Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Apple has been called many things by many people but in general they are not known to be "afraid" of defending their intellectual property. In that respect it's not surprising that Apple has filed a patent infringement suit regarding their patents for the iPhone. What is surprising is who they are filing the suit against....HTC. Some of you probably said, who the fuck is HTC? HTC is a hardware manufacturer that makes the best phones that you've never heard of.

So why is Apple going after HTC? Because they make the best phones for both Google's Android OS and Microsoft's Windows Mobile platforms. Apple is taking the coward's route by not suing Google or Microsoft with their deep pockets and going after the only company that could really be hurt by the suit. Even though a fair amount of the things named in the suit are more related to the phone's operating system and not the hardware. It's a real dick move.

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