Monday, November 23, 2009

It's WAR!

It looks like Rupert Murdoch's insane threats may have an evil genius twist to them. Murdoch has threatened to "de-list" all News Corp. content from Google because he wants to get payed more for the content. Of course the real reason is that News Corp. is either too lazy or just incapable of actually monetizing their own content for the web but that's just too embarrassing to admit.

So the mad hatter of old media is going to bring about a new media war by signing a deal for his content with Microsoft. Basically, Microsoft will fork over a pile of cash to News Corp. to have exclusive access to News Corp. content so that they can try to increase the market share of their new Bing search service. It could be a big win for Microsoft and may actually help them claw back some market share from Google.

However, the real winner is Rupert Murdoch. He gets the money for his content AND he gets to watch the two largest players in the search business go to war with each other.

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