Thursday, January 21, 2010

That will help...

The Supreme Court may have opened the flood gates for corporations and other business entities to more thoroughly buy politicians. This is the extreme downside to the idea that corporations are entitled to the same Constitutional rights and protections as individual citizens. I'm not saying that corporations don't deserve protected speech rights but at what point does a deep pocketed multinational corporation have the ability to effectively drown out the voice of individual constituents or small local organizations?

I really disappointed that The Supreme Court as ruled in this manner because it is obvious that Congress is incapable of legislating these matters themselves. So much for checks and balances. The amount of money being paid to some Members of Congress is really sickening and if you don't think that it will ultimately result in a failure of the Democratic Process then you are an idiot. My personal favorite idea for removing the veil of bought politicians is the idea that they should be required to wear Nascar style uniforms with the names of their largest campaign contributors emblazoned on them. Or they should be required to talk like the Nascar guys do, "This bill was a really hard win but the Merck lobby team threw a ton of money at me and we greased this bitch right through committee."

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