Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time to change something

Deep inside, my dormant Republican side is laughing with glee and delight at the Senate Democrats. This is what happens when the Democrats get the majority, they turn into a bunch of asshats that only care about fucking each other in the ass for their own agenda. Like dogs fighting over bones they have no sense of unity or purpose once they are the majority party.

The Health Care debacle is so divisive that there are just enough votes for it to pass, 60. This means that every Senator has, in effect, veto power over the life of this bill. The future of Health Care in this Country hinges on how many pockets can be lined and how many individual Senate agendas can be met. There are some that want Medicare expanded, some want Medicare to shrink, some refuse to support the bill because they think it will lead to Federally funded abortions. Better just keep the existing system of Federally ignored basic needs, that's the only way to be sure that no one gets shit!

Maybe it really is time to take a page from the British and adapt some concepts of a Constitutional Monarchy and it's parliamentary system of governance. Specifically the ability to dissolve ineffective Houses of Congress and the concept of votes of no confidence. Otherwise, my only hope for the future of Democracy is that has the Digital Age will allow us some kind of "real time" system of accountability for and approval of elected officials. The sad truth is that there is little to no incentive for a member of the Senate or House of Representatives to actually care about their individual constituents concerns. They are far more considerate of the large organized lobbies representing corporate interest....after all that's who's paying their REAL salaries.

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