Thursday, October 22, 2009

A cold wind is a blowin'

The Obama era FCC has shown that they are not afraid to take on broadband internet providers. I applaud the FCC for actually stepping up and realizing that Net Neutrality is absolutely essential to the continued growth of the Internet. However, broadband providers are not going to take this laying down and several CEOs have already come out saying that if they can't regulate their networks then Internet access will either get more scarce or more expensive.

The providers are going to try to screw you out of as much money has possible. I have no problem paying more for the Internet because I DO use far more bandwidth than the average user. But I have NO FAITH in them pricing the bandwidth in a fair way. They have consistently oversold and under-expanded their networks and now they want to squeeze their user base for every last nickel.

Maybe the Government will just decide to do what Finland did and make Broadband a legal right to all its citizens....that would really screw up their business model.

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