Thursday, May 27, 2010

The ultimate douche move

Read this fun little article.

Anyone that has ever worked for a large corporation knows what a total bullshit statement this shit is. All that "we empower our employees" corporate PR speak is what ALL companies say but the truth is so much different. What they really mean is go ahead and stop work an cost us a shit load of money but if you're wrong it will be your job and your ass. If you're right about stopping you'll must likely still get fucked because if there was an existing issue that should have been prevented then your boss, who you just went around, is going to bend you over his desk and show you his gratitude. Not to mention the fact that working in offshore drilling is a very macho business so what are the odds that someone is going to risk looking like a pussy because they are scared.

So go ahead BP and Transocean rape the corpses of the employees that died in service of your company. Assholes.

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