Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Half pint

Here's a good slide show/story about 10 small European cars that we can't buy in this country. With the exception of the Renault (build quality) and the Mercedes (over-priced), all of these cars would sell reasonably well IF they were available to buy.

Teenagers with bad hair and Fall Out Boy addictions would line up for either of the Fords. Girls that only know their cars by what color they are would be right at home with the Mazda2 (really just a Eurospec Fiesta underneath). Snotty suburbanite soccer moms would zip to their local Star$s for over priced Lattes in the trendy Alfa or Fiat (again same car underneath). Not sure who would buy the Opel/Vauxhall...axe murders? That leaves the awesome Civic and Sirocco for those of us that like a car that knows how to tickle your nether regions.

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