Friday, October 3, 2008

Is he Bipolar?

Watch this shit.

I'm convinced that John McCain is either Bipolar or has some kind of Multiple Personality Disorder. He wants to go on TV and defame the members of the Senate...HE IS A MEMBER OF THE FUCKING SENATE. He calls a bill "insanity and obscenity" and that it must be stopped...then VOTE NO Senator! You were one of 99 people that could have stopped that bill but you still chose not to. I guess that makes him both insane and obscene.

He wants to run his campaign on the ideal that he is anti-pork and then turns around and supports one of the most egregious examples of Pork Barrel spending that has ever hit the Senate floor. Are you kidding me? Basically, he's saying that he'll be anti-pork unless its his kind of pork....fucking hypocrite.

And Joe Scarborough, you floor flushing piece of shit, you should be even more ashamed of your low-life ass than ever. The mere idea that people think he has some kind of journalistic integrity is so offensive that it makes me want to vomit. Just sitting there kissing McCain's ass when he should be hammering him for talking like a total douchebag.

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