Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's just a phone?

I wish I was Steve Jobs and had enough money to not give a shit about any one else's opinions or problems.

The iPhone 4 has some 3G reception issues that may or may not be serious. My experience so far is that it gets far better service than my iPhone 3g did but a lot of people are complaining that holding your phone in a certain way kills the phone's ability to get reception. All phones are effected by this in one way or another but when it effects the Jesus phone all hell breaks loose. So people are irate and pleading to the Sith Lord himself trying to find some kind of explanation for why he is a cruel god and not a benevolent one.

So how does Jobs respond to one of these irate customers? "Relax....It is just a phone"

Such a far cry from his "what have you done" diatribe from a couple of months ago. Hey Steve; relax, it's just a phone.

UPDATE: The whole relax email may be a hoax....whatever.

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