Monday, August 10, 2009

I lied.

Health Care is a fucking joke.

  • Does everyone have the right to good health care? No.
  • Who should decide who can get care then? Right now even if you pay for health care there is still some douchebag insurance company employee that decides what you can and can't have. Kind of like an asshole bartender that cuts you off after your third Jack and Coke. The difference is that the bartender doesn't get a bonus from their employer for NOT selling drinks.
  • Can the Government better manage health care? Who the fuck knows but it's worth a try given the fact that the current system is dysfunctional on so many levels.
If you get cancer and you can't pay for the treatment then guess what? The cancer is going to fucking kill you, tough shit. Fifty years ago cancer was a death sentence. Now, in many cases, it is treatable and survivable given the fact that it will bankrupt all but the richest of people....even if you HAVE insurance.

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