Thursday, January 13, 2011

More money than talent.

Let's say you are:

1. The son of a famous actor.
2. Given the status of your parents you are at least well off if not stinking rich.
3. The whitest of white boys attending a Midwestern University. Hence the Latin tattoo.
4. A member of a Fraternity. Again see tattoo, THIS IS SPARTA!!!

Now given those facts about yourself what is your most likely past time/future career going to be?

Did you guess rap music superstar? No? Funny because that's what Tom Hanks' son is all about.

I bet he drives an orange(maybe black) Range Rover Sport with big ass chrome wheels and calls every one his homie/bro. Also, Chet Haze sounds like the French Pronunciation of a STD.

Oh and Beats by Dre headphones, seriously? Talk about pegging yourself as a fashionable wannabe rapper/DJ. No decent DJ would be caught dead with that over-rated Monster made shit.

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