Friday, September 11, 2009

Almost perfect.

Since the new version of iTunes came out on Wednesday I've spent several hours playing with my iPhone and I have come to two conclusions.

First, I love my iPhone and I could not possibly comprehend life without it at this point. Second, I hate this fucking iPhone and I'm going to smash it will a shovel. That may seem somewhat schizophrenic to some of you but those of you that have and iPhone will probably agree. Here is my analysis of my iPhone.

  • The overall look an feel is fantastic. The build quality makes most other phones seem like cheap toys....I'm looking at you Nokia.
  • The interface (post software version 3.0) is a beautiful thing.
  • Apps, Apps, APPS! There are so many good apps out there it is overwhelming.
  • Great internet browser, only really limited by the screen size but it still works great.
  • The screen is fantastic for photos and video.
  • Battery life....what a fucking joke. You build a great device that I WANT TO USE and then cripple it with awful battery life. I've had my 3G for a year now and my battery won't make it a full day anymore with moderate use. I'll take a thicker, heavier device if it had 25%-50% better battery life or a swappable battery (what a novel concept).
  • Call quality sucks. That may be more AT&Ts problem than Apple but sometimes I sound like a U-Boat Commander on the bottom of the Atlantic.
  • No background apps. Come on Apple, if Palm can figure it out then you can. Of course I shudder to think what that would do to my craptastic battery life at this point but I want my damn IM client running in the background! Why should I keep shoveling money into AT&Ts pockets for text messages?
Other shit
  • Yes, I love the interface but I don't want to have to go three menus deep to turn on/off bluetooth or wifi. I can't run either one full time because of the previsouly mentioned shit battery life. How about adding a user selectable "switch" identical to the silent switch but on the opposite side? I would want to choose what function it performs but it could toggle wifi, bluetooth, or airplane mode. That would be so sweet.
  • And one more button that could serve has a general launcher. It could be a play/pause button or it could start the camera app or act has the "shutter" button for the camera. I know that Apple is fastidious about their design aesthetic but this could really improve usability.

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