Friday, October 24, 2008

Whatever Comcast

Comcast is talking loudly about their push to implement the DOCSIS 3.0 standard for the cable modem network. This will give them a proposed 50Mbps at the highest tier in an attempt to compete with Verizon's FIOS. Problem is that Comcast is going to charge you $149/month for that service and they are still forcing the 250GB/month data cap on you.

There are three big problems with this:
  1. Comcast as already oversold their existing Docsis 2.X network to where it can barely deliver it's advertised performance. Can you imagine what throwing connections that are five times faster into the mix is going to do?
  2. At 50Mbps you could eat up your entire monthly data cap of 250GB in just 22 days....
  3. Where is all this bandwidth coming from? I thought they were already at the bandwidth limits of what their mostly copper networks could handle. How are they going to offer 100 channels of HD television AND 50Mbps data? Something's not right there.

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