Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fear Mongering Insanity

I'm sorry but Michelle Bachmann has come to symbolize for me everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. She uses hyperbolic statements to drive fear into the hearts and minds of the uninformed masses. She draws conclusions that are not only wrong but just plain fucking crazy. Watch this shit.

Here we go...
  1. SUVs are getting smaller because most people don't need a 20 foot long truck to go to work in. Also, most people can't afford to fill up the gas tank in that monster truck because of the financial disaster brought about by the previous administration's "head in the sand" economic policy.
  2. Of course Government Regulated energy would be more expensive...right? I mean look at what unregulated free market capitalism did to the energy market in California. Everyone looks back and agrees that Enron had it right!!
  3. I can only assume that her crazy food rant is in reference to the new Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 which was written to strengthen the FDA's ability to investigate cases of tainted food. Apparently she has no issue with you eating salmonella tainted peanut butter as long as you can eat as much as you want!!
Maybe if she spent less time grandstanding on television and on the House floor she'd have some time to actually do her job and READ THE FUCKING LEGISLATION THAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT.

Every time I hear the word "freedom" cross her lips I think of this scene from Braveheart. Not that I want to see her drawn and quartered of course.

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