Friday, November 13, 2009

The past is now.

Read this story from ARS Technica about a "computer company" named Blue Hippo. I remember seeing their commercials on late night TV and thinking, how the hell does that work? Apparently their business model did not work as advertised and they were just stealing peoples money.

My first "real" job after college was working for a company that sold home business computer systems for astronomical sums of money. The company overcharged for everything, in the mid 90's they were charging people $10-$20K for hardware and software that was "guaranteed" to make them a fortune from the comfort of their own home. Officially, my job title was technical support specialist. I spent endless hours on the phone helping people try to use the bloated, poorly written software and sub standard computer hardware.

It was frustrating job and most nights (I worked the 2-10PM graveyard shift) I was more of a shoulder to cry on for these people. It was obvious that most of them had been swindled into spending their life savings on a complete scam. After about nine months I was able to find a much better job and walk away from the misery that was that den of jackals.

About a year after I left the Federal Trade Commission levied a huge fine against the business and cited them for false advertising and being douchebags in general. All in all it was a really shitty way to start out my career.


Shane said...

ahhhhhhh, The good times of that company. I too worked there. Boy what a fun place to work. One thing you have to admit was that the dilbert principle was in full effect there, and the support calls at times were the funniest things you've ever heard.

Still won't forget the person that was trying to move the mouse by holding it up to the screen in mid air. That call to me so long I think I was on the phone with them the full 'graveyard' shift.

RRR said...

My favorite was the advice that the only way to get rid of the hum in the modem/voice card was to ground it to your water pipes....that was funny shit.

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