Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lazy or incompetent?

So is Apple lazy or incompetent? It is obvious that Apple seems unwilling or is unable to make serious and needed changes to the App Store for their mobile devices. Their latest change is that they have gone through the App Store and removed any "adult" content including apps that feature "women and men in bikinis." How progressive of them, FYI; this is one of those reasons that Europeans think we Americans are so fucked up.

Now, I empathize with Apple in that they don't want to have to field angry complaints from parents about their children looking at boobies on their Apple Device. But how hard would it be for Apple to institute a rating system or some kind of age verification setup within the iTunes store. Your iTunes account could easily be configured to allow/disallow "adult" purchases.

To make things more confusing there is no consistency across all of Apple's media offerings. For example, I can download an explicit Lil' Wayne song about eating pussy from the iTunes music store but I can't have an app that shows me a pussy? WTF! So there are no parents complaining about their kids downloading and listening to explicit music that has been available from iTunes since 2003? Must not be because explicit music is still available today. I call bullshit.

What happens when the iPad launches with it's iBook store, is Apple going to play parent again and ban books for their "adult" content? Will they bend to the will of angry parents that wish to keep growing their mushroom children in the dark?

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