Monday, November 23, 2009

I'd drive the balls off of it!

Last week I blogged about the awesome new Buick Regal. The secret to the Regal's goodness is that GM finally figured out that selling the same cars in the US that they sell in Europe is a good idea. Well, the Opel Insignia that the Regal is based off of now has a new version coming to market in Europe. What's different? How's about 100 more horsepower and a trick Haldex AWD system? There's no reason why they shouldn't be able to bring this version over as well, it's the same basic power train that is in the new Cadillac SRX.

Can you imagine walking into a Buick dealership and seeing that thing with it's 20" wheels...


Anonymous said...

damn this is tuff looking.

RRR said...

I'd love to see the look on some guy driving a BMW 3 series when this thing blew his ass off the road....was that a fucking Buick?

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