Friday, November 20, 2009

I'd drive it.

Buick is on the road to recovery, GM has finally figured out that the award winning version of cars they sell in Europe are what people in THIS country want these days. The newest Buick Regal is a nearly 1:1 translation of the car GM sells in Europe as the Insignia and it looks really good. It's too bad that GM is the last one to wake up to the fact that Infiniti and Lexus have carved a serious chunk out of Buick's business over the last decade.


Anonymous said...

I think this car has pretty bad ass styling! I think I would buy one too!

RRR said...

Buick is swinging for the fences these days. I had a chance to ride in a Enclave recently, it was amazingly comfortable and beautiful inside. It makes a Lincoln Navigator feel like a victorian steam ship.

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