Friday, September 25, 2009

Just make it already!

I posted a few weeks back about the ongoing saga of a movie based on the Halo video game series. This week saw the release of yet another Halo game called Halo 3:ODST which is apparently selling like hotcakes, so where is the damn movie? The Halo universe is obviously compelling and more than capable of bringing in the cash.

Peter Jackson and the Neill Blomkamp were working on the original concept for the Halo movie until the studio bean counters got concerned that the budget was out of control for the project. I'm sure those same studio execs are crying themselves to sleep after seeing how successful (and fucking awesome) the Jackson/Blomkamp production of District 9 has done in the theaters. Blomkamp has gone on to say that he now has no interest in going back to the Halo franchise...with the success of District 9 this guy can call his own shots now.

So is the Halo movie franchise cursed or dead? Sure Steven Spielberg is attached to this project now but is he going to direct it or just produce it? I just don't see him bringing the kind of "edge" to this project that it needs. Watching District 9 I can't help think that Blomkamp's Halo would have been amazing.

I made the bold claim that the Halo Believe ad that ran for the Halo 3 game was the best commercial that I had ever seen. The Director and team of people that were responsible for that advertisement created a new, and completely different, kind of ad for the new Halo 3:ODST game. This may even be better than the Believe ad...this team of people deserve a shot at making a Halo movie. This ad is more like a trailer for a movie than a trailer for a video game...

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