Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great Joke.

So the RIAA and the National Association of Broadcasters have come together and proposed a fantastic idea. They want to force manufacturers of portable devices such as mp3 players and mobile phones to include a FM radio in every such device manufactured. Seriously? When was the last time you listened to a fucking radio station? Local radio is a vast wasteland of talentless personalities pushing poorly made advertisements interrupted occasionally by the same recycled crap music that they played an hour ago.

Radio Broadcasters have not woken up to the reality that their entire industry is already dying. What sane person would listen to an FM radio station on their mobile phone when they have access to Pandora, Last.FM or one of a dozen other streaming music services. Radio morons always use the same guise, we are providing valuable local information and if there is ever an emergency you'll be glad we're there. If there's an emergency then I'll grab any one of the shitty little emergency radios that I have lying around my house that haven't been used in 15 years.

Oh and associated yourself more closely with the RIAA is a great idea....they're so fucking popular with consumers.

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