Friday, December 18, 2009

I pity them

What poor bastard uses a BlackBerry and! This is an awesome user experience! I have the unfortunate pleasure of carrying a CrapBerry for work while my personal mobile phone is an iPhone. Every time that I have to use the DingleBerry for ANYTHING I want to cut off my fingers and shove them up my own ass. Browsing the Internet on a AssBerry is an exercise in utter frustration and their half hearted attempt at an application platform is just sad. The fact that they are selling so well is really scary. The only thing I can think is all the Soccer Moms have finally killed their beloved Motorola Razors and think that CrackBerries are still cool, like they were in 2005.

Anyone that tries out an Android phone or an iPhone and then buys a BlackBerry is most likely legally insane. Those of you that have a BlackBerry because your company still has a Victorian Era policy on mobile communications get a free pass from me....and my pity.

And yes, I am a gadget snob and will publicly shame you for your sub par choice of technology.

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