Thursday, November 5, 2009

RIP PC Gaming

The Call of Duty series of games has been huge over the last few years selling millions of copies on virtually every platform out there. Not all of the version have been produced by the Infinity Ward but most agree the best versions of the game have been made by them.

They got their start making Call of Duty primarily for the PC because when the original game debuted that was the only good way to support online multiplayer. Then along came Xbox Live and for a while it was just kind of a joke compared to playing multiplayer games on a PC. While XBOX Live has come a long way in the last few years, especially since the XBOX360 launch, there are still HUGE problems that prevent the service from being superior to true online multiplayer.

Well Infinity Ward has officially stabbed PC Gaming in the back. The latest Call of Duty game is a console game first and a PC game just by accident. They have stripped anything of value out of the PC version of the game and basically turned it into a game not worth buying. I was really looking forward to Modern Warfare 2 but now I could care less. It shouldn't come as a surprise because console gaming is growing rapidly while PC gaming as a whole is dying.

Playing any game on XBOX Live these days in an exercise in pain. The average XBOX Live user is some 12 year old spoiled little shit with a mouth like a sailor who only cares about talking about how badass he thinks he is....until his mom makes him logoff to do his homework.

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