Monday, January 25, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Firefox you are a great browser. You gave me shelter from the IE terrors for many years but it is time to bid you a fond farewell. Now, if you're first thought was dear god he's using IE8!! Someone stop him before it's too late! You need to smack yourself.

The new browser in my life is Google Chrome. I've been it right alongside Firefox for a while now because it was so much better at doing anything that required Flash support. Chrome also uses significantly less memory than Firefox and was a lot faster at almost anything. But I couldn't completely abandon Firefox because of all the great extensions that I just could live without. The latest 3.6 release of Firefox also upped performance quite a bit but it was still slower than Chrome.

Now, the latest release of Chrome supports extensions and nearly all of the ones I use daily are already available. I'm sorry Firefox but you are no longer my daily browser, we had some good times together. We can still be friends, I won't delete you.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a facebook entry.

RRR said... had nothing about bowel movements, genital warts or The Hills. That's a fucking facebook entry.

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