Sunday, August 10, 2008

Suicide king

There is a new king of suicide. Talk about doing it with style, this guy as certainly taken the cake. Too bad there's no CCTV footage, he should have planned better, because that would have been crazy shit to see.

I declare this guy is the winner until someone manages to set themselves on fire then jump off of a six story building and land on five running chainsaws.

The story is actually interesting. This successful businessman married a girl 20 years younger than him (trophy wife, though she looks like a leather hand bag) and didn't get some kind of prenuptial agreement. Once she got tired of droopy balls and lax skin she left and took him to the cleaners. He decides that since the legal system has sided with her he's only got one way to even the score; he runs up huge amounts of debt, cancels his life insurance policy and then cancels his life. BRILLIANT!

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