Friday, July 31, 2009

Kill it with fire!!

WTF! Chrysler has decided that their abysmal attempt at a small car, the PT Cruiser, will continue to be built. Much to the delight of retirees nation wide. I guess it's still better than the Caliber.


Anonymous said...

That is crazy. But you know what? Calibers are selling for over $40k USD in France!! They are $25k new in the states. Add another $1k to ship it over, and another 30% for tarriffs which adds up to $33.5k. Let's say you sell it in France for $40k. That is $6.5k profit. Not too shabby. Not to mention I'm sure you could get a Caliber for more like $22-23k.

RRR said...

Actually I've read that some dealers are selling Caliber WELL below invoice just to get rid of them. Think more like $17-18.5k.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Looks like I need to find a partner on the other side of the pond.

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