Friday, December 18, 2009

Selfishness defined

So let's say that I believed in the "power of prayer". If i were to so thoroughly delude myself what would I pray to the All Mighty for? Peace in the Middle East perhaps? Not grandiose about an end to world hunger? There's probably enough people praying for that in Africa already at least when they aren't busy starving to death.

I know what I would pray for. I'd pray for big fucking comet to come and slam into the Earth because I'm not so sure I want to share the planet with these morons. That's right, I'd rather see the entire surface of the Earth burnt to ashes than have to live with the thought that people actually believe that the Devil is behind Health Care Reform.

These religious terrorists always use abortion to get everyone's nuts in a twist. Don't worry about millions of walking, talking, breathing people that will die due to lack of heath care coverage because we have to save the unborn first.

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Kirby Kalbaugh said...

I'm with you. I plan on painting a giant bulls-eye on my roof if these people get their way.

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