Friday, October 9, 2009


I would say that President Obama wining the the Nobel Peace Peace Prize came as quite a surprise to most people....actually everyone. At first I was a little pissed because quite frankly he doesn't deserve it, at least not yet. Also, this will most likely cause an groundswell of anti-Obama rants from the radical right and help to shift some of the right leaning people in the middle to go back to drinking the Republican Koolaid.

Personally, I think what this award really represents is an affirmation from the International community that he has their support. I think we, as a country, lost a lot of our international standing in the debacles that Bush created. Everyone in the world has a vested interest in America regaining it's status both economically and ethically.

It's just like the Olympics bullshit. People that hate Obama will jeer this as unbelievable and he doesn't deserve it when the reality is that the leader of our Nation just received the most prestigious international award that a person can win.

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