Friday, August 14, 2009

Down but never out.

Hopefully the unfairly maligned Vista Operating System was Microsoft's low point. They are on quite a roll these days. First, the Bing search engine has done far better than most expected and really is a true competitor to Google. Second, they've successfully brought Yahoo into the fold which can only improve their online presence. Third, Windows 7 is unbelievably good. I have been playing with the final shipping version for a week now and it is everything a Windows OS should be.

So with all that said, Microsoft's Zune has always been considered an also ran and has never been able to touch Apple's market share with the iPod. However, there is a brand new Zune HD coming next month and it looks flat-out amazing. The first video is how the Zune HD works on its own navigating media on it's gorgeous OLED screen. The second video is the Zune HD connected to a 60 inch plasma TV...the interface is a thing to behold.

A portable, pocket-sized device that looks that good is just crazy. Ten years ago this would have been considered witchcraft.

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