Friday, October 2, 2009

Word of the day

Today's word is: Pariah

I may despise Glenn Beck but I will give him credit for being a successful business person. Between his propaganda show on Fox News, radio addresses from his Berlin bunker and his manifesto quality books he has made a rather tidy fortune over the last few years. His TV and radio ratings are frighteningly good considering the vitriolic nature of his shows. That being said it should stand to reason that it is a publicists dream to get a unsolicited plug on one of his programs....or is it? Apparently the awesome rock band Muse didn't take to kindly to Beck's endorsement of their latest album titled The Resistance. Be sure to listen to the audio clip.

I love how Beck just laughs of the slight....deep down I think he knows how sad that really was. Even Lindsay Graham doesn't like Glenn's performances.

I more Glenn Beck posts today. I wonder what old Sarah Palin's up to?

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