Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now that is a great idea

I own a gun and I was even a member of the NRA for a few years. I believe that the second amendment is a right that every American should guard as jealously as the first amendment. That being said....don't bring your fucking assault rifle to a peaceful protest you enormous jackass. On what level does that make sense to anyone? Your not going to a Bloods and Crips rally....ITS FUCKING HEALTH CARE!! Do you think that the FBI is going to round up all of the anti health care reform protesters and put them in front of a death panel?

The average American does not own an assault rifle and unless you live in a REALLY bad part of town it is probably overkill. Let's be clear, I'm not trying to infringe on your RIGHT to OWN that weapon but maybe you should exercise some common fucking sense. Go ahead an draw attention to assault weapons with a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress in power. Fucking morons....you deserve another assault weapon ban if you going to do stupid shit like this.

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