Friday, January 29, 2010

It all makes sense now.

Read this article about the iPad at Gizmodo.

All of the iPad's features and functions make sense now. Steve Jobs is advancing in years and it's inevitable that his focus has to shift with his perspective and world view. Don't forget that he has also spent the last few years fighting for his life due to his health problems. With those things in mind the iPad's function becomes all to clear, it's for old people that find existing computers too complex and overwhelming.

It can only do one thing at a time. It has a simple icon based, non customizable interface. It has an easy to use(relatively) content purchase and distribution system in iTunes. It has a ridiculously low resolution so that things will render nice and big on it's screen. It has a 4:3 display ratio which is familiar and comforting to people that grew up watching traditional SD television. It has a MASSIVE bezel that is easy to hold. The photo app is obviously central to the experience of the device given the lavish interface it has yet the device has no camera. Who likes to look at picture but not take them? OLD PEOPLE!

I'm still young dammit! I want a ridiculously high res display for my young eyes to watch HD content on. I want fucking widescreen because 4:3 just looks wrong to me anymore. I consider iTunes to be the worst product Apple has ever created from an interface and usability standpoint. Give me a more innovative way of holding this device instead of a MASSIVE black bezel which only serves to highlight the ridiculous 4:3 size of the display. I don't give two shits about looking at pictures I just need to have a camera to record any number of fucked up things I see everyday so that I can put them on YouTube! My young brain needs to MULTITASK or my ADHD will take over and I will kill everyone around me out of sheer fucking boredom!!

Some people are claiming that this is the first time that Apple has failed to deliver a device that meets the hype surrounding it. I think this is the first example of something even more sad, Steve Jobs is either loosing his edge or he his more interested now in a market that I just don't care about.

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