Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fix something else

Walmart wants to crush it's competition and over the last 10-15 years it's done a pretty good job. Now Walmart wants to re-invent their stores to make them feel more upscale but still offer the same low prices.

My two biggest problems with Walmart are 1.) their employees and 2.) the people that shop there. Walmart can't fix the first one since they are unwilling (or financially adverse to) paying a decent wage to attract people that give a shit. They can't fix the second one because of the very nature of their lowest price business model naturally attracts the downtrodden.

It may be the elitist, Republican(reformed) Douchebag in me saying this but going to Walmart is fucking scary. My local stores are generally filled with child beaters, mouth breathers and incredibly fat people. Sprinkle some unhelpful meth-addicted "associates" on top and you have got a sociological experiment gone awry.

I'll spend a little extra to shop a Target...and keep my soul intact.

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