that makes you a quitter. As for
being a fighter...does being bitchy really count as being a fighter?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Goodbye Old Friend

It appears that a dear old friend was finally put to rest as of June 30, 2009. CompuServe was finally put to rest after nearly 30 years of bringing people to the Internet. I have fond memories of getting on the Internet (at least the 80's version of it) using my father's CompuServe and Prodigy accounts via 2400 baud modem. Here's some more background about the history of CompuServe including some great classic ads.

That's got some kick

Here's a video of some guys pranking a friend. Best use of an air bag ever.

Clever Air Bag Couch Prank Launches Kid in The Air
This is a great way to get your girlfriend off her fat ass and into the kitchen or bedroom.
Get humor videos at NothingToxic

Casey Jones

What happens when you drive a freight train through a tornado? Watch this!

Don't let the door hit you on the ass..

The wicked witch of the North has hung up her broom, Sarah Palin quits on Alaska. Is she bat shit crazy or one smooth operator? Personally, I saw some deepening cracks in that well groomed veneer during that sham of a press conference. I think she has been deeply effected by living in the spotlight and has been shocked by the sharp criticism and very personal attacks that have been launched at her over the last year. She strikes me as a person that has always gotten what she wanted and always been fawned over by those around her. To be openly criticized, scrutinized and questioned is just not something that she's capable of coping with.

I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't clearly unstable and wielding an army of bored lawyers. Fuck that, I'll never feel sorry for her. You made the bed sweetheart, time to lie in it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the eighth day

On the eighth day god created the Creation Museum in Kentucky. This has long been one of my favorite places to bash for it's complete lack of worth to humanity. The version of history that they teach there flies in the face of every sane person and I firmly believe that their patrons should be tagged before being released back into the wild. These people are far too dangerous to be allowed to wonder among us unsupervised.

What triggered my slumbering hatred for religious ignorance was this great story in the New York Times. It seems that there was a Paleontological Convention at the nearby University of Cincinnati and some of the attendees thought it would be a real hoot to visit the nearby center for creationist history. Among this group were scientists from around the world and most were shocked with the ideals presented by the museum.

I love the defense that is put forth by the "scientific experts" that designed the museum. They are generally treated like lepers within the scientific community for their inane "young Earth" theory that the world is only 6000 years old. Ignoring hundreds of years of geological research and observation about things like volcanism,sedimentary deposition and the fossil record. And don't get them started on modern witchcraft like carbon dating, those are just god's way of testing your faith after all. They always use the same argument, you can't understand our position because you don't believe. You believe that an invisible man in the sky created the entire universe in six days....of course I don't believe you, you're obviously an idiot.

What the hell?

Again.....Japan is one strange place.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pray for rain

Watch this:

Is your eye twitching like mine right now? WHAT THE FUCK! Another great act in Glenn Beck's cavalcade of morons.
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