Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've given myself a few hours to stew over last night's debate. I even refrained from watching the post-debate "analysis" so I wouldn't taint my own opinions about each candidates performance.

I'm sorry Senator McCain but you just come across as mad and/or mean. Personally, this moment is my favorite from all of this year's debates.

That look, that's either blind anger because he thinks Obama is lying OR he's dumbfounded because he has no understanding of his opponent's position. Either way, that look will end up defining the failure of John McCain's campaign.

Then there is the anger that McCain showed, which probably wouldn't have been as evident if Obama hadn't been so cool and collected. But Obama's demeanor just put a huge focus on McCain's infantile responses, gestures and creepy mannerisms.

Sorry Senator, George Bush stole your one and only chance back in 2000.

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