Friday, August 14, 2009

Clunk you.

First of all, damn you CNN!! Either allow your video to be embedded or not it is seriously annoying that some are and some aren't.

Some people's lack of knowledge of automobiles is truly frightening, but when it is your job to produce a piece of news that is going to be seen by the general public maybe you should take some care. First, it's not a "BEEturbo" there douchebag it's a "BUYturbo" because it has TWO fucking turbos...Wikipedia is your friend. Second, just because Maserati is now cool again thanks to douchebag friendly shows like Entourage that doesn't mean that ALL Maseratis are good. That Biturbo has a lovely interior and is a reasonably good looking car but do not be fooled!! It is truly evil and deserves to be crushed along with the multitudes of Ford Explorers. As a matter of fact I'll let the always eloquent Jeremy Clarkson speak for me.

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