Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Monkey House

I've blogged before about the job I once had as a telephone tech support operator for the shady software company. Here's another little story about that trilling experience.

The company was based out of an old grocery story and was basically a two story building that looked like a barn. All of the telephone support people were located in a cube farm on the second floor and the first floor housed various offices, break rooms, shipping and the assembly room. The assembly room was where they built all of the computer systems and installed all of the software prior to shipping. There was a big picture window that allowed the douchebag salesmen to show touring clients what they were getting for the outrageous amount of money the company was charging. The window was a source of great amusement to those of us in the call center that actually knew something about the construction of computers.

You see, the people they paid to assemble the computers were mostly untrained, minimum wage mouth breathers that knew absolutely nothing about what they were actually doing. The room was also extremely loud because of all of the hard workbench surfaces, the blaring classic rock/country music and the constant arguing of the hillbillies as they toiled. One day while watching from the window with some of my co-workers I suddenly realized that they were like barely trained monkeys, howling and throwing shit at each other. So we started calling the assembly room The Monkey House...when the guy who ran the build crew found out he was was one of my few fond memories af that hell hole.

I realize now that it was cruel and unfair to refer to those under paid people as monekys.....yeah, unfair to fucking monkeys!! Watch this little guy, he's way faster than the people I worked with.

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