Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Her own reality

Sarah Palin still has no idea about what the Vice President actually does. Well at least that's how it appears if you actually read The Constitution...or more importantly believe in The Constitution.

Perhaps there's a reason for this lack of understanding. You see Palin has spent the last few weeks being reprogrammed by the GOP Gestapo. These guys believe in Dick Cheney's definition of the VP's job roles. If there's one thing that Dick Cheney has no time for, it's The Constitution.


Kirby Kalbaugh said...

Holy shit batman she's crazy.

RRR said...

I like her Michael Jackson Thriller jacket....I keep waiting for her to Moonwalk.

RRR said...

LOL....did you watch the Daily Show? John Stewart made the same Thriller joke....maybe he's reading my blog.

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