Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apple gone crazy?

I was really shocked to see that Apple allowed the Opera we browser into the app store for the iPhone. In the past they have taken a hard line at not approving applications that "duplicated original functionality". So since the phone ships with Apple's own Safari browser how is it that they can judge Opera to NOT be duplicating the original functionality? Since its release the Opera browser has become the most downloaded application in all 22 markets that the App Store services....that's pretty crazy. I mean everyone's iPhone could already browse the web perfectly fine, why would anyone want a CHOICE of browsers? What a novel concept.

I hope the success of Opera shines a very bright spot light on Apple's draconian App Store practices. I for one would love to have the Google Voice application that Apple shot down last year for "duplicating original functionality". Exactly how many legs do they have to stand on now?

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