Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Traditional

I grew up in a big UAW town and I can assure you that stuff like this really does happen.

I can't believe that in this job market anyone would be stupid enough to do shit like this. The sad things is that it is these people that end up crying about how this isn't their country anymore and immigrants are taking all their jobs. You mean the ones that won't get drunk and high on their breaks?

The UAW cried foul in the 80's when the car makers moved huge parts of their production to Mexico. It wasn't just the lower wages that they could pay the workers down there it was to get some control over the QUALITY of the workforce.

I agree that this is mostly a case of a few rotten eggs spoiling the bunch but it is also indicative of a completely dysfunctional system.

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Anonymous said...

We have known for decades the UAW is the problem. They are unwilling to recognize the new environment and change. They are as complicit as the auto execs in tarnishing the American auto industry.

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