Monday, August 3, 2009

The unrelenting silence

Maybe it is the ultimate compliment to our Constitution and the ideals that the United States were founded on that there is more concern about corporate censorship rather than censorship by The State. Our numerous news outlets are extremely adept at pointing the glaring light of truth at foreign governments but at some point they all have a self interest to serve.

In the last few decades the self supported or public supported media outlets (AP, Reuters,BBC) have lost a great deal of their influence as the news has morphed into something more akin to entertainment. These corporate sponsored news networks are subject to the whims of their businessmen masters as evidenced by the link above. The twenty-four hour news cycle means that they have so much air time to fill that most of their content is pure opinion with little or no factual content...punctuated by blatant product placement.

Corporate censorship may actually be more insidious than censorship by the Government in this country. There are a lot of laws that actually protect the corporation's right to censure their employees...isn't freedom grand.

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